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and they call it choccie love...

You sang that... I know you did! So all the sweet teeth out there, are constantly looking for desserts to satisfy that 'craving' ... Sadly they're all high but if you want it, earn some fit points or use your weeklies and just enjoy it.. that way you won't feel deprived... Here's some Nestle ones I spotted in my local Supervalu last week... delicious to just cover in fresh fruit! I'm told freezing them works a treat too! They last longer! x

Nestle After Eight Mousse per 57g pot - 7SP

Nestle Aero Creations per 57g pot - 6SP

Nestle Aero Mint & Choc Bubbly Mousse per 58g pot - 6SP

Nestle Aero Milk Choc Bubbly Mousse per 59g pot - 5SP

June! #wwphotoaday

Happy half way through 2016!!! How on earth did this happen?!? Just think in 6 months we'll be looking into the eyes of 2017! eek! June's #wwphotoaday is up on Instagram! Join in one day or every day or just do the days you fancy! It's a great way to tag along with other people's journey and get some fab ideas along the way... Just use and follow the # 'wwphotoaday' and you can have a good nosey too! 

Ancient Legends

Anybody spotted the new 'Ancient Legends' range from Kellogg's? There's six flavours in total, 2 Muesli, 2 Granola and 2 Cereals... The 'Spelt, Cranberry, Sultana  & Flaxseed' granola had sold out in my local Tesco so I've only SmartPointed five of the range here! Something different to try now summers here (or so we're told!)... Everyones getting a bit fed up with porridge in May! Or just a few spoons to add a bit of crunch to your salad or over night oats? Anyone tried thm yet? x

Kellogg's Ancient Legends Granola
Rye, Chia Seed, Sultana and Pumpin Seeds
per 40g portion - 7SP

Kellogg's Ancient Legends Cereal
Rye, Cranberry, Almond & Flax Seeds
per 40g portion - 6SP

Kellogg's Ancient Legends Cereal
Spelt, Apple, Sultana & Chia Seeds
per 40g portion - 5SP

Kellogg's Ancient Legends Muesli
Puffed Spelt, Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds, Sultana and Flax Seeds
per 40 g portion - 6SP

Kellogg's Ancient Legends Muesli
Quinoa, Apple, Cranberry & Chia Seeds
per 40g portion - 6SP

Ultra Thin Pizzas from M&S...

Lots of queries after I posted one of these beauties on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, 
so as I was passing through M&S I snapped the whole range... SO tasty (I mean it's M&S!), very handy and quick, great SmartPoints values for the whole pizza, PLUS it's PIZZA! Add a huge salad and a glass of wine (OK fine but a bottle is made of glass!) 
... who's on a diet??!!!? 

M&S Wood Fired Ultra Thin Pizza, Salami Firenze, per 170g pizza - 12SP

M&S Wood Fired Ultra Thin Pizza, Prosciutto Crudo & Fig, per 172 g pizza - 13SP

M&S Wood Fired Ultra Thin Pizza, Mozzarella Di Bufala & Rocket Pesto, per 185g pizza - 15SP

M&S Wood Fired Ultra Thin Pizza, Pollo Primavera, per 185g pizza - 12SP

How much does guilt weigh?

One of the best things about losing weight is getting rid of all the 'burdens' that being overweight brings... the worry of ill health, the misery of clothes shopping, no self esteem, the embarrassment, the humiliation and the guilt... Oh the guilt... It's probably the top reason I had to rejoin every single time!

Guilt can take you to a very dark place... it makes you feel like a complete failure unless you're doing the programme 100% perfectly... and when you don't, your self esteem takes another knock... 

Guilt brings you to a point, where you believe that you really are useless... You might as well not even bother trying to change your life... Your self belief becomes so negative that you just create a book of 'evidence' in your mind that just proves you just can't succeed at anything... 

The truth is a million miles away! There is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson 'Finish each day and be done with it, you have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in - forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day...'

The truth is, we're all humans, not robots, not angels, not saints just human beings... Which means we're not perfect, nobody is... in fact we're perfectly imperfect! Would you want to live with a saint?! Me neither! So how about we all stop torturing ourselves every time we trip and fall... Tomorrow really is a new day...

There are so many things in life that are beyond our control but there's are so many things that we can... How we shop, how we cook, how we set an example to children, how we spend our money, these are just a few... and when we take charge of these little things, big changes happen... Suddenly we're in charge of our health and well being... and our families health and well being too!

In less time than it takes to buy an expensive pre-packed 'time saving' meal, you can prepare your own homemade meal! Smart Points is just that... you get savvy, you meal plan, you have dinners ready in the freezer... you know how to spend your points wisely... how to bulk out dinners so you CAN enjoy a treat if you really want it and it makes it easier to lose weight, easier to save money and how much better do you feel even losing one pound and knowing you've made a difference to your your health... plus you feel in control! 

It's so good to see people succeed but it's nice to be there when people stumble and fall and who doesn't, show me one weight watcher who hasn't had a slip up on their journey! So start a new day and a new week free from guilt, free from the pain of guilt and free from the burden of guilt! Guilt is a wasted emotion... as Elsa says, 'let it go' and you'll feel lighter straight away! 

Houmous from 'The Deli' range in ALDI...

I'm a big ALDI fan... and here's the Houmous range from The Deli, they have in store... 
note the Red Pepper tub is 170g the others are 200g
 Happy Dipping! 

The Deli Red Pepper Houmous, 170g tub - 17SP
per 56g 1/3 tub - 6SP

The Deli Classic Houmous, 200g tub - 21SP
per 50g, 1/4 tub - 5SP

The Deli, Reduced Fat Houmous per 200g tub - 14SP
per 50g, 1/4 tub - 4SP

I'm walking for you...

First off... lets just clarify I'm WALKING.... ahem... 

So I spent last week thinking about what charity to walk the VHI Mini marathon for... I support a few that are close to my heart, and supporting ones that have been very relevant to my life and I do various things every year but I wanted to do this with a bit more purpose than just getting it done (and it will be a struggle!) So I've decided to support the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre... it's a service that is sadly always going to be needed... and is so necessary... So if you would like to donate, I've set up a charity page  >>> HERE <<< Any donation no matter how small will be going to a good cause! So thank you...

Now... when does this 'carb loading' I've heard about start?!?!?


This weeks product of the week is another fab Irish product, you all know I'm about supporting local! Hummus gets a bad rap I think because of the oil content, but it's SO tasty and there are SO many flavours out there, plus it's great for variety ... here's two from the Cabots of Westport range that I spotted in my local supermarket...great to add to a salad or use it instead of butter or mayo on a sandwich! Coming into summer hummus is a great add to salads! Anyone tried this out? Let me know! x

Cabots of Westport Natural Hummus per 100g - 7SP
per 190 pot - 13SP
15g tbsp - 1SP

Cabots of Westport Chilli & Lime Hummus per 100g - 7SP
per 190 pot - 13SP
15g tbsp - 1SP

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