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October #wwphotoaday challenge!

Yup... OCTOBER! ALREADY! The photo challenge for October is up over on Instagram... join in every day or just do the days you like! It's all about sharing the weightloss love, getting some tips and tricks and having a good nosy at what everyone else does! Just use the hashtag #wwphotoaday and you'll be in fabulous company! 

You'll find me >>> HERE <<<  

Sparkling ICE drinks...

I know fizzy drinks are bad for us and I know the diet ones are no better than the full sugar ones but some days you just want something fizzy! These flavoured sparkling waters from Sparkling ICE have only 12 calories and hit the spot! SmartPoints are for the 500ml bottle! 

Sparkling ICE, Black Raspberry, 500ml - 1SP

Sparkling ICE, Orange Mango, 500ml - 1SP

Sparkling ICE, Peach Nectarine, 500ml - 1SP

*ding... ugh... ding* Round 4

I could start this post with a list of excuses... Being sick last week, being PMT'd this week, being busy at work... but I didn't track... I didn't move my butt as much as I usually do and as much as I rant about drinking water, I didn't listen to my own advice this week... so not surprisingly I'm up... I have this button in my head that I press, after a few weeks of doing well and I think I know it all... I don't track properly, I faff along thinking I'll be grand, and even though I knew I was going to be up... I had suspected 2... not 5.5! Was I tempted to binge out last night watching the bake off? Absolutely... but I've learned that it really doesn't help... and I know my gold card is still a long way off but if I keep feckin' about I'm never going to get there... ever... and that makes me sad... 

Last week I spoke to my doctor for the first time about skin removal... she said, if I keep going as I am, I should think about adding myself to the waiting list fairly soon... Blood pressure was good, blood sugars were normal, weight was down... she's delighted with me and for me! That conversation went through my head last night, when I was mulling my gain over and over... Is it always going to be one step forward, two steps back? Why can't I just get back in the zone? There is no reason.. I'm just standing in my own way like I did for so many years! So, I gave myself a good talking to! 

If there's one thing about JQ and I, we're all about the honesty, good or bad we fess up, what's the point otherwise?! It's not easy, it's not... every single pound we've lost on our journeys, we've had to work hard for... We both love to socialise and enjoy life, pizza is a food group in our world... and when we're in charge, calories will be free! Free for EVERYONE! (I mean if Trump can get as far as he has, we can certainly run for office next time it comes around! I'm happy to share the white house with him, it's HUGE! Plus think of the shopping in Washington!) But until then we're sticking to it... we've given each other a good talking to, lectures all round! There's 4 weeks left in this challenge, and the big 'C' is nigh so it's a loss every week! EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK! I'm determined to kick his skinny ass! Send all the happy tracking karma... 

I've added my forfeit to the pot! Remember we're doing this for our lovely leader and friend Catherine so if you'd like to donate to the cause we'd love that! >>> HERE <<<

and don't for get to cheer on her fab 'Cheerleaders' over on Facebook! >>> HERE <<< 

Soups on the go...

Yup, soup season is back... and not everyone is a Masterchef at making soup, so there'll be some more posts on ready made soups coming up on the blog... Here's three versions I spotted in Lidl this week which can be popped in the microwave at 400g per pot, you'd get two lunches out of each one! easy! 

Anyone tried them out?


Deluxe Sri Lankan Style Chicken Soup 
per 200g half pot - 5SP
per 400g pot - 10 SP

Deluxe Garden Pea & Irish Ham Soup 
per 200g half pot - 5SP
per 400g pot - 11 SP

Deluxe Sri Lankan Style Chicken Soup 
per 200g half pot - 5SP
per 400g pot - 9 SP

The seeds of doubt are sprouting...

It's that wobbly time of the year... not the belly wobbles (well that too, but in fairness that's all year round!) In the next few weeks, people will either knuckle down and make headway into a mini goal that they've set for themselves in time for the big 'C' OR they will sigh and say, 'I've SO much going... I'll never get down to 6 stone by then anyway... what's the point.. sure I'll start again in January and 2017 will be MY YEAR!!!' I've already heard it! The seeds of doubt are sprouting...

Let's just take a look at how far you've already come... look at the photo that sent you through the door of your first class, you're not that person any more and you've worked hard to change that picture... the 'hilarious' comment from some eejit that made you cry but yet it spurred you on to do something about it, you're just waiting for them to say it again! No one knows what you've been through, no one except you... no one knows the daily battles that you face, just you! Don't doubt yourself now... if you don't want to set your goal as a number on the scales, and honestly, sometimes that can add so much pressure and you feel like a failure when you don't get there, then set it as a feeling... how do you want to feel on 'C' day? Frumpy? Tired? lazy? Then make your goal 'I wanna sparkle on 'C' day' ... Set your goal as the energy you want to have to boogie the night away on New Years Eve... add in an extra walk during the week to make sure you're still rockin' to Wham and Mariah at 4am on the 1st of January (just me?!) ... 

Every journey is different and every journey is personal... Don't compare yours to anyone else... 

