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'C' - #Xmascountdown

Week 3 in the countdown!!!

'C' is for ...

CONFIDENCE... this is something you'll get more and more of along your journey.... but when you start off, nada, nothing ... I remember walking into my weight watchers class and sitting as close to the door as was humanly possible... I didn't make eye contact with anyone for weeks... I took my silver 7 at the scales and never wanted to get the round of applause when I lost a pound... I've seen many do the same... but over time, you get more confident and now... well now if I'm down half a pound I've got the cheerleaders all set up! But the thing is... confidence in all in your mind... you've got to realise you are worth something... even if it is the applause of strangers once a week in a scout hall... because every week you hear that the belief you have in yourself will grow and grow... and till then you can fake it! You have as much right as any other person on the planet to do things... you can wear what you like... eat what you like and feel happy about being you... and if losing weight will make life better for you then you know what to do... but stand up straight... shoulders back and be proud of you!

COOKING.... and you don't need to be a contestant on Masterchef either... get your herbs and spices in order, I try to buy a new one once a month... and experiment! There are some amazing websites out there with recipes.. one of my favs is Skinny Taste HERE Her recipes are SO easy but full of flavour.. plus all the nutritional information is on each recipe and the ProPoints are all worked out for you!

CARDIO... love it or hate it... you gotta do it... walk... swim... jog.. climb Everest... get your heart beating a little faster and you'll reap the rewards... If you're just starting to exercise... check with the doc first but this is what I did ... Put my trainers on... opened the front door... walked out and kept going for 10 minutes... then I HAD to come home again... There was NO WAY I was going to call for a lift home! Then build it up everyday... even stick with the 10 minutes, you'll find you're going faster and longer in a 20 min walk! Try 15 mins... before you know it you're out walking for an hour and best thing... its free, gets you out in the fresh air and activity points to be earned... what's not to love?!

The Weight Watchers Calculator... I have 3... two apps on my phone for when I'm out and about...  and I use the one on the Weight Watchers web site to triple check stuff... you can work out things to the nearest gram! Find it HERE

Cherries (fresh)
Chinese Leaves
Cardamom pod
Cardamom, ground
Chervil, dried and fresh
Chilli flakes & powder 
Chinese five spice
Chives, fresh
Cumin seeds, ground
Curry powder

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  1. I love these posts doll! Its like a weightwatcher dictionary/how-to manual! Its the A-Z of weight loss! Just brilliant!!! :D


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