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WEEK 7 - Weigh in!

Urrghh! This flu has me beaten! I stayed the same AGAIN this week.. my leader said its the lack of exercise and all the cough bottles I've been downing! Full of sugar and upsetting my system! I'm hooked on them I think! I may need a different kinda meeting! Still I'm slowly on the mend and my appetite shall appear any minute now! You've been warned!

Good news on the losses this week! 

*drum roll please*

Miss Zed has reached her goal weight! 

*applause* She has done SO well on all the challenges!! Amazing!! 


Mr. Q is the first to cross the stone mark in this challenge -16 pounds so far .. fantastic!!!! If you need some motivation... read his last guest post on here... it'll put a fire in your belly! 

Everyones had an up week so proves we're all human but we've all just chalked it down, put it behind us and started anew! You only fail when you don't get up! All the summer stuff is starting to appear in the shops.. let use the next month wisely to shed a few more pounds! 

I'm off to Scotland with my flu to drink hot whiskeys and chase rugby boys... it'll get my exercise program back on track! ;P 

Remember my maths (!) and if I've forgotten you.. post a comment below and I'll get it all sorted on Monday! 

Have a fab weekend 
Doll x

High point pots!

You may have spotted these in the Supermarket near the soups in the fridge section... These are a kind of ready made meal from Cully & Sully... the good thing about these are the ingredients.. there's very few additives and the veg are all present and correct.. and I tried the Chicken Curry one and I didn't have to go looking for the chicken! These are emergency dinners... the 'I'm running late.. just back from the gym.. STARVING! Both Chicken options come in at 8 PP if you have your zero PP veg all set you can make a yummy dinner... The Pasta version is double that at 16PP! For the same portion size! Use your smarts kids!

Doll x

The Cheeky Chicken Curry is 8PP for the 400g tub

A Mighty Mexican Chilli Con Carne is 12PP for the 400g tub

The Scrumptious Pasta Bolognaise is 16PP for the 400g tub
DOUBLE both the chicken varieties!!!

A Comfy Chicken Casserole is 8PP for the 400g tub's the size of the fight in the dog!!!

A truly AWESOME post by guestblogger Mr.Q... if this doesn't motivate you on a Monday I don't know what will... x
 It's not the size of the dog in the fight, 
it's the size of the fight in the dog! 
by @quinlivan

It has been 23 weeks since I re-joined Weight Watchers, and I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that it has changed so much inside me. I received my 7th Silver 7 a few weeks ago – yep, nearly 4 stone gone! Today, I had 2.5lbs to go to my next Silver 7. When I stood on the scale I was down 1.5lbs (yay) but I was still disappointed. 1lb off my 8th Silver 7 was all I kept telling myself.

I left the meeting feeling deflated because of that 1 bloody lb that was still clinging on – that 1lb I had just assumed I’d have lost. Another life lesson learned: To assume is to make an ass of you & me. I left the meeting with this odd feeling of disappointed in myself but by the time I arrived home (5 mins later), I had re-evaluated everything!

Let’s rewind back to August 2012 when I weighed over 19st – the idea of losing 4 stone weight sounded as challenging as climbing Everest. I was comparing photos of myself recently. The one on the left was taken at a family christening in August (about 3 weeks before I started on my weight-loss journey). The photo on the right was taken at my better half’s birthday in January (hence the cake in the photo).

A few people have asked me: ‘How are you doing it?’ and ‘What’s the secret?’ which is actually quite difficult to answer because there isn’t a single thing that I can attribute it to without discussing my entire thinking on any form of goal-setting.

Here comes my philosophy (on life):

Life is a staircase. Regardless of what step you are on, you always want to be a few steps ahead. Taking career for example: I have friends who know what they want and go get it. One friend in particular is so confident of her own skills that she pushes herself and will go for a job interview despite having a job that she already enjoys. Why? It keeps her on her toes.

When I think of my career, I know where I want to be but the end point is so far off/out of reach that I don’t know how to get there. The solution: Take it one step at a time!

This is how I approached my weight-loss. I started off with my birthday as my target. It was over two months away so I set myself up a nerdy Excel chart and plotted my weigh-ins against my target weight-loss (2lbs a week). As long as I was weighing in under my target, I was on track and the end goal was in sight. My goal was to be 2 stone lighter by my birthday. I didn’t set my goal by picking the weight I wanted to BE on my birthday – rather how much weight I COULD lose by my birthday.

