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Don't make resolutions...

Yep.. you read it right... don't do it... don't promise yourself you'll lose 5 stone by Paddys Day... don't pressure yourself by telling everyone you're going to the gym 5 times a week... You're giving up bread for the year... no... just no... 

Every year people make resolutions and end up feeling like crap when they can't keep up with them... if you already go to the gym 5 times a week and did so before Christmas then it's some thing you can already do... you don't need to put pressure on yourself because its a New Year... You can re-evaluate ... make healthier choices of course, but Easter will come with all the chocolate eggs, Bank Holidays will be here bringing BBQs and picnics outside (I'm optimist about the weather aren't I?!?!), Pancake Tuesday will arrive, with all the Nutella and before you know it we'll be back at Summer holidays and facing Christmas again, I'm not wishing my life away but life is too short... and life is to be lived... and making resolutions that aren't realistic just adds to the misery of the January blues... So here's my thinking... make a plan not a resolution... 

Promise yourself one thing and one thing only ... to be a better version of you... to be less stressed, feed your body better and be happy with who you are... these aren't resolutions... they're things you should be trying to do every day of the year... these are things your need to do everyday to be a better, happier and calmer person... 

Life will throw things at us in 2015... family get poorly, some of us will lose people we love, work will get on top of us... we'll struggle with money and not having enough time to do things, we'll feel down at certain times of the year and be miserable, just like every year ... those are the times that can make you lose focus on being healthier... you don't have the time or energy to treat yourself well, and you put yourself last on the list... we rush to get everything done for everyone else and our bodies suffer because of it... so this year instead of making a 'resolution' and then live in fear of breaking it and feeling lost when you realise you can't keep it up along with everything else... make a pact with yourself to look after you... and when you're at your best... everyone else benefits! A happier you.. means a happier person to be around and kicking yourself because you didn't make the gym 5 times doesn't help any one... throw in a little walk and get over yourself... you're still being kinder to you, and your family and friends will reap the benefits... 

Year after year I made resolutions, joined gyms, quit being any fun, only to fall at the first or second hurdle into a pancake in February! Then hating myself for being such a loser.. I was horrible and mean to myself... 'I'm useless'... 'I'm always going to be a failure'... 'what was the point, when I can't even last a month?!' and the cycle would continue...

It's not selfish to take time to look after yourself... to treat yourself... you become a nicer person to be around... so take your 10 mins to breathe, paint your nails or make that hair appointment... when you're so busy trying to take care of everyone else you can forget about you... So just try this mantra for the year ... 

Have wonderful New Year Celebrations wherever you may be... 
It's my favourite holiday of the year!!! 

and a sincere thank you to everyone who has been on here, reading, following, 
supporting and kicking my butt when I needed it! Thanks to all who did the challenges... 
I hope everyone enjoyed them as much as I did... 
and here's to a continued success for all in a healthier and happier 2015!


Earlier in the month, just before Christmas I did a 'teatox', it was just after I went a little crackers in Belgium on the frites and cherry beer, so it was needed! Now, I'm a latte kinda gal... even at bootcamp I struggled without caffine for 7 days... headaches, grumpiness and all round moodiness, well more so than usual ... So I decided to give this one a try as it had a tea for aiding sleep! My insomnia is out of control... it's ridiculous! 

So... how did I fair? Well, I definitely lost weight the weeks I drank these... and I felt a lot less bloated... as I said I love my creamy lattes and I find most herbal teas taste like grass.. but that's me and my tiara more than anything else...

My top tip for these is to use a big mug, the more room they have to brew the better they taste, but that's just my opinion...

So there's three versions, you can buy them separately online but I wanted to give it my all so I went for the full set!
First up... Morning Wake Up... 

This contains, Chinese white tea, Yerba Maté, Lemongrass, Liquorice Root, Orange peel, Ginseng, Ginkgo Eucalyptus and Spearmint... Very refreshing and you can definitely taste the citrus fruits in it... I really liked this one, I drink my hot water and lemon every morning so it was a nice variation...

