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'D' #Xmascountdown

My Weight Watchers Alphabet continues with the letter 'D' this week!

'D' is for...

DIET! It's not one... The word DIET means you're restricting what you're eating... with this plan you can eat whatever you like... in moderation... and THAT's the key... the very second someone tells you 'you can't eat ....' it's all you'll think about... It's about eating well and feeling better inside and out...

DESSERT - It's OK to have it... it really is... and if you're out with family or friends there's no need to be miserable when you can have some... all for it... allocate some of your weeklies and enjoy it... earn some activity points and blow them on what you like... that's the whole point of ProPoints... if you're got the points you can spend em! Just don't spend your 49 weeklies twice!

DANCE - on of the best ways to burn up some calories... stick on your fav pop tune and boogie around the kitchen! My neighbours must think I'm a DJ! Every evening (and most Saturday mornings!)... music is turned up and I'm rocking around the kitchen to my fav tunes...

DAY... if you have one bad one... get over it... get over yourself.. and get back on track! No DRAMA!


Gotta be a dessert hasn't it! Here's another Weight Watchers leader with a fab Facebook page to follow... Amy from 'Growing in the Right Direction' Mini Lemon meringue pies are TO DIE FOR! So easy to make and for the gluten free followers she's the gal to follow... she has lots of GF recipes and products on her page... you can find her HERE 

Oh and here's her recipe for fool proof meringues! Even I can make them!


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