Weetabix 'On The Go'

I'm not much of a fan of shakes and protein drinks... They always remind me of meal replacements on the MANY 'diets' I've done over the years.. Plus I kinda like the whole chewing thing! I treat my SmartPoints like money, I'm too mean to spend that amount on a shake... Here's the SmartPoints for the range of breakfast drinks from Weetabix, the last pic is another drink aimed at kids for breakfast... thought it was worth adding to the pot..  

Note - The SmartPoints are per bottle, the chocolate flavour is 250ml

Weetabix, On The Go, breakfast drink - Strawberry & raspberry, per 275ml - 6SP

Weetabix, On The Go, breakfast drink - Vanilla, per 275ml - 6SP

Weetabix, On The Go, breakfast drink - Blueberry & Blackberry, per 275ml - 6SP

Weetabix, On The Go, breakfast drink - Chocolate, per 250ml - 9SP

For Goodness Shakes, 'Kids On The Go' protein drink - Vanilla, per 235ml - 6SP

*ding ding* Round 3!

Round 3! Three weeks into out 'Ready-to-Rumble' Challenge to get ourselves back on track and raise as much money as we can for our lovely leader and friend Catherine! 

This week I've been poorly... So drugged up to the hilt, no tracking and no exercise (even my eyelids hurt this week!) I honestly had no idea of how I was going to go at the scales... I'm a serial tracker... when I track, and track PROPERLY, I always have a good week... it's the weeks when I guess and don't measure stuff that I'm sitting in the car park outside class in dread! So this week I was hoping to break even... but clearly the 'UNIFLU' part of the plan works for me cause I'm down 2lbs! Can I also add that because I was in bed every night by 8:30pm and passed out it meant there was none of my usual late night snacking! This is one of my biggest triggers so I definitely learned something, up the stairs by 9pm! 

Mr. Q had a gain this week so it's dish up the dollars time! 

This week I have 3 outings, so I'm going to have to be super tough with my SmartPoints and with my appetite firmly on the way back, it's track track track all the way! But remember it's all about motivating your buddy, making it a bit fun and making lots of money for the charity so it's game on for week 4! You can support our challenge and donate to Breast Cancer Ireland >>> HERE <<< We all know someone who has been touched by cancer so every cent counts... it's much appreciated! 

Also check out Cathys Cheerleaders over on Facebook! They're well and truly into their training now! So show them a little support and shake your pom poms at em! >>> HERE <<< 

We're nearly half way through this challenge already?! Where is 2016 going?!? My bank account would also like to thank John for his donation this week, when pay day is SO far away! Why is September 6 weeks long?!?!?! 

'Elevate the Everyday' from M&S

A new range on the shelves in M&S called Cook Menu - Elevate the Everyday - 
The range comes mostly in single portions, full of flavour and spices, 
the chinese pork one is on my radar! 
(I've done the half pack SmartPoints for the sharing portions too) 
Well worth checking out and very handy to have in the freezer for emergencies!


Note - the portion sizes are as listed on each pack

M&S 'Cook Menu' Soy & Ginger Salmon with oriental vegetables
per 195g pack - 8SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Cod Mornay with parsley crumb
per 230g, half pack - 6SP
per 460g, full pack - 13SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Moroccan Chicken with Moroccan spiced flavour shot
per 200g, half pack - 4SP
per 400g, full pack - 8SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Salmon & asparagus with creamy watercress sauce
per 160g, half pack - 6SP
per 320g, full pack - 13SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Chicken in red wine with bacon crumb & chestnut mushrooms
per 240g, full pack - 6SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Oriental chicken marinated in soy, ginger & chilli
per 215g, full pack - 3SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Spicy tikka chicken with roasted peppers, onions & cauliflower 
per 240g, full pack - 5SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Fruity piri piri chicken with yellow pepper & mango sauce
per 226g, full pack - 3SP
(this one is in my freezer!)

M&S 'Cook Menu' Herb & parsnip crusted lamb
with a red wine jus & honey roasted parsnips
per 290g, full pack - 9SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Harvest chicken with bacon crumb and roasted vegetables
(sorry wobbly moment in M&S!)
per 257g, full pack - 6SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Chinese style pork with aromatic 5 spice sauce
per 200g, full pack - 8SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Mexican chicken with seared peppers & red onions
per 240g, full pack - 5SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Thai green chicken with aromatic spice flavour shot
per 202g, full pack - 4SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Pesto chicken with tomato tapenade & pesto flavour shot
per 185g, full pack - 4SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Chicken, bacon & mushroom with a mushroom & tarragon melt
per 195g, full pack - 6SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Garlic & herb chicken with garlic butter, spiralized butternut & kale
per 195g, full pack - 11SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Cajun chicken with seared red peppers, chilli & coriander
per 220g, half pack - 5SP
per 440g, full pack - 9SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Chicken, cheese & leek gratin...
per 195g, half pack - 6SP
per 390g, full pack - 11SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Chicken & Prosciutto with a melting cheese sauce
per 208g, half pack - 6SP
per 416g, full pack - 13SP

M&S 'Cook Menu' Chicken, lemon & parmesan with smoked bacon, spinach & cherry tomatoes
per 188g, half pack - 6SP
per 376g, full pack - 11SP

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