The midday tea... 

Honestly, I wasn't a fan... very fragrant and almost perfumey (?) for me... it contains, Chinese Oolong Tea, Hibiscus, Fennel Seeds, Pu-erh Black Tea, Rosehip, Apple pieces  Elderberries, Orange peel, Schisandra Berries, Black peppercorns and Blueberry flavour... and considering I love ALL berry fruits I really thought I'd love it but nope, just not for me but I stuck with it...

Lastly the Sleep Tight tea... 

This one I LOVED! This contains Rooibos, Ginger, Ashwagandha root, Chamomile, Lemon balm, Peppermint leaves, hawthorn, Vanilla pieces, lavender and Vanilla flavour... and yes it definitely was much better for me than my usual mug of tea on the way to bed... it smelled lovely too... anything vanilla and I'm there...

Would I do it again... yes but I don't think I'd go for the day time tea... it just wasn't for me... but to mix them with my usual peppermint, camomile or lemon tea, yes... 

The killer for me is I love coffee... and I love milky coffee... but not drinking them made me less bloated and you won't dunk a biccie in them! 

Worth a try! Check them out online at >>> HERE ! <<<

Six West - Brunch club

Round the corner from where I get my Christmas tree... where I had my 'knicker' incident last week! EEK! There's a smashing little cafe called Six West, in Terenure Village.... being that it's in Dublin 6 west... you get the idea... 

This place is fab... it's a perfect little cafe... in the sense of this is a cafffff... like on eastenders... there's nothing pretentious about it... when you walk in, its bright, breezy and the place smells delicious... The seats are comfy and the staff are so friendly and helpful... even with the hungover types!

Their breakfast menu is served all say so no matter WHAT time you roll out with your hangover you'll get a rasher... heaven! 

The menu has all the usual suspects on it... 

and just take a moment to check out the rainbow in the garden... 
seriously on a sunny day how much would this rock!  

The orange juice is freshly squeezed and icy cold... perfect if you're a bit 'delicate' 

and the coffee - delicious!

The 'full Irish' was, and I quote, 'only massive' ... 

and the eggs benedict were perfick... 

passing the 'Skinny-Dolls-Melty-Egg' test with flying colours!

Specials board for lunch ... 

I spotted the toffee cheesecake and I might have to make an 'emergency' visit 
to Terenure over Christmas! 

Something I love, is being able to see the chefs in the kitchen, 
and it's all open plan so you can spot when your brekkie is on its way... 
and also spot other peoples meals.. 

I'm a bit of a rubbernecker when it comes to plates passing me in a restaurant! 

We were there quite early on a Sunday and it was buzzing!

For takeaways... 

It's a lovely little spot if you're in Dublin 6W, passing through 
or heading to the Sunday Market in Terenure!

Twas the night before Christmas...

A slight 'Doll' spin on the original...

T’was the night before Christmas, when all over the place...

There were mince pies and roses to stuff in my face…

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

Sadly they’re extra large, AGAIN this year… 

The family were nestled all snug in their beds, 

Avoiding the kitchen for a midnight spread… 

Whilst rolling off my spanx and loosening bra straps, 

I was just settling down for a sugar free nap... 

When out in the kitchen there arose such a clatter, 

I sprang from the couch to see what was the matter... 

Away to the pantry, I flew like a flash, 

Tore open the fridge door and checked on my stash… 

The marshmallows on the door, like new-fallen snow 

Sent thoughts of a binge to my belly below... 

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, 

But a marzipan Santa, and eight chocolate reindeer... 

A huge chunk of icing so luscious and slick, 

I knew in a moment, I’d probably be sick… 

The sweet-coated Santa, those sugared reindeer 

I closed my eyes tightly but still I could hear… 

"Now Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen! 

On, Comet! On, Cupid! On Donner and Blitzen! 

From the back of the cupboard, under the stairs in the hall… 

She’s got goodies hiding everywhere, we’re in for a ball!” 