Take a 2lbs-loss a week approach (which Weight Watchers promise you will lose per week if you stick to the plan) – This is something that has helped me immensely and if you are interested in doing something similar I would be delighted to share mine with you. From my chart below you can see my Target Line (dotted red) has a red x every 7 weeks (7 x 2lbs = 14lbs). My target is REALISTIC. As you can also see from my chart, my weigh-ins were recorded weekly (blue line) and my line swerves up and down close to the target line at a couple of points.
The important thing to take from the chart is this… Even in those crap weeks where you are up or the weeks you feel you have worked so hard yet only lost ½ lb – this chart was always be there to remind me of how far I had come AND that in the grand scheme of things – I wasn’t willing to throw all my hard work out the window over ONE bad week.

This chart is my life saver! Going back to my ‘Life is a staircase’ motto – I hope you can see how it actually is. Whatever step you are on – and whatever step you want to get to - don’t set yourself unrealistic or unachievable goals, as not reaching these won’t help your motivation. By having a better understanding of every step on the weight-loss staircase, you’ll know where you are at all points along your journey!

This leads me on perfectly to my second tip:  Break every goal into sub-goals. I don’t know if you can remember back to my first post on Skinny Doll but I said I had climbed Croagh Patrick with a gang from work last June. I was the only one of the 26 of us who didn’t reach the top. In fact, I didn’t even make it halfway. That was crushing. Here is a post from my Facebook when I was still on Croagh Patrick:

What did I do… Once, I started losing weight – I decided to tackle my mountain again. And on December 30th (which was wet, windy and absolutely freezing), this happened:


I made it to the TOP of Croagh Patrick! It was hell… It was so cold I couldn’t feel my fingers for half the trip. I fell/slipped so many times I lost count. The difference this time over the last time I tried was simple – I broke my journey into smaller stages. Instead of just walking until I got too tired or wanted a break – I would set myself a smaller goal like picking a marker (a rock or a tree) and once I would get to that location, I would treat myself to a rest, a cigarette or a snack!

I can’t look at the big picture when I am wrecked, that is what put me off and made me call it a day on my attempt last June. By seeing the climb as a series of successive markers, I made it slowly but surely up to the church that sits at the top of the mountain.

I have applied this same approach to my weight-loss. My original milestone was my birthday, then once my birthday was over I set the next milestone as Christmas. My next milestone is Paddy’s Weekend in March. The reason I picked these as my milestones was so I can reap the reward waiting for me once I hit them.

I have never set myself large numerical goals such as ‘I want to lose 5 stone’. Instead I’ve set milestones along the way to break the giant journey into smaller ones that I can see coming in over the horizon as opposed to ones off in the distance. By planning in the shorter-term with a long-term approach to weight-loss has helped me get to where I am now – standing 8 steps closer to my goal. I often look back down the stairs to where I have been though, just to bring a smile to my face.

I was recently clearing out my wardrobe and I found a shirt I had stuffed in the back since last summer. I tried it on over the weekend and just wanted to show you the difference…  

Tonight on my drive home from the meeting I remembered something… It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Be honest with yourself; set yourself realistic goals broken into milestones along the way. I am still in the middle of the fight *shakes fist at that 1lb sitting between me and my next Silver 7* and I know it’s going to continue to be difficult but I also know I have the fight within me to keep fighting. Not to use that overused cliché but I honestly can’t sum it up any better: If I can do it, you can too.

WEEK 6! Weigh in....

Hello lovers!

Last week I had a few messages and emails that people have been up and losing motivation but my finger wagging and nagging must have worked as all the pounds you found last week have magically disappeared! We all have those weeks ... but the best thing about you all is that you've gone through them, enjoyed the fun and games that went with it.. and are all firmly back at it!!! Birthdays, christenings, work parties, boy trouble, pancake day, valentines, geez even a phone call from your mother...  can lead us down the path of destruction where we think the only thing in the world willing to listen to us is a tub of ice cream! BUT, if you give up and stay there then the only person you're letting down is you.. and you're worth so much more!!! So I'm thrilled to see the emails and tweets that people are back at it... and those weeks WILL happen again.. I guarantee it... trick is to not give up on yourself and enjoy life without all the guilt.. noone expects you to be a size 6, your loved ones want you to be teh healthiest version of you so you're sticking around for a while!

Whatever about telling someone else you love them today... stop in the mirror and with a cheesey wink.. say it to YOU first! Its not easy but do it often enough and you'll believe it .. cause its true!

I stayed the same this week.. not surprising with the flu and the swimming pool being full of little people with mid term... tangent... is it just me or did we not have mid term when I was in school?!?!?

Thing is, I know why I stayed the same.. I didn't track.. I let the lemon teas and lemsips take their toll with all the side orders going untracked and my exercise was practically nil... still I'm back on the mend and a fresh new week on my tracker app!

