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How to save points on a bagel!

Just a quick post on how you can save a couple of points by shopping around, putting things in your freezer and getting supermarket savvy! Fitzgeralds Family Bakery do 'Slim' versions of their bagel range (except the cinnamon one... dear god hurry up and do that one too, I can't be getting people in the UK to post me stuff over any more with Brexit coming!) buts here's how you can save a couple of SmartPoints... x

Fitzgerald Family Bakery, Multiseed & cereal bagels
per 85g bagel - 7SP

Fitzgerald Family Bakery, Multiseed & cereal bagel slims
per 48g bagel - 4SP

Fitzgerald Family Bakery, Hi-Fibre wholemeal bagels
per 85g bagel - 6SP

Fitzgerald Family Bakery, Hi-Fibre wholemeal bagel slims
per 45g bagel - 4SP

Fitzgerald Family Bakery, Plain bagels
per 85g bagel - 7SP

Fitzgerald Family Bakery, Plain bagel slims
per 48g bagel - 4SP

Let it go!

You've had a shite day at work... That nightmare you sit opposite had a scone AND a creme egg at tea break whilst you sucked on an apple... The smell of burritos in the office at lunch time nearly killed you and someone came back with a Crunchie for everyone at break time cause it's Friday YAY! 


Then you had row with himself over something that you're not even sure about, but you're pretty sure he was wrong... you're mother is pestering you about the length of you hair (do they not have hairdressers in Dublin?!), you've PMT and you HATE what you're wearing... it's raining and the luas smells like a bottle of LYNX in motion... and the last thing on your mind is that bloody tracker... So you cave... you've got Dominos number on speed dial and feck it you're having everything on that menu and you're just going to be fat forever and that's that! So there! 

So... Do you think you're alone? That you've failed at losing weight because of one bad day? You haven't even failed if you've had one bad week... or month... geez I've blown years! Yes, you had one bad day but we're all human... When you woke up today, you've got a new set of points, a fresh day... Sure you'll be up on the scales, but look at the long term picture... When you look back this time next year and see where you are will you blame that one pizza for derailing you? Weight loss isn't linear... there's ups and downs and many, MANY roundabouts but what's done is done...  You can't change the past, so turn the page on the tracker and give it your best shot today! 

Pimp your pancakes!

So I've had a few requests to do a post on pancake toppings JUST the toppings, you gotta point your pancakes separately! Nice try though!... Remember own brands may vary so double check if you're not sure... Enjoy! x

Nutella, needs no introduction really does it... 
5g - 1SP
10g - 3SP
15g - 4SP
20g - 5SP
30g - 8SP

Classic lemon and sugar
Lemon - 0SP
Sugar (Canderel/Splenda/Truvia) - 0SP
Real sugar per teaspoon - 1SP 

Stewed fruit... 
Stewing fruit and just adding your sugar substitute (Canderel/Splenda/Truvia) will keep the SmartPoints at zero, plus you can control how sweet it gets. Most of the frozen berries you get in supermarkets are sweet enough without adding sugar at all but it's down to personal taste... I stew my fruit in a splash of Diet 7up (or 7up Free) it gives it that sweet taste that I like... That age old argument as to why you can stew fruit and it's zero, but blend it and its 4SP per portion, is because of how you digest it. The body doesn't have to work at digesting a smoothie..  the sugar goes straight into the blood stream... That's the science bit... I just believe and that's that... you don't question Santa, don't question this! 

0SP jam! This is the recipe my leader has and it's yum! So easy to make, add a dollop to your pancakes for 0SP!

Meridian Smooth Almond butter per 15g - 3SP

Meridian Organic Crunchy Peanut butter per 15g - 3SP

Nutters or nut butters as they call themselves...  
Kelkin Smooth Peanut butter per 15g - 3SP
SmartPoints from brand to brand, so don't assume they are all the same... 
The Aldi/Tesco/Supervalu versions may be different... These are lovely with a chopped up banana and a bit of squirty cream! 

Maple syrup per 1 teaspoon - 1SP

Honey per 1 teaspoon - 1SP

For the chocoholics, Choc Shot is fab to give you that fix! 
There's also a coconut version which is lovely for more 'tropical' desserts when you're feeling all fancy... 

Sweet Freedom Choc Shot
5g - 1SP
10g - 1SP
15g - 2SP
20g - 3SP
25g - 4SP
30g - 4SP

This has just been launched so keep your eyes peeled ... there's a review >>> HERE <<<

Different to Choc Shot in that this is a chocolate spread, so you can't drizzle it on top!
Well worth looking out for if you're a choccie nut! 

Sweet Freedom Choc Pot
5g - 1SP
10g - 1SP
15g - 2SP
20g - 3SP
30g - 4SP

Squirty cream... cause sometimes that's all that will do... 
Lidl's Milbona Light Real Cream per 13g - 1SP
Anchor Light Cream up to 15g - 1SP

Anchor cream (full fat) per 15g serv -  3SP
Anchor cream (full fat) per 13g serv - 2SP
Elmlea Whipped Squirty cream per 15g - 2SP

Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt - Coconut flavours
2PP per 100g
3PP for 150g

'Bounty bar' pancakes... 
Drizzle some Coconut Choc shot into your pancake mix (Hello, chocolate pancakes!) 
and then top it with some of this and a bit of grated chocolate... Thank me later!