I should have said no, resisted each bite… 

I fought the temptation with all of my might… 

The light from the fridge wasn't just a flirtation… 

The thought of a snack became infatuation… 

Dressed up in my bestest, sparkly red dress… 

Feeling a little tighter from too much excess… 

My mouth was still drooling, my ever increasing belly, 

shook when I laughed like a bowl full of jelly… 

And then, in a twinkling, I remembered the crisps… 

‘There’s dip in here somewhere’ I said licking my lips 

The peanuts, the pringles, the cheese and the crackers, 

Were pushing my mind far away from my tracker… 

I spoke not a word, but went straight to work, 

Ate all of the goodies… then turned with a jerk… 

And laying my hand, beside my heartburn, 

And shaking my head, up to bed I returned… 

I eased into bed, to the heavens I cried, 

If temptation was gone I’ll be skinny by and by… 

and I mumbled again as I turned for the night.. 

I’ll be good in the morning… till I take the first bite! 

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas… 

Be safe over the season, have a healthy and happy time 
with your loved ones, family and friends... xxx 

For the nutters...

For the nutters... the Maple Bacon ones are DIVINE! A friend told me... *coughs* 

All bags are 200g so I've given the PP per bag and per 25g portion x

Tesco Mint Chocolate Fruit & Nut Mix
3PP per 25g portion
26PP per bag

Tesco Maple Bacon Flavour Nut Mix
4PP per 25g portion
33PP per bag

Tesco Chocolate Orange Fruit & Nut Mix
3PP per 25g portion
27PP per bag

Tesco Christmas Pudding Fruit & Nut Mix
3PP per 25g portion
24PP per bag

Tesco Fruit & Nut Mix
3PP per 25g portion
25PP per bag

The A - Z of Christmas!

Another little helpful note from my leader...

A is for Alcohol, always use a measure and never over do it

B is for Butter... the real stuff... it adds up!

C is for chocolate, the stuff you can't control in other peoples houses!

D is for Desserts, one a day... just one!

E is for Everything in moderation

F is for Fruit... and forgetting it!

G is for Goal... don't lose sight of it over the holidays

H is for How long is Christmas in your house... it's only 1 day

I is for In the driving seat... designated drivers save lives and ProPoints! 

J is for the Jeans test... lay on the bed... exhale and try to get em on ya... if you can't, change the plan!

K is for Keep reminding yourself why you are doing it

L is for LBD ... no, not the dress... a Little Bowl of Dessert... keep it small!

M is for Move More

N is for 'No thanks' and mean it!

O is for One will do... One mince pie, One chocolate, One drink

P is for Portion size... have some roast potatoes not ALL the roasties... 

Q is for Question yourself.. do you really want it? Do you need it?

R is for Rest your mouth between mouthfuls... we're not hoovers!

S is for Select healthy alternatives

T is for Turkey, low in PP and high in protein

U is for Use your calculator

V is for Veggies.. all free and tasty!

W is for Water, drink more than you think you need... because sometimes you're thirsty not hungry!

Y is for YOU... you're doing it for yourself!

Z is for Zoom back to class in 2015 ready to take the next step in your journey!

He sees you when you're drinking...

Yes... yes he does... the fecker... as my leader says... willpower dissolves in alcohol... and I'm VERY guilty of this... I LOVE my cocktails... so here's a little list to keep us all in check ... *hiccup* x

On the tiles...
Bacardi Breezer - Lemon 275mls = 5 PP
Bacardi Breezer - Orange, Watermelon, Pineapple and Mango, 275mls = 3 PP
Bacardi Breezer - Half sugar Raspberry Bacardi Breezer = 3 PP
Baileys per 50ml = 6pp 
Bulmers Light per 330ml bottle = 4pp 
Champagne 750ml = 20 pp
Coors light per bottle = 4pp 
Cider sweet per pint = 8pp 
Cider dry per pint = 7pp 
Guinness per pint = 6 pp 
Heineken per 330ml bottle = 5 pp 
Kopperburg cider per bottle = 8 pp 
Lager per pint = 6 pp 
Lager per bottle (330ml) = 3 pp 
Lager Low alcohol per bottle = 1pp 
Lambrini Light:
   100ml = 2 ProPoints values
   275ml = 6 ProPoints values
   750ml bottle = 15 ProPoints values 

