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Skinny Bunny - Week 1

Let's get cracking!

YAY!!!! So there's over 40 people up for this challenge... and at 7lbs/half a stone per person .. that's 280lbs that we can all lose between us!

So by now you should have taken that pic, measured and/or weighed yourself and stuck it somewhere you can see it! Sorted out how you're going to track - be it a fancy notebook in your bag or an app on your phone... remember you know you best.. so tracka way you'll stick with... no point in buying a fancy book if you live on your phone and it never gets opened.. and you've booked an appointment with yourself to get some exercise...

But more importantly remember its only 7 weeks... no one is going to hound you till Christmas... and remember why you're doing it.. Summer will be here before we know it... and how many times have we been packing the case wishing we have just lost a little weight before we took off on our hols!? That feeling when you're pulling on a pair of shorts in frustration.. put on the swimming cossie and looked in the mirror in horror! These 7 weeks is the chance to get at least half a stone down! If you don't track .. if you aren't accountable... you only have to answer to you! You're doing this for YOU!!! A happier, healthier YOU! I'm so enthusiastic about this... and all the support we can give to each other!

aaaannnnnd just so we're not real meanies ... Plan a treat for easter.. go for a choccie egg if you fancy it.. or book yourself in for a mani/pedi... a new haircut... or better still a new shirt... skirt.. dress.. that you know wouldn't be comfortable now.. something thats a little reward just for you... losing this weight means a little celebration! Go ahead.. write it on the calendar... you'll be only gorgeous!

Next week drop by again and I'll have a post up for weigh ins and inch losses and post how you've done and a group total. Let us know how hard/easy it was.. and what tip you can give the rest of us, what treat you're planning once you hit your target.. it might inspire someone...

Here's who in -
Flirting with Fashion
The West Wing
Michelle (Rocca20)
Judy D
Anon 1
Anon 2
Anon 3
Anon 4
Anon 5
Laura G
Anon 6
Laura O'B

Anons if you can post with a 'name' so I'll know who's who.. that would help!

Week one... lets do this!

Oh and if anyone wants to join in along the way... More the merrier!!!

Skinny Bunny Challange

As so many have asked for a sort of challenge as motivation seems a bit low out there, I'm starting the 7 Week Skinny Bunny Challenge here on my blog... I've done it for a 2 reasons:
1. Many of you Dolls have requested something to kick us in the pants!
2. I'd LOVE to be a dress size smaller for Easter!

Less of this...

and more of this!!!

In 7 weeks, it will be Easter, and how nice would it be to be 7lbs lighter if not more, remember 10lbs is a dress size! 1 pound a week is very achievable, that's half a stone!!!

So, if you're IN & wanna play, we'll work it like this:

1. Commit to do this.. the full 7 weeks... say it out load how much you're aiming for.. and log it on here! I'll upload a week 1 post tomorrow where people can sign up! Now you've said it.. we're willing you to get to your goal!!!

2. Drop by once a week and be accountable by reporting in here... if its lbs, inches or just how good you're feeling about your diet, let everyone know.. a small off the cuff comment could spur someone else on ... there will be a fresh post every Sunday to add losses and inches lost in the comments bit. I'll keep a running tab on how much we've all lost over all... We're all here to support each other .. right?

3. I'll be focusing on the weekly Sunday blog with inspiration, tips, etc...but, I'll also be sprinkling motivational quotes and willpowder dust, work out ideas, etc. throughout the weeks, too! We'll end on April 8, Easter Sunday!
It's totally do-able!

4. There will be a hashtag on TWITTER for those who hang out there #skinnybunny and I'll create a list if there's enough followers.. I'll also post it on Facebook for those who hang out there...

5. All ideas are welcome for mini weekly challenges, and I'll even throw in a couple of fun giveaways! Like I always say... we're all in this lardy boat together!

To get started... 4 easy steps:

No. 1>>> get brave. take your BEFORE photo. save it. print it. post it up. use it as a screen saver or wallpaper on your phone do whatever you need to keep you motivated & pumped up for your 7 week transformation! You don't need to show anyone if you don't want to.. but its nice to have the before when you've made it to the AFTER shot, and we all love a success story! A 7lbs makes a difference!

No. 2>>> take your measurements OR weigh in. OR both! I know everyone likes to keep track of their progress with one or the other. (or both).. another good way to measure your success is to squeeze into those jeans/dress/skirt that's JUST TOO TIGHT... and try it on every week as you lose weight it will zip up a lot easier! Again you don't need to share but if you do all the better! Just say how much you've lost and it'll go in the success pot!

