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M&S Ice Lollies

Another month of the holidays for those with little people... hopefully the weather sorts itself out and they'll be run ragged outside! To keep them, and you, away from the 99s here's a selection of fruity lollies on offer from Marks & Spencer... 

Blueberry lolly - 2PP
Mango and Passionfruit lolly - 2PP

Pineapple lolly - 1PP
Red Berry lolly - 1PP
Mango lolly - 1PP
Raspberry lolly - 1PP

Orange lolly - 1PP
Lemon lolly - 1PP
Blackcurrant lolly - 1PP

Raspberry and Blackcurrant lolly - 2PP

Valencia Orange Juice lolly - 2PP

Pineapple lolly - 2PP

Strawberry Split lolly - 2PP

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