Magners/Bulmers Light Cider 330ml bottle = 4 pp
Magners/Bulmers Light Cider 500ml can = 6 pp
Miller per 330ml bottle = 5pp 
Port per 50ml = 3pp 
Smirnoff Ice 275ml - 5pp
Smirnoff Ice 330ml - 6pp
Smirnoff Ice 700ml - 13pp
Smirnoff & Cranberry, 250ml - 6pp
Smithwicks, ½ pint = 3pp Smithwicks, 500ml = 6pp Smithwicks, 1 pint = 7pp Spirits (Vodka, brandy, gin, rum whiskey) per 35ml (Irish pub measure) = 3pp 
Spirits (Vodka, brandy, gin, rum whiskey) per 25ml (UK pub measure) = 2pp 
Sherry per 50ml = 2pp
Schnappes per 35ml = 4pp 
WeightWatchers wine per 125ml = 3 pp
West Coast Cooler 250ml = 5 pp
West Coast Cooler 750ml = 14 pp

WINE - per 750ml
Red wine = 19 pp
White wine dry = 18 pp
Rose = 19 pp
White medium = 20 pp
White sparkling = 19 pp
White sweet = 25 pp

Bloody Mary = 4 pp
Sex on the Beach = 8 pp
Strawberry Daiquiri = 4 pp
Pina Colada = 6 pp
Cosmo = 6 pp
Vodka Tonic = 3 pp
Manhattan = 8 pp 
Screwdriver = 5 pp
Frozen Mudslide = 11 pp
G&T = 4 pp
Jack & coke = 4 pp
Mai Tai = 10 pp
Rum & coke = 4 pp
Mojito = 6 pp
Martini = 6 pp
White Russian = 7 pp
Bloody Mary = 4 pp
Margarita = 6 pp
Frozen Daiquiri = 4 pp
Long Island Ice Tea = 7 pp
Parrot Bay Frozen Berry Daiquiri = 4 pp
Parrot Bay Frozen Pina Colada = 7 pp

Cookie monsters....

Last of the Christmas goodies from my M&S trek... 

Strawberry and Cream wafer cubes x 4 - 2PP
These are like mini pink & whites!

Chocolate and Vanilla wafer cubes x 4 - 2PP

Christmas Pudding Cookies x 1 - 3PP

Mini Yeti Gingerbread men x 1 - 2PP

Mini Gingerbread men x 1 - 1PP

Pineapple, Coconut & White Chocolate Cookies x 1 - 3PP

All Butter Belgian Chocolate Chunk Cookies x 1 - 3PP

All Butter TRIPLE Belgian Chocolate Chunk Cookies x 1 - 3PP

Cranberry and Orange Cookies x 1 - 3PP

Milk Chocolate 'money' x 1 (65g bag) - 9PP

Bubbly Santa - 3PP
This fella is hiding at the check out calling your name! 

With the mince pies keep your eye out for the weight of each one... they vary a lot!

Mini All Butter Mince Pies, per 19g pie - 2PP

Lattice Butter Rich Mince Pies, per 50g pie - 6PP

Puff Pastry Mince Pies, per 45g pie - 5PP

Classic All Butter mince Pies, per 58g pie - 6PP

Mini Christmas Pudding cakes - 2PP each

Mini Christmas Carrot Cupcakes - 4PP each

Snowy Road Squares - 2PP each

Salted Caramel Hazelnut Diamonds - 3PP each

Extremely Chocolatey Yule Log per 1/6th serv - 5PP
Whole log - 32PP

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