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'Sassy September' has arrived.... #wwphotoaday

This months Instagram #wwphotoaday challenge is here! September is on the door step! Join in the fun on Instagram.. you'll find me HERE! x

Fed up staying the same?

When people tell me they're fed up because the scales stayed the same 
but their clothes are feeling looser... I show them this... 

You haven't stayed the same... you've converted fat into muscle..
Remember the scales is just one tool on your journey...

Rocky Rice...

Rocky Road is one of my FAV weight watcher bars... and I've brought 3 boxes with me to share with my blogger friend in Boston... EXCITING! But I spotted these in Tesco before I left in the 'gluten free' part of the store, so I will investigate when I get back... has anyone tried them?! x

Rocky Rice, Chocolate and Strawberry flavour per 18g bar - 3PP

Rocky Rice, Chocolate and Orange flavour per 18g bar - 3PP

Rocky Rice, Milk Chocolate flavour per 18g bar - 3PP

Focus... on... YOU!

This struck a chord with me... when you do whats right for you, all the other shite, just doesn't matter!  It really doesn't! If other people aren't happy for you, then it really is THEIR problem... You are in competition with no one but yourself... It's not selfish to put yourself first... if you're not happy, your loved ones will know and then no ones happy... let all the drama and nonsense pass you by today, focus on you, why you're doing it and kick ass doing it! x

'H' - #xmascountdown

Eight weeks into the Xmas Countdown and we're at 'H' ... 

'H' is for 

HEALTHY... that's what you've got to aim for... the main reason you want to lose weight is to live a long and healthy life... yes you want to get into that frock to piss Auntie Mary off at your cousins wedding but long term its to feel good, have more energy, get more confident.. 

HAPPY... yup... Funny thing is we're never happy with how we look... we're never happy with a weight loss, ONLY a pound... SO much more to go... sigh... groan... give it up people... get your happy faces on and SMILE! 

'H' RECIPE - Honey Chicken Cashews! NOM! 

Try this FABULOUS recipe for Honey Chicken with Cashews by Kristin on Moms Own Words for 8PP! HERE



Two fab bloggers fall into the 'Happy"blogger category... first up is Dannii from 'Hungry Healthy Happy'... Dannii has lost nearly 100lbs and blogs all the good things.. recipes (I dare you not to drool looking at them!)... exercises and all the positive vibes! Check her out >>> HERE <<< 

And of course 'Happy Bubble Gal..' Vicki's blog is one of my favs... she's honest and normal and you can relate to every post she writes... she lives life to the full and it chipping away at the pounds whilst she does it... you'll find here >>> HERE <<<

Herbs - fresh
Hot Pepper Sauce (Tabasco)

Weetabix 'On the go' biscuits...

Not a huge fan of Weetabix, BIG porridge fan,  but I know lots who love it! Here's the ProPoints of their 'on-the-go' breakfast biscuits... x

Weetabix Breakfast Biscuits on the go - Milk & Cereals per 50g serve (4 biscuits) - 6PP 

Weetabix Breakfast Biscuits on the go - Fruit & Fibre per 50g serve (4 biscuits) - 6PP 

Weetabix Breakfast Biscuits on the go -Apple with Cinnamon per 50g serve (4 biscuits) - 6PP 

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya... Tomorrow...

You totally sang that.... 

Tomorrow is a wonderful place isn't it... housework will be done... filing will be done... diets start.... junk food ends.. it's only fabulous... but if you put off starting to exercise until the time is right, you'll never reach your fitness goals... There is NEVER a right time... EVER!

Q. When is the best time to start exercising?

Monday morning?
New Year's Day?
The beginning of the month?
After your holidays?
When you can afford a gym membership?

All tried and tested excuses... you heard me...

A. The best time to start exercising is NOW.
If you keep waiting for the perfect time to start working out, or for the ideal time to change our eating habits, we risk procrastinating and waiting for a time that may never come.

We're all busy... and there's never be a perfect time to start...

If you want to achieve your goals... start now... 

because NOW is always the best time to make YOU a priority.

'G' - #xmascountdown

'G' is for ...