No. 3>>> Start & KEEP a food journal! This is critical in your success! It's amazing how the things you put in your mouth directly effect how your 7 week challenge will go! Again you don't need to show anyone but if you fib... who are you really fooling? It doesn't have to be fancy and if you'd rather use an app or take pics of your meals even better... as log as you're keeping on track...

No. 4>>> Choose a workout that makes you happy.
Do it at least 3 times a week. Mix it up. But, MOVE! Get busy & work out, dance around the kitchen while you're waiting for the kettle to boil.. it all adds up!

I've been needing some extra lets all be sexy bunnies for Easter & remember we're all in this together!

Doll x

WEIGH IN 6 - 2012

I know!!! I KNOW!!!! BUT as I missed last weeks weigh in ... this is two weigh ins in one... plus my last weigh in really got me down as I had a brill week but it just didn't show on the scales! So tonight was a sparkly silver 7 and my first stone of the year!! A very happy Doll indeed! If it goes in your smacker.. it goes on the tracker! Doll x

PPPOTD - Quick fix lunches

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch.
Orson Welles

Yep... it happens to us all... you get to work... and realise the beautifully prepared lunchbox is lounging on the shelf in the fridge... or it was too late last night to start messing about in the kitchen and you promised yourself you'd get up early! ahem.... so you're caught on the hop.. its raining... cold and you want something warm and convient to eat at your desk... its a trek to the shops for something to microwave and theres a lot on offer!

Now I'm not a big fan of all the E numbers going on in these things.. I'm a 'make it from scratch' kinda gal... but other WW members have told me these are tasty, filling and ready in a few minutes... and the sachets of flavoured rice are a god send when you get home late and want a stir fry but don't have all night to watch rice boil! Plus they are very flavoursome and you only really need a quarter of a pack with your dinner... and just 2 mins and its all done! Watch out nigella!

Here's some of the latest on offer..

Uncle Bens Rice Time Sweet and Sour - 3PP per 100g, 9PP per 300g pot

Uncle Bens Rice Time Mexican Chilli - 3PP per 100g, 9PP per 300g pot

McDonnells Super Noodles Beef Flavour - 7PP per half pack, 14PP per pack!!!

Knorr Snack Soup Vegetable & pasta - 2PP per serving

Pot Noodle Beef & Tomato Flavour - 11PP per pot!!!

Heinz Spicy Tomato & Pepperoni Sauce with Fusilli - 9PP per pack

Heinz Cheese & Tomato Tortellinni in tomato sauce - 6PP per pack

Dolmio Pasta Vita Tomato & chilli flavour - 9PP per pot

Dolmio Pasta Vita Tomato & basil flavour - 9PP per pot

Dolmio Pasta & Bolognese - 9PP per pot

Here's some of the quick fix rices available out there...

Uncle Bens Express Pilau Rice - 125g portion (half a pack) - 6PP

Uncle Bens Express Mushroom Rice - 125g portion (half a pack) - 5PP

Uncle Bens Express Wholegrain Rice - 125g portion (half a pack) - 6PP

Uncle Bens Express Basmati Rice - 125g portion (half a pack) - 5PP

Uncle Bens Express Mexican Style Rice - 125g portion (half a pack) - 5PP

Uncle Bens Express Golden Vegetable Rice - 125g portion (half a pack) - 5PP

Bottom line is have a healthy lunch and keep your blood sugars high through the afternoon or as soon as you get in the door you'll eat all around you! Use some of your 49 PP if you're caught on the hop... that's what they're there for!


YEP ITS HERE!!! That one day of the year we are contractually obliged to eat pancakes... work with me here!

Now there are MANY recipes out there.. whole wheat... egg whites only ... the works.. but for the basic pancake.. its 1 PP... Here's the offical link to WW and their recipe...


I make mine especailly thin so it looks like I've got more to eat, I'm a gal who eats with her eyes! A large skillet / frying pan will mean you can make them nice and thin, and remember to point your fillings! TIP: get some greek yoghurt to replace cream and you'll save propoints... Here's some ideas... PANCAKES

Good old lemon and sugar is the way to go in my opinion... but if you're having them as your main meal then savoury is a good way to go with a poached egg and some lean bacon, throw in some 0PP mushrooms, grilled tomatos and you'll be stuffed!

Happy pancake day!!! Doll x

Drum roll please....

And the winner, thanks to RANDOM.ORG, is....


