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Cheerios Oat Crisp...

There are plenty of people who love cereal in the morning and just don't like porridge.. this post is for you! If you don't like cheerios have a search there's loads of cereals SP'd on here... I'm tempted to try the cinnamon one only I'm afraid I won't like it and be stuck with a big box! Anyone else tried it yet? x

Nestle Cheerios Oat Crisp 
per 40g  - 5SP

Nestle Cheerios Cinnamon Oat Crisp
per 40g serving - 5SP

Percy Pigs!

Spotted in M&S, a new version of Percy Pig for the jelly fans!
1/3 less sugar, if you're watching your sugars... 
I've done the SPs for the full bag too, I mean who shares Percy Pigs? AM I RIGHT?! x

M&S - Percy Pig, 1/3 less Sugar 
37.5g - 1/4 bag - 5SP
150g - full bag - 21SP

Chocolate Toasting Waffles!

I'm always drawn to the 'NEW' flash on packaging... all those years in marketing! I usually make my waffles with the banana pancake recipe but I wondered if you were to just pick up a pack how many SPs would they be? Now these are chocolate so we'll allow for that.. and probably really delicious too! Knowledge is power as they say! Anyone tried them? x

McVitie's Toasting Waffles - Chocolate Flavour
per 25g waffle - 5SP 
2 waffles - 10SP

Sacla Pesto Pots!

If you're not a fan of making your own pesto, these might hit the spot! Pesto Pots from Sacla Italia... As a topping on a pizza wrap or just stirred through your pasta, very handy to have in the cupboard and already portioned out... Anyone tried them yet? x

Sacla Italia Pesto Pots - classic basil
per 45g pot - 6SP

Light & free - Dairy free!

Light & Free 100% Dairy free yoghurt... I spotted these in Sainsbury's a few weeks ago and I'm not sure if they're down here in the Republic yet... but one to keep your eyes on if you're dairy free and love your yoghurt! Will keep you posted if I hear of them coming in store! x

Light & Free 100% Dairy free yoghurt - Vanilla
per 116 serving - 2SP
per 350g tub - 5SP

Light & Free 100% Dairy free yoghurt - Original
per 116 serving - 2SP
per 350g tub - 5SP

Probiotics from Activia!

Another thing I spotted up north were these probiotic drinks from Activia... 80g drinks, so just like your actimels etc in size... I find their yoghurts are full of sugar but these were OK in SPs if probiotics are your thing! x

Activia probiotic - ginger
80g - 1SP

Activia probiotic - turmeric
80g - 1SP

Activia probiotic - matcha
80g - 1SP

No Added Sugar Magnums!

Some new additions to the Magnum range... 'No Added Sugar Magnums!' might be perfect for those keeping an eye on their blood sugars, or you just fancy trying something new... I spotted these in Tesco (my lockdown supermarket!) Anyone tried them out? x 

Magnum, No Added Sugar - Vanilla Caramel Flavour - 7SP

Magnum, No Added Sugar - Forest Fruits Flavour - 7SP

Wicked Sauces...

Some fab new sauces are out now from the Wicked Kitchen range. These are available in Tesco, so be sure to keep an eye out for them... add a kick of flavour for a few points to salads, bbqs and sandwiches/wraps! Anyone tried them out? I bought the Mazin' Mango to add to some chicken salad this week... will report back! x

Wicked Kitchen - Hella' Horseradish & Mustard Sauce
15ml - 1SP
30ml - 1SP
45ml - 2SP

Wicked Kitchen - Wicked Sriracha Sauce
15ml - 1SP
30ml - 2SP
45ml - 3SP

Wicked Kitchen - Mazin' Mango Sauce
15ml - 1SP
30ml - 3SP
45ml - 4SP

Wicked Kitchen - Wicked Sticky Teriyaki Sauce
15ml - 2SP
30ml - 3SP
45ml - 4SP

Plant-based Iced Coffees!

Ice coffee season is all year round in my house, I love making it! If you're out and about there's a few brands you can just pick up, Aldi and Lidl are both posted on here. Here's two new ones I spotted... Starbucks now have an Almond Plant Based 'to-go' ice coffee for those who aren't fans of dairy, and Alpro have a 'to-go' option too... Anyone tried them out? x

Starbucks Almond Vegan Latte
per 220ml - 4SP

Alpro Caffe
per 235ml - 4SP

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