Today is the day of luuurrrvvveeeee... Like all the other holidays we have... its only one day so don't go crazy... and if your loved one supports you they'll put some money towards a new pair of trainers, (which can almost cost the same price as a bunch of flowers!) A voucher for Boots, M&S, Monsoon, whatever your fav shop is, to get yourself a NON foodie treat... and if you're heading out for din dins.. and you know the restaurant you're going to ... next break time.. instead of trolling through the funnies on Facebook.. go to or what ever is the equivalent where you are... all the menus for ALL the restaurant in Ireland are on there.. and you can go through it and choose what you're going to have before you even leave the house! You'll know the sauces that are there, the sides on offer, etc... and the only thing you'll need to consider is the specials! That way you'll already have a good idea of how many ProPoints are in your meal.... what dessert you can share... (its the day of LOVE remember its ALL about the sharing!) and more importantly, how many PP you have left over for wine! Later, to burn off the calories... well, apart from the obvious, for the saucy minds amongst us ;P .. how about a rosemantic walk at the weekend!!! Its just another day to some but if you buy into it all, then be aware of how it can effect your weekly points...

I love you all... and hope you have a very Happy Valentines Day

Doll xxx

Chart below.. remember my maths... and if I missed you ... shout! x

Fancy breads & DO-nots!!!

With Easter firmly on the way.. there's lots of new things popping up in the bakery section of the supermarket..  All this before we even get to the eggs!!! aaarrrggghhhhhhh!

These are new to my local Supervalu and I'm all about the multi seed/wholegrain types of breads and pastas..These are packaged as all healthy and stone baked like mama used to make em but these little brats are 7PP each with their full white floured cousins (pic below) LOWER at 6PP ... either way, they're not worth wasting that many points on lunch! THINK of the wine you could have at the weekend!!

Don't be fooled by the 'they're only MINI' bagels either.. these teeny tiny rolls are 3PP each! The cinnamon and raisin ones are lovely but you'd hoover two of them and not even notice!

And RIDICULOUSLY with Tesco hot on the Easter cake trail, their own Tesco Hot Cross Buns are 5PP whilst their 'light choices Hot Cross Buns' (below) are 6PP!!!! Yes I've checked it over and over to make sure it wasn't my maths!!!

Dolly (not me or even a relation might I add!) is making donuts!!! They're sold in packs of 2 (apparently for sharing... like that'll happen) and packs of 7.. one for every day! These are home made and I have tried one, its a pretty good size and sugar coated so ALL the bad things but for 4PP its one of the better options.. shame you can buy them individually wrapped!!

Both these Choccy and Raspberry cupcakes are only 1PP each! AAAAANNNNNDDD they ARE individually wrapped.. so the guilt of opening another packet will stop you picking up another one! I'm told the choccy ones are to die for.. Found in Tesco!

Flippin' hell!

OK forget Valentines day.. secretly aren't we all really looking forward to PANCAKE HEAVEN DAY!?!?!?!? mmmmmmmmmmm

I love pancakes, which often surprises me as I really don't have a sweet tooth.. chocolate doesn't really bother me but if I thought there was a bag of crisps somewhere on the premises I'd HUNT them down! It must be the carbs.. or that kinda breakfast feeling you get with pancakes or probably the fact that its only one day a year, like Christmas and we lose the run of ourselves! This might help when you got shopping!

First up the ready made's...

Tesco mini American style pancakes - 1PP each
(and they mean MINI!)

Tesco Raisin & Lemon pancakes - 3PP each

Sunblest pancakes - 3PP each
Slightly larger than the Tesco Raisin ones above...

Mothers Pride pancakes - 2PP each
again the smaller thicker type

Tesco Chocolate filled pancakes - 4PP each
You heard me! They're are individually wrapped if that's ANY consolation!

Tesco LARGE pancakes - 4PP each
the larger crepe style... 

Tesco American style pancakes - 3PP each
again the smaller thicker type

Galberts Mini-pancakes - 27PP for the bag!
These evil things are in the fridge section near the yoghurts.. WALK AWAY!

Galberts large pancakes - 29PP for the pack
100g - 5PP, its roughly 4PP per pancake (rounding up)

Galberts large pancakes - 33PP for the pack - 100g - 11PP

Aldi American Style Pancakes are 2PP
Pat the Baker pancakes are 3PP

THE 'mix it yourself' BATTERS

Tip on the ready mixes - you can lose the PP for the egg if you just use the egg white to bind it.. and 2 egg whites are better than !!  

