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M&S guilt free snacks!

Guilt free Christmas snacking M&S style! 

These are all multi packs of 5... they might stop you raiding the roses tin! 

3PP per 25g bag

3PP per 25g bag

3PP per 30g bag

4PP per 25g bag

4PP per 25g bag

3PP per 25g bag

3PP per 27g bag

Dealz nailz! - Mani-Monday!

Dealz new range MAKE UP Gallery - Time to Shine Polish is very pretty! 
Especially the sparkly oneI got! WIN! For €1.49!? Total Bargain... 

The uneven coverage is glue on my nails, this was a speedy job! 
The polish drys very smoothly... 
This is two coats of 'Purple Rain'...

With another 2 coats 'Pink Diamond' on the signature nail... 

My pics don't do the sparkles justice... 
Dear Santa, Please can I have a new camera... ta.. x

OH and they also have this little beauty... 
nail and cuticle cream that smells DELISH! 
kinda like sherbet... 

Only been using it a week so time will tell 
but for the price it's definitely one for the desk drawer/glove box!
Fab stocking fillers too! 

Just think.... #motivationMonday

It's the time of year to throw in the towel... It's cold, miserable, dark... lots of parties ahead... The supermarkets full of chocolate and 'Christmas size' treats... The cafes have toffee lattes and mince pies... the smell alone is enough to think 'weight who now?' 'Pro-what?' ...  I take my mind reading skills very seriously ... but this is what I'm getting...  

'Sure there's only a few more weeks and I'll be tortured with parties and dinners and drinkies, I don't want to be miserable in corner watching everyone else have a ball... Sure that tin of Roses in work is screaming at me every time I walk past it... what's the point? I'll save a few bob if I don't go to my meeting, why bother?...  she'll only tell me I'm up... Maybe it's best to wait till the new year and THEN... THEN I'll be SO focussed... you just watch... THIS TIME NEXT YEAR... '

I have had this conversation in my head MANY, MANY, MANY times... Yes, January will come around shortly and you have two choices... you can either be back where you started with the weight you've already lost back on because you used one day of the year, Christmas is only one day, to lose the plot... OR you can stay as you are now... at least maintaining you're weightloss ... think about why you started...

You Don't Need a New Year, Just a New Day - #weigh-in-7

Most mornings when I wake up, after I realise I'm not a Euromillions winner, I open Instagram... I love seeing everyones healthy breakfasts... and I follow loads of other weight watcher and slimming world members, so my timeline is FULL of healthy and quick ideas that stops me whinging about porridge and talking myself into a scone on the way to work! I was never a breakfast person, so I still need that kick in the pants every morning... and when I open my timeline most mornings, Zoe from '59lbs to go'  has already done a 5/10k run as well as had a delicious breakkie! There have been times when I've just got straight up and gone out my front door for a walk because of her... and THAT's why she's so inspirational! Even when she doesn't feel like it... she just goes for it! You can find her...

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You Don't Need a New Year, Just a New Day
by Zoe Cathcart

Like so many other weight watchers out there I have often thought the New Year is the best time to join.I have always found this time of year the most difficult to lose weight, and being a serial joiner in the past if things weren't going well, I would usually stop trying some time in the October-December timeline. The last time I joined was the first meeting in January 2012. I had also joined the previous January and while I had a good start in 2011, when I met my boyfriend things slipped a little.


So why did I wait until the following January to try again? Looking back on the end of 2011, I really don't know why I waited. My cousins now wife's hen party happened In August. When I saw the photos I was disgusted and knew something needed to change. Their wedding was the end of October and I wanted to change by then. My biggest mistake was thinking I could go it alone. I used my money on a gym membership instead of weight watchers (although I could have easily done both). So the weeks went by, and I was regularly using the gym, but I had no control over what I was eating. 

Before I knew it my cousins wedding was upon me. The photos from his wedding
once again disgusted me and should have been enough of a kick in the backside to realise what was happening. The problem was, at this stage it was November and in my mind I thought 'Whats the point, it's the worst time of year to lose weight, I'll do something in January!'. We all know that pre diet binge you have the night before you rejoin weight watchers, and eat whatever you want. Well my entire November/December 2011 was a full on binge. I did not go near a scales in that whole time period and have no idea what I weighed before the binge but I do know that by the time January rolled around I was over 14 stone, the heaviest I had ever been in my life.

I did join Weight Watchers that January and by November 2012 everything had changed. I was so close to my goal weight and nothing was making me give up. I was having such a hard time losing the last few pounds and it was hugely disheartening. Week after week I was seeing either no loss, or a small gain followed by a small loss. On November 13th I weighed 9 stone 9 lbs and the last weigh-in before Christmas it was the same. I was proud of myself though, it would have been so easy to give in and gain half a stone to a stone in the same time. I enjoyed my Christmas but did not use it as an excuse to go wild. I chose the days I was having off and tracked every other day. When I went back in January I still weighed 9 stone 9lbs. It only took me a few more weeks to get to by goal weight, and if I had given up who knows if I would ever have gotten there. 

I'm not going to lie and say that this is the easiest time in the world to lose weight. Social events, tins of chocolates everywhere, specials on crisps and biscuits in the supermarket, seasonal specials in the coffee shops and hot toddy's to help with a cold. Temptation is all around us and we are told to let our hair down and enjoy it. I read somewhere that the average person gains 7-10lbs between now and Christmas. With 6 weeks to go before Christmas you have 2 choices, you can decide that its too difficult and gain that 7-10lbs, or you can give it your best. In 2011 I gave up, but in 2012 I gave it my best and I never looked back!

