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March Photo A Day Challenge!

Another month (my favourite one... hello birthday!) and another photo challenge over on Instagram... 

You don't have to be on any plan, just play along and do the prompts you like or do them all... 
It's for fun, motivation and to learn so tips and tricks from each other... 

Join in, just remember to us the hashtag 
>>> #wwphotoaday <<< 
and we'll all get to see each others pics!

Heres to a fabulous month!

Hot Cross Bun

So, the G&T ones have eluded me, I'm convinced my local Tesco has me tracked in the Gin section so they've decided not to stock them for healthy and safety reasons! I know they're in Iceland but I'm not close to one of those so I'll have to make a special trip before they disappear! BUT I spotted this in my local Tesco last week! Limited edition for the Easter season ahead, Hot Cross Bun flavour Muller Lights! Anyone tried it out?

Muller Light Hot Cross Bun flavour yoghurt
per 160g pot - 3SP

Snack packs from M&S...

I spotted these snack packs in M&S under the salads and sandwiches where you get lunch... the usual crisp type offerings were there but these looked interesting... I'm tempted to pick up the balsamic ones next time I'm passing now I know the SPs! 
Anyone tried 'em out? x

M&S Smoky BBQ snack pack 
including seasoned corn and rice crackers
per 30g pack - 4SP

M&S Balsamic & sea salt snack pack
including peanuts and coated peas
per 30g pack - 5SP

M&S Chilli & Lime snack pack
including edamame peanuts, cashews & almonds
per 30g pack - 5SP

Saucy Percy from M&S!

If you're a jelly fan, then you know ALL about my pal Percy!
Well for pancake day he's only gone and got himself his own dessert sauce! 
If the lemon & sugar combo isn't for you, he might be worth a try! 
You'll spot him in M&S! 

M&S Percy Pig dessert sauce
per 15g serve - 3SP

Meat free sausages from Denny!

Meat free sausages from Denny... High soya protein, coconut oil & high fibre...
I spotted these in Tesco! Anyone tried them? x

Denny Meat Free Sausages
SmartPoints for sausages when grilled... 

1 sausage - 2SP
2 sausages - 4SP

Bubbly Bunny from M&S...

Another bunny in the hood this Easter... Sitting at the M&S check out this time!

M&S Bubbly Bunny
per 23g bunny - 6SP

Shake Shake Fries...

Spotted in the fridge section in my local Tesco... two version of Shake Shake Fries from McCain!
15 mins so handy if you're on the move and just fancy chips... Anyone tried them yet? x

McCain Shake Shake Fries - Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper
per 100g cooked - 9SP
per 150g cooked (half bag) - 13SP

McCain Shake Shake Fries - Smoked Paprika
per 100g cooked - 9SP
per 150g cooked (half bag) - 13SP

Super Soups from M&S!

These big 600g tubs of Super Soups from M&S are perfect for those who don't like making soup or are a bit fed up with the same old thing... Big enough to pick up on a Monday and have throughout the week when you feel like something warm! Anyone tried them? x

M&S Super Soup - Broccoli, Spinach & Pea
100g - 1SP
300g - 3SP
600g - 7SP

M&S Super Soup - Borlotti bean Kale & Tomato
100g - 2SP
300g - 5SP
600g - 11SP

M&S Super Soup - Bean, Lentil & Barley
100g - 1SP
300g - 4SP
600g - 9SP

Walls Honest Chips!

Tried and tested and delicious! Walls Honest Chips, you'll get them in the fridge section in Aldi are proper chipper chips... not bad for the points too! x

Walls Honest Chips
per 100g - 5SP
per 250g (half bag) 13SP

Plant Protein Crunch from Kellogg's

High in fibre and there's a choccie version of the Plant Protein Crunch from Kelloggs... Portion sizes as per pack... Spotted in Supervalu... Anyone tried them out? x 

Kellogg's Plant Protein Crunch - Original
per 45g portion - 6SP

Kellogg's Plant Protein Crunch - Dark Chocolate & Coconut
per 45g portion - 7SP

Many Mini Eggs

Just like Christmas, Easter now starts on New Years Day... These lil feckers are all over the place and you'll convince yourself that 'mini' eggs are better that chomping into a big Easter egg... Now I'm not an Easter egg fan, I prefer my eggs dippy with soldiers, and if a choccie egg is your thing then go for it but here's a selection of the minis from my local supermarket this week.... Note each one gives different portion sizes so don't assume all mini eggs are equal, don't come for me about SPs maths either! x

Kinder Mini Eggs 
per 5g mini egg - 1SPs
2 mini eggs - 3SP
3 mini eggs - 4SPs
4 mini eggs - 6SPs
5 mini eggs - 7SPs

M&M eggs
per 45g portion (one third of the bag) - 12SPs

Nestle Orange Smarties Mini Eggs
per 4 mini eggs - 4SPs
8 mini eggs - 7SPs

Nestle Smarties Mini Eggs
5 mini eggs - 4SPs
10 mini eggs - 9SPs

Nestle Milkybar Mini Eggs
per 5 mini eggs - 5SPs
10 mini eggs - 9SPs

Nestle Aero Chocolate Mini Eggs
8 mini eggs - 7SP

Tray Bakes from Pataks!

I always get a lot of grief from the purists about making sauces from scratch and processed sachets but the vast majority of us don't have the time or the skill to make really good sauces fro scratch when you've come home from a long day at work... So I'll continue with my little finds and share them with you.... If you're an fan of Indian food (who isn't!) then these might be the job when you really fancy tandoori and don't want it to burn the SmartPoints bank... Pataks is a great brand, quality and these are really good SPs values when you consider adding in your protein and a rake of veggies!   Just set up your tray bake and add the sauce... so handy! I picked up the Spicy Chicken one to try out so I'll keep you posted! Anyone tried the Tandoori?! x


Pataks Oven Bake Tandoori
per 120g sachet - 4SP

Pataks Oven Bake Lemon & Coriander
per 120g sachet - 4SP

Pataks Oven Bake Spicy Chicken 65
per 120g sachet - 5SP

Fail Small...

OK... I'm always banging on about there's no such thing as failing... and there's not... but our mindset sometimes just doesn't play ball does it... but doesn't this quote make a lot of sense? OK put it this way... you've had a nightmare of a morning... you've hoovered in some toast, lashed a load of butter and jam on it, couldn't find your Canderel so you had real sugar, full fat milk in the office and it's someones birthday so you ploughed into a muffin or three as well as the scone you got in the garage with the full fat latte cause you just want to go back to bed... and come lunchtime you're riddled with guilt and feeling rubbish... 

'Feck it sure I'm going to have a lovely big pub lunch now because I've no control or will power and if I'm going to go off the rails I'm gonna do it in style!' 

Where does that lead us? More guilt and back tracking more than we needed to in the first place... Instead maybe think... OK this morning is a write off, we will always have these mornings, BUT this afternoon won't be! I'll plan my dinner and snacks for the rest of the day and set a reminder for myself to make time to set my breakkie up tonight so I'm not all over the place tomorrow morning... 

If you're going to use the word 'FAIL' then fail small... and get yourself back on track... 
you deserve it!

Chocfilled thins from McVities...

The McVities thins but filled with chocolate... what's not to love?!!? I mean anything 'CHOCFILLED' has got be good right? Anyone know how dunkable they are?! x

McVities Chocfilled Thins per 11g biscuit - 
1 - 2SP
2 - 5SP
3 - 7SP
4 - 10SP

McVities DOUBLE Choc Chocfilled Thins per 11g biscuit - 
1 - 2SP
2 - 5SP
3 - 7SP
4 - 10SP

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