Whether you take the scenic route or the highway,  hitting goal it's the holy grail for most people... everyone has a number in their head or a dress size they want to get into... but the important thing about having a goal is you can change it... and the smart thing to do is to set yourself achievable goals... No one will lose '10 pounds in10 days' the healthy way... and we're all told that the safest and best way to lose weight is 1 - 2 lbs a week... when losing weight clicked with me this time, my leader at the time told me all I had to lose that first week was a pound... just one... I thought she was mental... I thought she needed glasses... surely the biggest woman in the room should be losing half a stone in the first week?!?  But that's achievable... we put huge pressure on ourselves and our bodies by wanting it all gone over night... it doesn't work like that... it didn't go on over night... so it won't come off over night either! and it doesn't have to be a number on the scales... a snug pair of jeans... a dress that's been looking at you from the wardrobe for WAY too long that needs a night out on the tiles... hang it up so you see it every time you walk into the room and make it your goal to get into it by a certain date... with 20 weeks to Xmas Eve could you be in that dress!? Think of how you would feel 20lbs lighter... think of the heads that might turn and do a double take... oh yeah!


'Garlic Skinny Mash' from Skinny Taste is A-MAZ-ING! One of my all time fav food bloggers and my 'GO TO GAL' for recipes... Find the recipe for this delicious mash >>> HERE <<<

Image ©SkinnyTaste


Oh She Glows... if you haven't come across before Angelas' blog then you're in for a treat... a vegan food blogger, her recipes will (nearly) make you forget bacon ever existed are SO good... you'll be licking the screen on your phone and her journey from binge eating to such super healthy lifestyle is hugely inspiring!  Find Angela  >>>  HERE <<<

Another great page to follow is Amy from 'Growing in the right Direction' on Facebook, Amy is a weight watchers leader herself, so she's been there, done that and has the t-shirt! Find her on Facebook HERE and check out her inspiring success story in RSVP magazine >>> HERE <<<


Garlic *drool*

'Happy Weight-watcher-versary...'

... because that's a thing now... so yes.. I'm currently road tripping in the USA on the holiday... or should that be ON VACATION, gotta get the lingo right...  of a lifetime!! SO excited! Follow me over on SnapChat to see what antics I'm up to... there will be a WW meeting or two, and some serious food *drools* but I'm gonna enjoy every bite... Life is too short... and I'll be meeting one of my fav bloggers Dani from 'Weight off my shoulders'... very exciting!

So what is a 'Weight-Watcher-versary' ?! It is 3 years to the day I finally got it... 3 years since something 'clicked'... since I decided enough was enough... and I've been very lucky and privileged to share my journey with all of you! (Oscar speech time ...) but seriously... I've been held accountable by you and by my ramblings on here... and it hasn't been easy... having PCOS adds to the difficulty in losing weight... If I have a euro for every time someone told me to just go on a diet, or try harder when I was giving it my all, I'd be able to stay in the US and live in Sephora! It hasn't been easy.. my body fights against me every single pound but I have chipped away at it... and I haven't thrown in the towel this time.. I've stuck with it... and I'm 8st 10.5lbs lighter that I was this time 3 years ago... I could write all the cliches here ... 'if I can do it anyone can...' etc but this is my journey and I think it's only fitting to show that journey... week by week... ups and downs... PMT and boozy weekends... but I'm still chipping away at it... and that's the biggest difference this time... I haven't given up... and I'm not going to... so when you're up, or you've stayed the same, or you just think you can't keep going...  flick through these... your body will hate you one week and catch up with you the next... but it's only people who stick with it that succeed... so 3 years and counting... this is how it's gone... all those half pounds I have eyerolled at the scales... THEY ALL ADD UP!

I can only thank my two fabulous leaders who are AMAZING and so supportive... I've had many conversations about leaders and how important it is to click with them.. and it's true... and everyone is different... but without them I'd have packed it in again for sure... and even as recently as a few weeks ago when I had my last binge... I had already decided to forget weighing in and leave it till I got back from my holidays (vacation!) but I was so glad I did! I most certainly would have seen that extra week as a pre-holiday party session and lost the plot a little... I always feel supported and I know they gets it.. they've been there and has the t-shirt and honestly they makes the journey so much easier... and the fab gals in my class... it's another great support to have... and all the followers on social media... keeping me on track and kicking my ass when I need it!

It doesn't matter how long you've been doing it, it is still hard, ask any leader, anyone who is a success story... after all the hard work to lose weight, it takes ALL the determination to keep it off and be happy in your own skin... It's a journey... so stick with it... it's only when you give up that you fail... x

Naked Noodles...

Spotted these in Dunnes and got the chicken one to try out in an emergency! Will keep you posted... x

Naked Noodle, Ramen Noodle Soup, Chilli Beef Flavour, per 285g serving - 6PP

Naked Noodle, Ramen Noodle Soup, Thai Style Chicken Flavour, per 285g serving - 6PP

Naked Noodle, Ramen Noodle Soup, Hot and Sour Flavour, per 285g serving - 7PP

Nobody puts Jillian in the corner...

She scares me but I love her... 

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