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'B' - #xmascountdown

25 weeks to Xmas eve... I know you're shouting 'SHADDUP DOLL!' but honestly putting in a little work now will make it all the sweeter when the winter has caught up with us and we're cold, wet and miserable!

This week... 'B'... the most important thing is your BMI... yup... it's important... and it's the main reason we are all losing weight... sure, there's frocks and bikinis hanging up in wardrobes we'd all love to fit into again... and Cousin Maura's wedding will be a fashion extravaganza and you don't want to be the 'fat' cousin again... bless... but it's all about being healthier... sure there are people who run 10k in the morning and eat cardboard for breakfast and good for them... but I would be miserable if I couldn't enjoy life... but if we wanna stay here for as long as we can, then getting your BMI into a safe zone is SO important... you can only do that by eating well and exercising.. I know.. common sense eh? 

There is a formula to working out your BMI, you'll find it  HERE

or you can just google BMI chart and 100s like this one will pop up... a healthy BMI is 25... that's what everyone should be aiming for... 

Body image is also important... how you speak to yourself and about yourself will determine whether you will succeed or not... honestly... stand in front of the mirror this week and say something nice to you! Compliment you... it's so easy to pick out our faults and there's plenty of people who are only to happy to oblige and tell us them too... but be kinder to yourself... you only have one body and it's getting you though life... so be nicer to it... fill it with water and healthy foods and lash on some fancy moisturiser... paint your nails... treat it well and it will reward you ... you'll have more energy... you'll feel better about you.. and the first compliment will make you feel on top of the world... so tonight before bed... say something nice to it! 


Blogs... if you want to keep on track.. then read a blog overnight.. I follow so many it's not even funny but I guarantee that at some point you will read something that will click with you.. or will make you feel like you're not going mad... a recipe will pop up and you'll get your bum into gear.. so seek them out... there's so many great ones out there...

Butternut squash chips are the bees knees! I always send people to fellow blogger Jwacqui's vlog cause it's so simple and it's SO good.. I add paprika and chilli salt to mine and they ROCK!

Beans - French, Runner or green not the tinned ones! 
Brussel Sprouts
Butternut Squash
Bay leaves
Bicarbonate of soda
Baking powder - 1tsp

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