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Asador - Brunch Club

Vegetarians look away… this brunch club meet up was carnivore heaven! I'm always whinging that I enter competitions and never win anything… well now I can stop with the moaning because last week I won Sunday lunch for 4 in the beautiful Asador restaurant and it was SO good I had to add it to the blog brunch list! 

D, F, C and myself were the second party to arrive … there was a big family lunch on a table near us but the place is so well laid out you don't feel on top of each other and there was just enough noise so there was no uncomfortable silences or whispering (there was a definitely movie sound track playing but I couldn't work out what it was!) 

By the time we left the place was pretty full but again it wasn't overwhelming…  C and I were off to the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS after so this was a genuine fueling mission… 

You can see everything going on in the kitchen from the dining room, which is something I really like in a restaurant, plus the smells coming from there were unreal!  

You could probably guess what day we went in there! I did ask what was in it but I got so swept up in the menu I forgot! eek! I do know if I wasn't driving I would have definitely indulged cause I 'yummed' when the waiter told me!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Yummy nutty bread to start with…  

The sweetest roasted tomatos on the bruchetta with mozzarella and pesto… some yummy herb tomatoes and salad on the side too! They were cut like two mini pizza wedges and were just the right size to allow for the next course! 

Garlic & Chilli prawns with fresh ciabatta - these were beautifully spiced (I stole one.. OK… OK… two!)

'Adobe' rubbed chicken 'stick' - when a starter comes with pot of mini chips you know you're on to a winner! 

Fish of the day was pollock on a herby potato cake with roasted vine tomatoes and from the silence and the 'mmmmms' it was cooked to perfection… 

The steak lover got an 8oz fillet with crispy onion rings, fried smoke tomatos with pepper sauce and chips… tangent… someone on another table ordered the 'pulled pork' and next time…. s'mine!

I got the BBQ breast of chicken with a herb crust, creamed sweetcorn with chestnut mushrooms and champ - to die for! 

We were nothing but consistent when it came to dessert, Bailey Ganache and the Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie x 2! I can honestly say, as I'm not a dessert person, the ganache was DIVINE and the little bite of brownie I 'robbed' (what?! its for research purposes!) was amazing also… just enough without feeling like you've eaten chocolate brick after your Sunday dinner! 

Baileys chocolate ganache, with one of your five a day! *coughs*

Chocolate cheesecake brownie!

This is somewhere I would definitely recommend for a birthday bash or an office lunch (AND they do an express lunch menu!), it's right on Baggot Street Bridge so its very accessible…  the staff were so pleasant and helpful…

Parking is free round the back on Saturdays and Sundays, so no panicking about clampers! 

Check out their menus online >>> HERE <<< 

5/5 … I couldn't find fault with the place… even the loos were pretty! 

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