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Something that is sadly very close to my heart... Food used to be my best friend... it was always there... it made things temporarily better... it numbed the pain and shut up the voices in my head that I just didn't want to listen too... but it never made them go away... Emotional eating comes in all shapes and sizes... and the Irish love to celebrate, commiserate and console with food... when you walked into my grandmothers kitchen, regardless of your mood it was 'put the kettle on...' and you couldn't have a cup of tea without a cake, bun, biscuit... The dark side of emotional eating comes when it consumes you...and it can... I have been that girl sitting on the kitchen floor in tears wondering how I got into such state... I've had 7 crowns on my teeth because of the acid erosion... a costly disease I tell ya... I've secretly eaten more times than I've just enjoyed my food and aside from anything else... that lesson is one I have enjoyed learning... I like food... I like sharing and celebrating with people... I love cooking for friends and family... without the guilt and shame... I can now walk right past the crips aisle in the supermarket... there was once a time when my trolly looked like I was buying enough stuff for a children's party and I would eat a six pack of crisps in the car before I ever got home! So many times I would walk to get the paper and be carrying home a bag of rubbish, literally just junk food that I never ever enjoyed... I treated my body so badly... but once you're a little kinder to it, you will respect it and give it what it deserves, you start to feel a little better about being you... It is hard... VERY hard... and ice cream will numb the pain... but it won't take it away... you need to address the hurt, for some that can be counselling, for others just talking to a loved one can make all the difference.... the right best friend will be on your team and want you to succeed so badly... you can learn to ease the pain without food... and that's a huge step... but so worth it... so work out what's eating you... sometimes you just have to feel sad... hurt... angry... but food isn't the cure for any of these... it's just a temporary fix... which leads to guilt and the viscous cycle continues... 

EXERCISE - For people who say 'I can't exercise'... you can.. you're fibbing... you won't dissolve in the rain... if walking isn't your thing walk in the pool, cycle... dance around the kitchen... no one said you have to sign up for a triathlon... just move more...  and trust me once you're done you'll feel SO good... so if you're just starting and can't even begin to think about running a marathon or doing  triathlon... check out Leslie Sansones channel on You Tube... everything from the beginners 'One Mile Walk' to the full on work outs... and you don't have to leave the house... although honestly it would be better if you did but sometimes circumstances mean you can't get out and about, and gyms can be so intimidating... so instead of trawling through the internet mindlessly looking at glitter and shoes...  give yourself 15 mins to tune into an online workout... you can thank me later... 

Eton Mess... with a tropical twist... 3PP and it's LUSH!!! >>> HERE 

One of the regular blogs I read... Authentically Emmie is an American blogger who is a body positive fitness blogger and has lost over 100lbs! If you need some inspiration... you'll find it over on her blog! 

Egg White

ZERO HEROS loaded with Vitamin E 
Butternut Squash - cooked

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