Glenisk High Protein Greek Style Yogurt - Mango Passionfruit
2PP per 100g
2PP for 150g

There are some lovely mangos in Aldi at the moment... if you want a tropical twist to your pancake Tuesday without the hula skirt, slice mango and pineapple on top with a dollop of this from Glenisk, the passionfruit kick is fab... LUSH! 

Don't forget your cinnamon if you're a fan! AND if you're an ice-cream fan the 0SP banana ice cream is a winner... The best recipe for it online is >>>  HERE <<<... ridiculously simple and uses up all those bananas that are just hanging around in the kitchen! 

Video is here!

Above all... if you like pancakes, just get creative and enjoy them! x

Pancake day!

We're on the home run for pancake day! *squeals* If you've no time to make them, if you're not handy with a frying pan or just can't be bothered making batter... here's some of the ready made pancakes (most are the American style ones not the crepe ones) you'll spot out and about in the shops... remember these don't include your fav toppings!

GrĂ¡inne's Tea Room, large pancakes
per 62g pancake - 6SP

GrĂ¡inne's Tea Room, Pancakes
per 35g pancake - 3SP

ALDI, Dessert Menu, Sweet Pancakes
per 63g pancake - 7SP

LIDL, Connell Bakery, Buttermilk pancakes 
per 35g pancake - 3SP
2 x  - 6SP

LIDL, Connell Bakery, Buttermilk Mini Pancakes
per 20g mini pancake - 2SP
2 x pancakes - 3SP
3 x pancakes - 5SP
4 x pancakes - 6SP

LIDL, Just Free, Gluten free pancakes  
per 40g pancake - 4SP

Tesco Own brand pancakes 
per 40g pancake - 4SP
2 x 40g pancakes - 8SP
3 x 40g pancakes - 13SP

Tesco, Mini Pancakes
per 16g pancake - 2 SP
2 x 16g pancakes - 3SP
3 x 16g pancakes - 5SP
4 x 16g pancakes - 7SP

Hovis Pancakes 
per 38g pancake - 4SP

Pat The Baker Pancakes
per pancake - 4SP

Sunblest, Pancakes
per pancake - 4SP

Can you do it?

It's that whingy time of year isn't it? Christmas is LONG gone... summer seems like ages away and the motivation we had on January 1st seems to have gone back into hibernation! This is the time of year when a lot of people give up and think they' can't do it... It's too cold to go for a walk... it's raining, honestly if you live in Ireland and the rain is a surprise there's no hope for you... I'll just have one scone / biscuit / bag of crisps and I'll start again tomorrow... 

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and keep trying... this time DON'T say I CAN'T do it... 

You CAN! You already did of the first month of 2017, but because you're not a size 10 and at goal already your mind is telling you to quit and give up on your health, stamina, confidence... 
Keep trying!

Believe in you and you'll get there because you CAN! 

Stop... and then Start!

Get a pen and paper ... and write down everything you don't like about yourself! Go on... you're probably eye rolling thinking 'there's not enough paper in the world for THAT list!' ... we ALL hate something about ourselves... our wobbly thighs... our jelly bellies... our fat ankles... but breaking news... EVERYONE on the planet has wobbly thighs... our skin is only designed to hold all our bits inside... so everyone has them... some are just a lil bit more wobbly than others... 

But let's just think of those dreadful wobbly thighs... what did they actually do for you today today? Apart from being AWFUL to look at, and the world knowing they're there hiding under your clothes... They jumped out of bed in the middle of the night to scare the monsters from under someones bed... they got you downstairs to make breakfast for you and your loved ones... they ran around looking for that missing shoe/phone charger/set of keys... they marched you to the school gates to wave goodbye for the day... they got you to the car to get your groceries and helped you push them around the supermarket aisle after aisle... They got you some fresh air round the park with the dog... they might have run 5 miles for you this morning..  and they'll spend all day working to get you where you need to be today and hopefully do it all again tomorrow... so are they really THAT bad?! Sure they'll appreciate the rest when you get the chance but at the first drop of rain they'll get you out to the line fast... So don't be so hard on them or on you... you're amazing... and jelly bellies, fat ankles or bingo wings aside, you do amazing things so give yourself a bit of love today! 

It's Valentines week so it's a love fest out there people... brace yourselves... but start with you... be grateful for all the amazing things you can do... and show yourself a bit of lurve... 

Glorious Soups

I'm a big fan of making my own soup, I love the combinations I 'accidentally come up with when I'm clearing out the veggie drawer in the freezer... but sometimes you just get sick of the same old thing and you that old saying 'variety etc...' and you just really fancy something different... if you're not a fan of making soup, here's range worth a try, I spotted them in the fridge section in Dunnes... The tubs are 400g, so you'd get two lunches with a low SP wrap... x

Glorious SkinnyLicious Soup, Sicilian tomato & balsamic soup
per 400g tub - 6SP

Glorious SkinnyLicious Soup, New England Butternut squash
per 400g tub - 6SP

Glorious Super Soup, Brazilian Super Grain
per 400g tub - 7SP

Glorious Super Soup, Mexican Super bean & sweet potato 
per 400g tub - 6SP

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