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Choccie love….

Yes … I'm now resorting to stealing chocolate wrappers from other peoples desks! So I have NO idea how these taste but I'm thinking that the 'Ritz cracker' is probably right up my street!

After interrogating my poor colleagues… I'm told they are gorgeous! The Ritz version compared to 'putting malteasers in your popcorn!' so if you love savoury stuff if might be something to try…  5PP for the full bar, only complaint was its divided into 4 squares so its hoovered too fast!

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  1. I was expecting that really gorgeous saltyness from the ritz one and I was so disappointed. Also the cracker sits on top of the chocolate and comes away quite easily, i'd rather if the cracker was coated in chocolate. It was ok and good value for 5pp but i'd def rather some malteasers and popcorn!


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