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Batchelors Beans and Chickpeas!

Batchelors have some new very colourful packaging on their bean/chick pea range so I thought I'd pop up a post for fans! Anyone a fan? x

Batchelors Taco Mixed Beans

up to 48g - 1 point
133g serving suggestion - 4 points
200g half tin - 6 points
400g full tin - 12 points

Batchelors Curried Chick Peas

up to 33g - 1 point
133g serving suggestion - 4 points
200g half tin - 7 points
400g full tin - 13 points

Batchelors Chilli Beans in chilli sauce

up to 67g - 1 point
133g serving suggestion - 3 points
200g half tin - 4 points
400g full tin - 9 points

Heinz Chilli Vegan Mayo

Another addition to the Heinz vegan range, Chilli mayo... 
anyone tried it out? x

Heinz Vegan Mayo, Chilli flavour
per 15g - 3 points

I only had a wrap!

You know the way you're out and about and you say to yourself 'sure I'll just pick up a wrap somewhere...' Just remember all warps are not created equal! These bad boys look lovely and tasty and honestly they're not even that big are ones that I would just grab on the go and think to myself 'I only had a wrap at lunch time!' The beauty with WW is, if you want it, have and point it! Simples! Anyone tried the Spic Box one? I'm dying to know if it's nice! x

Street Kitchen Spice Box wrap
per 236g wrap - 25 points

Street Kitchen Vegan Thai Style veg wrap
per 252g wrap - 18 points

Pop-A-Grains from Cali Cali...

Up today are Pop-a-grains from Irish company CaliCali They come in 2 flavours wheat and onion. These are perfect for adding that crunch to salads, for dipping in your fav dips or for loading up with whatever you fancy! Plus seriously good value in SPs! I've spotted them in Dunnes. Anyone tried them out? x

Cali Cali Wheat POP-A-GRAINS
Per 5g POP
1 - 0SP
2 - 1SP
3 - 1SP
4 - 2SP
5 - 2SP

Cali Cali Onion POP-A-GRAINS
Per 5g POP
1 - 0SP
2 - 1SP
3 - 1SP
4 - 2SP
5 - 2SP

Katsu curry Sauce - McDonnells!

McDonnells is the most popular curry sauce in Ireland and they've brought out a new flavour! Japanese Style Katsu Curry sauce is in all the supermarkets. SmartPoints are below as prepared. Anyone tried it out? It's definitely on my shopping list! x 

McDonnells Japanese Style Katsu Curry sauce 
Per 50ml as prepared - 2SP
per 100ml as prepared - 4SP

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