Drop me an email with your postal address and I'll get it out to you by next week and let me know how you like the recipes etc! I'm only sorry I didn't have more to giveaway but stay tuned folks, there will be another giveaway shortly!

E -

and thanks to everyone who entered... I'm gonna write a post about all the great tips you shared!

Doll x

WEIGH IN 5 - 2012

Slow and steady win the race... down another half pound.. as I was reminded at the scales... half a pound a week for the year is 2 stone! New week when you step off the scales! Doll x

Oh and check out the giveaway below.. if you're not in .. you can't win as they say! x

Giveaway #1

Giveaway #1: Win Weight Watchers’ “Seriously Satisfying” by Penny Stephens

February traditionally sees the new found dedication to healthy diets and weight control we had in January, start to fade... resolutions? what are they?? So here's a little something to refresh the motivation and kick start spring!

I'm lucky enough to be a WW Superfan and I get to review recipes, cook books and new products they are sending out to the masses! One of these books is Seriously Satisfying... so as I have an extra copy.. I'm putting it up for grabs...

Seriously Satisfying has 130 delish, easy to follow recipes in 10 chapters, ranging from 'cooking for me' to 'family food' and an entire chapter called 'chocolate heaven!' There's over 60 vegetarian recipes and all the recipes have 'tips' and alternatives for vegetarian options.

Recipes include sausage and mushroom sarnie, paella with chorizo, butterflied garlic chicken, basked alaska and marbled chocolate cheescake!

So, I have one copy to give away to Skinny Doll readers and better still, it's available to any winner worldwide.

To give you a flavour of what’s inside why not take a look at my review ......

Simply Satisfying

How do I win?
To enter, just post your top tip on how you kick yourself back into touch when motivation starts to fade as a comment below ... I always get great ideas from you guys and sharing is caring right!

Enter by Valentines day at midnight then watch to see if you're the winner and I'll be in touch to get your details. The winner's name will be posted on Wednesday 15th February. Best of luck!!

This week - The two step diet!

The day you take complete responsibility for yourself, the day you stop making any excuses, that's the day you start to the top. - O. J. Simpson

We all know it has to be done... even on the coldest day - and its ffrreeeezing today - yes .. its exercise.. and all the excuses in the world don't wash.. This is Ireland and we're not exactly famous for our weather but there's some pretty good evidence that getting outside is better for you than the gym! Exercising outdoors when its cold encourages your body to burn more calories and because your metabolism works even harder to to maintain your core body temperature, and the more you do it.. the better you'll feel.. soon you won't even feel the cold! you'll just feel refreshed!

sooo.. excuses... who's got one?!? Take your pick!

I can't afford a gym
- Who is asking you to join a gym? Put one foot in front of the other and leave the house.. The push is to get out the door.. because trust me once you've got the trainers on ... and are standing at the door.. you will do it.. its that push from the couch, its that 'i'm too tired after work' feeling that we need to get over.. and you only have to walk for 10 mins turn around and come back! 20 mins done and trust me you'll feel SOOOO much better after... go to a park... walk to the shop... meet a pal and you'll definitely get there.. the thought of someone waiting for you will spur you on!

The weathers crap
- Breaking news ... its not going to get any better! and a further shocker - you're not made of sugar.. you won't dissolve! Next!

I HATE exercising - but you love dancing.. riding your bike... ice-skating.. all exercise my friends! Choose something you love doing and you'll be exercising without all the drama!

I don't have enough time... but here you are on the Internet a little longer than you intended... you couldn't POSSIBLY miss Eastenders! One of the gals in my class has a new baby and she brings each piece of laundry up the stairs one at a time! now THERE's dedication! She finds it hard to leave the house with a new born as it is... so she's made her house the gym... and all without having to pack half the house to get to the park! Write it in your diary/calendar .. its an appointment just for YOU! Oh and the 'I've got kids' card doesn't wash either.. bring them, the dog and granny with you!

Even just 5 mins here and there helps... whilst your waiting for the kettle to boil.. march on the spot... another member in my class has the yellow pages (remember that!) beside her chair and whilst she watches her soaps she does step ups for every ad break... that's 4 mins exercise every 15 minutes!

There ARE no excuses... only benefits.. so one paw in front of the other .. left.. right.. left.. right! Lets go! Doll x

WEIGH IN 4 - 2012

uuuurrrrggggghhhhhhhh! Someone got a little cocky with the 'i don't need to track' attitude... its now taped to the fridge door! Silly Doll! x

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