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Hot cross buns...

A couple of variations from the normal hot cross buns out there! I'm a massive marmite (Vegemite is better... fight me!) fan but I couldn't have them in the house or they'd be hoovered! Maybe closer to easter I can share them with the family but I cannot be trusted! AND I'm hearing so many good reports about them which really isn't helping! Nice to see the vegan ones back again too! Anyone tried them out? x


M&S Plant Kitchen Vegan Fruited Luxury Hot Cross Buns per 65g bun - 7SP

M&S Cheese & Marmite Hot Cross Buns per 65g bun - 6SP

Top Nine WW friendly finds in - ALDI!

First in a series of my top WW friendly finds in all the supermarkets! First up ALDI! I'm a regular shopper to ALDI the specials every week are fantastic especially if you're a soup maker, you can whip up a pot of soup for a couple of euros and freeze it! But here are some of the regular WW friendly buys that I get in my local Aldi! Comment below if you've got a favourite one to share! 

The Cowbelle LIGHT Squirty cream
This is 1SP for up to 13g which is perfect to top off a jelly or pop on a homemade scone... Be careful the regular pack is nearly identical so check it's got the 'light' on it... a mistake I've made myself! 

Bramwells Lighter than Light Mayonnaise
This is a god send! Most of the lighter than light mayos are great but the consistency of this one is the best to me, can't even tell the difference up to 60ml is 1SP! Plus you can add garlic, paprika anything you fancy to pimp it up! 

Dromod Boxty
This is a great substitute at the weekend for toast... it's so filling! 
Perfect with a poached egg on top!
50g portion - 2SP

The Village Bakery Toasting Muffins
Literally one of my favourite buys in ALDI (after the middle aisle goodies that I usually don't need!). If you're following me on FB or Instagram these are my regular weekend brunch favs! Dead ringer for a McDs breakfast muffin! 3SP per muffin.


Passions Deli Lentil Curls
For the crisp junkies... Lentil Curls! Now before you turn your nose up at them, try them! 3SP per pack and you're not going looking for them in the bag! I personally hate buying a bag of crisps and getting fresh air! Lots of flavour in these and there's a thai chilli version too for the same SPs! 

Ardagh Lighter Cheese
There's a couple of varieties of this cheese, the mozzarella one is fab for pizza wraps! There is a 50% lighter one but its like hens teeth trying to get it! This one is 30g - 3SP but so worth it! 

Brannans 50% less Bacon Medallions
Perfect for topping the muffin above! 
Even to chop up and add to your stirfrys or pasta sauces
1 medallion - 1SP 

Walls Honest Chips
For when you're in the mood for proper chipper chips these hit the spot! I don't know what magic that sheet in bag does but it works! Last on your Mayflower curry sauce and lick every last finger! 
per 100g - 5SP
per 250g (half bag) - 13SP

Free From Sourdough Cob
Lsst but most definitely not least... the Free From sourdough cob is fab! 
Each slice varies in SPs the larger ones are most definitely 3SP the smaller ones on the side are 2SP so best to weigh them and be 100% sure but they toast perfectly and are great for making open sandwiches and toasties! 

Popped - Not Fried!

A collection of savoury snacks in M&S for those who love a bit of crunch! Vegan & gluten free too! The 'Popped - Not Fried' range come as potato or pea & lentil chips in some lovely flavours! I've done the SPs per bag because who are we kidding? The salt 'n' vinegar ones are unreal! Really have that vinegary kick to them! Anyone else tried them? x 

Popped - Not Fried, Pea & Lentil Chips, Salt & Lime Pepper
23g serve - 3SP
70g bag - 9SP

Popped - Not Fried, Pea & Lentil Chips, Chipotle
23g serve - 3SP
70g bag - 9SP

Popped - Not Fried, Potato Chips, Lightly Salted
23g serve - 3SP
70g bag - 9SP

Popped - Not Fried, Potato Chips, Sea Salt & Apple Cider Vinegar
23g serve - 3SP
70g bag - 9SP

Bibbity boppity bunny!!!

