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Two Fifty Square - Brunch Club

A sneaky little find for Brunch Club this week... Two Fifty Square is just beside the swimming pool in Rathmines... and if you're a coffee junkie... I was last week I swear! Then you'll LOVE this little spot! 

The brunch menu has the usual suspects, no 'full irish' 
but there's a fab list of sandwiches and toasties to choose from!

... as well as cakes and goodies up at the counter to swoon over... 

Loads of space and it's got fab natural light pouring in so you can read the paper without a  torch... Does anyone else think some coffee shops are a bit too dark!? Just me... I'll be moaning about the young people next! 

Now... for the connoisseurs... Proper coffee... roasted, ground and smelling SO good.. 

and yes ... it was delicious... 

... 10 and a half days ... 10 and a half days... 
NO! I'm loving my detox I SWEAR! 

But it's one of the nicest coffees I'd had in a long time!

All the goodies you need to roast up a fine bag of caffeine goodness! 

Now to the food... 

I went for the 'eggs which ever way you fancy with avocado on sour dough bread' ... and not being an avocado fan I treated myself to some bacon! WHAT ?! I'd been swimming! 

Bacon was crispy but not dry ... in other words perfect...

and they passed my 'melty-egg' test with flying colours! 

For the heathens that drink tea... you'll be catered for... but I'll judge you... no... I will... 

Up at the counter you're free to drool, swoon and indulge in all kinds of goodies... 

The wifi code... you don't need to ask ... 
it's what every cafe should have for their customers! 

and ta da... open Sundays! 

There's an outside space for the smokers/hardy folk! It's November people! 

The mural outside by Anna Doran >>> 
was too cute not to include! 

Check out Two Fifty Square... 

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