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#BOBBlogChallenge Week 7!

Nearly done with the Best of Beauty Challenge! Where does the time go?!? This week Your favourite beauty treatment! 

Now most of my friends and anyone who follows me on instagram knows I'm a nail junkie and there are several haunts where I go to get my mani/pedis… but recently my wax gal decided to hop it to Australia and leave me in the hairy lurch! So I decided I needed a new beauty Salon… I know… I know… the dread… 

Every gal knows going in to a salon for the first time can be a bit intimidating and when some hair free skinny minnie rocks up and makes you feel like your imposing on them, it's a complete turn off… No one wants to feel like they're on a production line when they're handing over their hard earned cash… I've actually had the skin tests done in a couple of salons and not bothered going back just because of the dismissive attitude! Plus you've got to get down to your pants and show these strangers all your bits… Now if you're confident with your body … go you… when you're not, it can just end up a terrible experience and I know this first hand… being overweight you can feel even MORE self conscious (and you wouldn't think that was even possible!) … I've also decided that since I've lost this weight, my treats need to celebrate that! You do feel so good afterwards! Yet even my skinny friends dread it, so finding somewhere with people who are friendly and approachable is number one on the list… cause once you've found it… you'll stick with 'em for good (unless they scoot off to Oz!) 

Boys … if your still reading this far in… when us girls are in beauty salons it's not all pillow fights in our knickers, sorry … go have a bun to cheer yourselves up… 

So my research was vast and wide, I'm painfully insecure so I was really looking for somewhere special and in the process I had many little things tried and tested behind my ears and elbows… BUT I have found my new little mecca! Vanity Rooms in Stepaside!

From the first phone call to that awkward 'roll over' on the waxing table was, dare I say it enjoyable! And the place is FABLISS!!! A pretty pink sanctuary at the foot of the Dublin hills… and it's luxury, is all in the details… from the 'chandelier' lights.. to the crystal door knobs… everything has been considered! You just feel like its a complete treat being there!

Once the patch tests were done, I got a follow up email to see when I wanted to book in and when… no harassment… no full inbox… On the day I got the patch tests done, I was greeted by the lovely Amy, who is so professional yet bubbly and chatty without the 'hairdresser' questions, I was immediately put at ease! Once I got the all clear… I booked myself in for a full leg wax… and these thunder thighs have been in hibernation for the winter so she had her work cut out for her… If this went well then I was signing myself up for all the other necessities! 

Even the jaunt up the stairs sets you up for the atmosphere of the place!

The 'eye' chair bathed in natural light with a view of Dublin no less (on your tip toes)!

So… to the treatment itself They use Waxperts Wax which if you haven't heard about it yet, you need to google and try it out Tangent their 'Ingrown pads' are legendary at this stage and sort out all your skin problems NOT just your legs! I swear! I digress… The treatment room was clean, pretty and warm enough to strip off in… there was background music but not the kind you're trying to tune out or sing along with… it was just right… 

The waxing itself, well… I mean come on… pouring hot was on yourself and then ripping it off isn't going to be pain free but with Waxperts Wax it's not that 'MY SKIN IS PEELING OFF FFS!!!!' kinda hot… and Amy clearly knew what she was doing! A pro all the way! I'll need to do a post on the wax itself just to explain it better but it was over before I knew it! A little chat about the 'do's and don'ts' and it was 'I'll see you outside when you're ready!'

Other things spotted  they have proper pedicure chairs A MUST!!! Not just for you as a customer to feel comfortable, and lets face it a pedicure for most of us is a treat! But for the therapist too, it's gotta kill them to sit on a little stool and faff about with a basin like some salons do …  there's three here so you can come with a pal and they've a fab selection of colours to choose from! Miss C if you're reading this, it's on our list! 

Aaaaaannnnnddddd you can too all your little shopping bits there too! 

ALL your goodies are here… from the 'Waxperts Ingrown pads' to all the Cocoa Brown tanning goodies for the tan gals out there and loads more! 

You never need to run out again!

If you're a Karora fan they stock the CC cream and tanning products  
as well as the now famed 'Cleanse Off Mitt' which Amy highly approves of!

Check them out online >>> HERE <<< 
and if you haven't voted in the Image Beauty Awards I'd recommend giving them a vote
I was super impressed!

It's not about being BFFs with the girls in the salon you use, but it's building a rapport with them, feeling comfortable and relaxed and it's 10/10 as far as I'm concerned … You can be there in 10 minutes in a car from Dundrum shopping centre and there's plenty of parking… PLUS you get a loyalty card, so each trip you gain some beauty points to another treat! 

And lads if you're still reading this far, even though its super pink, they have treatments for you too!

Week 7! Only one more to go! *sniffles* Don't forget to check out Samantha from All The Buzz blog who's running this challenge…  >>> HERE <<< and tweeters can follow all the Beauty Blogger posts under #BOBBlogChallenge!


  1. Oh this place looks amazing. I wish I lived closer to it to try it out

  2. I can't wait to check out Vanity Rooms, have heard so many good things about them!

    alex @

  3. I am in love with this place already! I live no where near there and I'd consider the trek just to be in a friendly non judgmental environment of my big bootylicious body! Brill post lady :) x

  4. Wow that was a really in-depth post. Some great info. Glad you found somewhere you're happy with!

  5. This place just looks so appealing! Wish I was still living in Dublin to visit it!

  6. This place looks so cute, I'm def going in for a pedicure!

  7. I've wanted to go there for ages, living in cork has its downside. It looks stunning on the inside, pink is my fav colour so on that alone I'm in awe and of course all my fav beauty products are sold there too..really want to go now ;)

  8. I was only just chatting to Jen the other day and said I needed to get out to her! This place looks stunning!! xx

  9. So proud of our salon & staff after reading this . Actually little bit speechless....doesn't happen very often! ��

  10. Well deserved ladies. Great place, great staff. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

  11. What a great and thorough post and you're right it's so important to feel at ease.

  12. I'm reading ... once we get flip flop weather, it's pedi time!!
    :) C


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