Zoe x

Seriously what an inspiration! Zoe's Christmas tune will get you ALL rocking! 
Slade!!! I know!

Lots of 7's added on the board this week... great losses! Again, if I've missed someone let me know I was away last week and someone might have slipped through ... and finally... FINALLY... I got my 8th stone! 5 weeks to go... no giving up! I won't allow it! 

Stocking fillers... part 1...

It's coming.. 5-ish weeks... and for most of us it's time to get the stocking fillers, Secrets Santas and Kris Kindle gifts...  so there'll be a couple of Stocking filler posts over the next few weeks for things that I spot out there on my travels that might hit the mark for someone you love ...  here's a few bits I spotted in 'HomeStore and More' the other day... 

So we're not all Paul Hottywood in the kitchen, and personally I use the 'freestyle' kind of butter icing because I just get mad trying to smooth it out and YES I buy my fondant Mary Berry! (clearly she reads my blog!) But for the Christmas Season, you can make your bakes VERY festive with a bit of "cheating"... HomeStore & More have got some very cute cupcake cases and sugar craft decorations for the bakers in your life...

Santa and his elves cupcake cases... This box has Santas leg stuck out of the chimney! Bake your cupcakes in plain cases and then place them in these once they've cooled down of just use a plain one inside the fancy case when your baking! I find you lose they lose their colour if you don't... €5.00

These Rudolph cases are super cute! Again €5.00, great if you know someone who is really into baking or just to jazz up your Christmas Cupcakes for Santa!

Ready made little gingerbread men with teeny tiny jellies... 

And festive cookie cutters which double up as fancy and useful Christmas labels/tags, 
when you're wrapping pressies for the chefs in your life... 

Three styles available, Christmas Trees, Snow and Gingerbread Men for €1.99! 

So good they'll look like you did them yourself... I'll tell no one! €3.99

Poinsettias ... €3.99

Candy Canes and mittens... €3.99

Christmas trees for €3.99...
they came out very dark in my pic for some reason, they're actually much more green...

Yes... yes it is a Santa toilet seat cover... I know... 
show this bad boy to the OCD Cleaners on Channel 4! eek! €3.99

And every girl should have one "Ring for a Xmas kiss" bell... €1.99 
I can see a lot of these being abused in town over the next few weeks!

I couldn't resist.. and at least someone thinks I'm gorgeous in the morning... 
and believe me most mornings it's not pretty, plus they're MASSIVE mugs for €4.99

So cute and SO FLUFFY and so festive! Comes in saucy black too!  €8.99

last up... the cutest mini flasks I've seen for a long time, 
and perfect for bringing your soup to work!  €4.99

Where's me jumper!?!

Some festive posts on the way for the next few weeks... 
and it's Christmas Jumper time... Sure it's Christmas ... You'd have to! 

I've included some sweat tops too, less bulky to wear for the big boobed amongst us, and lighter when you're in a mad fluster on Christmas morning trying to do everything! 

Christmas Tree with Sparkly Baubles €36 (I'd be tempted to add some lights to be honest!)
From Yours Clothing UK

For the 'I'll only wear it if it covers my arse' people... we're not all Kim are we! 
Intarsia Snowflake Tunic €39
This one comes in a lovely wine colour too and there's a version with pockets... 
Yours Clothing Uk

Grey marl Owl Print / Rudolph Christmas Sequin Sweat Top both €25
Also comes in black... 
Yours Clothing UK

Santa's Diva Top €21
Look at the sparkles!!! 
Yours Clothing UK

Very pretty with lots of detail and not just for the Christmas madness... 
Scarlett Bow & Rosette Knitted Jumper €57.50 
Simply Be

If you have to ask... let your jumper say it! 
'Kiss me under the mistletoe' from Simply Be €27.99

 Rudolph Jersey Top €16.99
Perfect for the crazy kitchen on Christmas Day!
Simply Be

Left - Gingerbread man jumper €34.99
Right - Xmas Snowflake heart Jumper €27.99
Both Simply Be

If you're not into the 'screaming' kinda top this is pretty and subtle...
Snowflake Jersey Top €24.99 Simply Be

Snowflake Fluffy knit €48.99
Simply Be

Reindeer Jumper €28.44 Asos Curve


Left - Fair Isle Christmas Jumper €28.44
Right - Penguin Jumper €42.65
Asos Curve

Left - Asos Curve Rockin' Robin €45.50
Right - New Look 'Inspire' Pink Penguin Christmas Jumper €35.53


Left - Fluffy Trio Robin print €29.99
Right - Black Sequin I 'heart' Santa €29.99
Both New Look


Left - 'Santa OMG I know him' top €24.99
Right - 'Tis the season'  €24.99
Both New Look

Left - Red Penguin Motif €35.00
Right - Mint Snowman Jumpet  €35.00
Both from Evans

These are just a selection of whats out there...
 I know Pennys/Primark have some fab ones! 

New Look >>> HERE <<< 
Simply Be >>> HERE <<< 
Yours Clothing UK >>> HERE <<< 
Asos Curve  >>> HERE <<< 
Evans >>> HERE <<< 

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