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Boohoo SS2015

Spring is here.. clocks are right back where they belong.. the daffs are out and the weather will cooperate! It will, no it will... positive thinking and all that! 

I have only recently discovered BOOHOO.COM's plus size collection, they won Cosmopolitans 'Best Dressed Curves 2014!' In a word SASSY! 

The GORGEOUS Nadia Aboulhosn... rocks every single thing she puts on! I dare anyone to body shame this woman! SHE IS HAWT!


I was at BooHoos Spring/Summer launch and I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking! Can I just say, I'm SO glad the 70s look is back in... Gorgeous crochet and lace additions to soft flowing fabrics... I'm gonna go all Charlies Angels on you this summer, just watch! 

Come on... you knew I'd find the shoes first! LOOK! and the shades... too cute! 

First up... the details... 

and some hippy chick LOVE to share... the pics don't do the colours any justice... 

If you've got good legs... you need these shorts.. 
if you don't... get squatting and lash on the fake tan... we don't have much time! 
the fabric is so soft, and they're SO flattering... 

Next up... white is always a summer colour 
and these pieces all have beautiful crochet, lace and fringe detailing... 

Cutest dress on the rails for sure! 

See, Charlies angels! Gorgeous white blazer with a 'D ring' buckle belt,
I'm pretty sure Farrah Fawcett Majors had one just like this...
again the fabric as so soft, it just hung beautifully!

What?!? Just cause I can't eat them doesn't mean I can't wear them... 
Cute T-shirt from the Mens Collection

Check out the #WeAreUs to see more!

Did I mention the shoes?! *drools*

There was ice cream too! and sorbet to get us in the summer mood... 
Watch... The heatwave will come, I tell ya!

Have a peep on your lunch break and check it out! Don't forget look in the 'sale' section too... some fabliss bargains to be had! They do sizes up to 26 and the fit is bang on! I've ordered two things from them and was delighted with the cut, fabric and fit of both!

Online >>> HERE <<<
and the Boohoo Plus Size range... >>> HERE <<< 

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  1. Loving the 70s look and yes here's hoping for great weather :)


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