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Halloween treats from Mr. Kipling...

Spooky treats from Mr. K! If you're going to have a trick or treat bowl for yourself there's no reason why you can't plan to have one of these... the joy of SPs is you can track it and enjoy it! 


Mr. Kipling Toffee Terror Whirls
per 27g whirl... 6SP

Mr. Kipling Fiendish Fancies
per 27g fancie... 5SP

Mr. Kipling Chocolate & Slime Slices
per 27g slime slice ... 5SP

Ben & Jerry without the dairy!

Dairy free ice cream from Ben & Jerry.... still super high in SPs biut if you can't do dairy, you can STILL do B&J! x 

Ben & Jerry's Peanut butter & Cookies non-dairy
per 100ml - 10SP
per 500ml tub - 52SP

Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey non-dairy
per 100ml - 11SP
per 500ml tub - 55SP

Ben & Jerry's Fudge Brownie non-dairy
per 100ml - 9SP
per 500ml tub - 43SP


In the last week I have been inspired by SO many people... some have messaged me to chat, or to ask a question and we've just got talking... and these people, strangers, have shown me the light... they have inspired me! So, if you're in a good place, if you're on a roll and you're really feeling it, shine bright, because there are others who need you to motivate them... You will inspire and help people without even knowing! And who knows, the next time you feel like you're stuck, they might just be there to inspire you! 

Tricks & Treats from M&S!

You'll spot them at the checkouts, so just in case one of them falls into your basket... what?!?! That happens to real people!  

Marks & Spencer Zombie Owls
lime & blackcurrant jellies
per 110g bag - 20SP

Marks & Spencer Witches Fingers
crooked biscuits with fondant nail decoration
per 60g pack (5 fingers) - 12SP
per 12g finger 2SP
Diet maths! 

Marks & Spencer Spooky Ghosts & Vampire bats
Salted potato snacks
per 25g portion - 4SP
per 150g bag (you know it!) - 23SP

Marks & Spencer Freaky Frogs
orange, apple & raspberry jelly sweets
per 110g bag - 20SP

Marks & Spencer Super Scary Fizzy Spiders
blackcurrant & cola flavour jelly sweets
per 110g bag - 19SP

It all adds up!

Just think about the little things that get you closer to goal... think about the weight you've lost and all the little changes you made to get there... 

You took the stairs, you parked the car at the end of the car park, you planned your breakfasts for the week, you did your shopping list out, meal planned, went to your meeting, you got up at every ad break and walked around in circles (just me?!)  All these little things add up to the big things... so ONLY being down half a pound, you're still down, you're a step closer to goal... or ONLY staying the same is a result... guess what you haven't gained... you've maintained! So big shout out to the little things that are getting us there! 

Keep them up and you'll be closer to goal with every step! 


Every year I get asked 'How many SPs in a slice of brack?' and it's impossible to answer... with so many different versions out there, it varies from recipe to recipe and weight of the slice you cut... also how much butter did you put on it!?! Be honest! So here's 3 that I spotted in Dunnes last week that will give you a gauge of what's out there but you need to work out the SPs for each brand and weigh your slice! Don't forget to check for the ring first, that'll weigh more! LOL

I've pointed these all at 48g and as per recommended portions on the pack.

Dunnes Stores Bakery Fruit Brack
per 48g portion - 5SP
per 52.5g portion - 6SP
per 630g brack - 70SP

Rankin Selection Irish Barmbrack
per 48g portion - 6SP
per 470g brack - 61SP

Stafford Halloween Brack 
per 40g portion - 5SP
per 48g portion - 6SP
per 480g brack - 57SP


One for the ice cream lovers! Oppo is a UK brand that is stocked in most SuperValus and Dunnes stores, (check the store find on their website, if it's not ask the manager to get it in for you!)

I purchased the salted caramel version a while ago (pic 1) when I had guests, thinking jelly and ice cream would rock dessert (it did!) ... The SmartPoints came in at 100ml - 4SP and 500ml - 18SP for the full tub.

However, when I double checked the nutritional info on their website (I check everything twice just to be extra sure!) the same flavour (in a snazzy new pack! pic 2!) came in at a SP lower and we all know how important that extra SP can be in a day!

So, I contacted them with my query and the product in the snazzy new packaging (pic 2) is a revised recipe, so if you're picking up a pot go for the new packaging and add that SP to you gin quota!

You. Are. Welcome!

Oppo Healthy Ice Cream - Salted Caramel 
100ml - 4SP
500ml tub - 18SP

Oppo Healthy Ice Cream - Salted Caramel 
100ml - 3SP
500ml tub - 17SP

Oppo Healthy Ice Cream - Madagascan Vanilla
100ml - 3SP

500ml tub - 17SP

Oppo Healthy Ice Cream - Salted Caramel 
100ml - 4SP

500ml tub - 19SP

Oppo Healthy Ice Cream - Chocolate & Hazelnut
100ml - 3SP

500ml tub - 17SP


How many of us stood up at the 14 weeks to Christmas mark shouting 'I'll be down 2 stone by then!' ? How many of us said over the summer 'sure I'll be drinking loads of water, I'll be out walking every day, I won't gain over the summer...' How many are waiting till Halloween is over? Who else is thinking 'sure the year has been disaster, I might as well enjoy the rest of the year and start 100% in January 2018! Just you watch...'  Anyone? Yup me included! But the trick to begin healthy and happy is doing something about it NOW! Right now! Plan your shopping, write out a meal plan, decide to go for a walk at lunchtime and stick to it! Make your lunch this week, promise yourself, you're more than worth it! Organise your breakfast every night before bed, that 5 mins to plan, means that 7 of your meals this week will be on plan! Do it NOW!

NOW! Now is the time to look after you! 

Time for things to get spooky!

Time for the spooky stuff! Here's 4 individually wrapped cakes/biccies from McVities you'll see on the shelves in stores on the run up to Halloween!

McVities Jaffa Cakes Freaky cake bars 
per 24.5g bar - 5SP

McVities Jaffa Cakes Lemon & Slime cake bars 
per 24.5g bar - 5SP

McVities Hobnobs Toffee Apple flapjacks
per 27.7g flapjack - 5SP

McVities Hobnobs Eerie Eyeball teacakes
per 17.8g teacake - 4SP

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