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Failure... #motivationMonday

If someone is claiming they lost ALL their weight and found it SO easy and did it in 2 weeks... THEY. ARE. LYING. We all learn from our mistakes, and it makes it all the sweeter when you realise that all the hard work, the let downs and tumbles really count! I don't know anyone who has had it easy... I don't know anyone who hasn't fallen into the chipper and eaten everything in sight... I don't know anyone who hasn't felt miserable because they were up at the scales, when in their hearts they know they shouldn't have been and felt like throwing the towel in... but 'failing' is just another word for 'learning'... All the little successes add up to who we are and where we are in our journey and it is a journey... no one loses weight over night... it takes patience and time, trial and error... You are the sum of all these things and just think, would you really want to be back at the start line? x

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