Just gonna leave this fella right here... 

Oh and he's hollow! 

Brace yourselves... 

M&S Swiss Bennet Bunny... 900g - 260SP 


oh and I tripled checked!!! 

Mushroom soup!

Apologies for the delay in getting this recipe up! It's a simple one but the trick for full flavour is in the prep... 

I chop my mushrooms, some weeks tesco so the packs of ready chopped mushrooms cheaply and they're so cost effective for batch making soup for the freezer... 

I spray them with Sussed spray rape seed oil... This is the only oil I use for WW, it's 100% rapeseed oil and great as a dressing or cooking with! 100% recommend!  

I also add a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar... I use the organic Biona vinegar, I get it online from Nuts & Grains > and this is where the magic happens... it will sweeten the mushrooms and bring out a lovely flavour... A table spoon of balsamic is 1SP

 I also add a splash of Worchestshire sauce! It makes it kinda beefy, so if that's not your thing, just leave it out... 

I then add stock. I would have always added a stock cube to boiling water which is perfect for this recipe but before Christmas I discovered Carol's Stock Market stocks... This 500ml Mushroom Broth is 1SP for the pouch and it's packed with mushroom flavour... I add this, bring to the boil and when it's all cooked through, I then blitz it and it's ready to go! 

There's a full blog post on the full range >>> <<< 

And there you are! It freezes really well so for batch cooking it gets a big thumbs up! 

Let me know if you make it and tag me in your posts! Love to know what you think! x

Plant Menu Sausages from Aldi!

Vegan sausages from the Aldi Plant Menu range up today... I'm a big sausage fan (that's what she said!) and I love some of the vegan and veggie sausages that are out at the moment! They are packed with flavour too! The Plant Menu range has yet to disappoint to be honest.. and I know I haven't tried that many products yet but so far so good! Anyone else a fan of the range? What's your fav? x

Aldi Plant Menu, Masala Roast Cauliflower Sausages
per 41g sausage - 1SP
2 sausages - 3SP

Aldi Plant Menu, Butternut & Tomato Sausages
per 42g sausage - 1SP
2 sausages - 3SP

Momenti Pizzas!

Here's the single serve Momenti pizzas from Dr. Oetker... I haven't spotted them in the shops but the visits are only weekly now with lockdown...  SmartPoints are per pizza... Anyone tried them out? x

Dr. Oetker Momenti Tomato, Mozzarella & Pesto, per 185g pizza - 13SP 

Dr. Oetker Momenti Salami Calabrese, per 190g pizza - 14SP

Nakd bars...

Couple of Nakd Bars I spotted within my 5km at the moment... I haven't tried these but thought I'd share for the cakey fans... Anyone tried them out? x

Nakd Lemon Drizzle per 35kg bar - 7SP

Nakd Carrot Cake per 35g bar - 6SP

Naked Oven Chips!

New from McCain - Naked Oven Chips... Just potato and sunflower oil... vVegan and gluten friendly, they come as straight cut or crinkled cut chips! I've done the SPs in their frozen weight, as well as grilled and oven baked! Anyone tried them out yet? x 

 McCain Naked Oven Chips, Crinkle,
100g of frozen chips - 4SP
100g oven baked chips - 6SP
100g grilled chips - 6SP

 McCain Naked Oven Chips, Straight, 
100g of frozen chips - 4SP
100g oven baked chips - 6SP
100g grilled chips - 6SP

Plant Kitchen ready meals from M&S...

Some more vegan ready meals up today, these are from the Plant Kitchen range in M&S... pop them in the microwave for 2 mins and you're off! I tried the lentil shepherds pie and bulked it out with extra veg... really yummy! Anyone else tried them out? x

Plant Kitchen - Cauliflower, coconut & lentil dahl
300g pot - 9SP

Plant Kitchen - Lentil shepherd's pie with root veg mash
300g pot - 6SP

Plant Kitchen - Mixed bean chipotle chilli with wild rice
300g pot - 10SP

Plant Kitchen - Moroccan lentil stew
300g pot - 9SP

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