Betty Crocker pancake mix - 15PP for the pack - 3PP per pancake
You just add water to this mix so no additional PP for milk or eggs!
I'm making these over the weekend I shall report! Good old betty!

Tesco Pancake Mix - 12PP for the pack - BUT....
They are made with milk so you have to add those ProPoints...

Odlums Pancake Flour - 10PP per 100g of dry mix, 
remember with these you have to add the points for your egg and milk

Odlums 'Quick Pancakes" American Style - 33PP for the pack
Again you have to add your ProPoints for the milk... 


I've pointed out three recipes that are pretty basic... 

First one is the Weight Watchers recipe and to be honest its simple and for 3PP you can't go wrong..  like bread its not the pancake but what you put on them.. 

Weight Watchers ProPoint Pancakes
4 large pancakes - 3PP

Whisk together 120g plain flour, 1 large egg, pinch of salt and 1/2 pint of slimline milk until smooth
Spray your pan with 1 cal spray oil
Pour in small amounts of your mixture to thinly cover the pan
As the batter cooks it will start to come away from the edge of the pan and will slide more easily
Toss the pancake or turn over and cook the other side!

This one is for portion control.. have 3 large or 12 small.. same PP value!

Homemade pancake mix
140g plain flour - 13PP
3 eggs - 6PP
200 semi-skinned milk - 3PP


12 small pancakes at 2PP each
6 regular pancakes at 4PP each
3 large pancakes at 8PP each

This is from one of the Weight Watchers cookbooks and how I love my pancakes! 
Pancakes with Nutella and Banana 
ProPoints® Value: 6 Servings: 4

125 g Flour, Wheat, White, Plain, sifted, 
1 medium Egg, Whole 
300 ml Milk, Skimmed 
5 spray(s) Cooking Spray, Calorie Controlled, 
for the filling; 
8 teaspoons Nutella 
2 medium Banana, peeled and sliced thinly 

To make the pancakes, place the flour in a bowl and make a well in the centre. Crack the egg into the well and stir, gradually drawing in the flour. When the mixture is thick, add the milk a little at a time until you have a smooth batter – sieve the mixture if there are any lumps.

Spray a small non-stick pan with low fat cooking spray and heat until hot. Add a tbsp of batter and swirl to the edges of the pan. Cook over a medium heat for 1-2 mins until set and beginning to brown on the underside (lift the edge of the pancake to check). Flip and cook for a further 1 minute until brown. Remove from the pan, keep warm and repeat to make 8 pancakes.

Spread half of each pancake with a tsp of nutella, scatter over a few slices of banana, fold in half and serve 2 per person.


The usual suspects...
Chocolate Spread 15g - 2PP
Nutella 15g - 2PP
Sugar, 1 teaspoon - 1PP
Fresh Lemon Juice - 0PP
Honey, 1 heaped teasp - 1PP
Jam, 1 heaped teasp - 1PP
Butter, 2 teasp, 10g - 2PP
Low Fat spread, 2 tease, 10g - 1PP

Best of all.. FRUIT is free.. so even if you had a pile of berries and a scoop of ice-cream it would still be good!

The top ten fillings are here... and you really can be very creative!

Remember you can have savoury pancakes too... but just be careful with the portion sizes.. if you're going to have them instead of your main meal and lets face it ... most of us have them as an extra on the day... then add ham.. cheese... chicken.. crab ... goats cheese.. the list is endless as pancakes are there to be dressed up.. just remember to point them!!!!  aaannnndddddd... spinach.. grated carrot.. onion.. mushrooms.. all your veg and all your spices are FREE!

And whatever happens.. enjoy a pancake.. life's too short not to have a bit of fun flippin' in the kitchen and squirting a bit of lemon!

Happy Pancake Day..

Doll x


Week 5! Half way there!!! as Bon Jovi would say.. and some weeks definitely Livin on a prayer!

But a massive HIGH FIVE to all of you! Even the lurkers.. I know you're all doing great! Miss Doll lost those 2 pounds she found last week.. hoorraayyyy.. but on a funnier note.. a girl in my class recommended I read a certain.. *ahem* blog! It was very funny and very flattering! I'm glad people get something out of my rantings and ravings.. but you all insprire and keep me on track!! Some days I'm afraid to come on here and spill I was such a piggy!!! But we're all human eh? So Thank YOU!

This week.. the day of luurrrrvvvveeeeee... ooohhh yes.. I mean PANCAKE TUESDAY!!!! (you didn't really think I'd fall for the other one did you!?)... I've got a post coming up later so don't buy anything till you've seen whats out there!!

Over 6 and a half stone gone between the lot of us!!! HOW brilliant is that?! Thats a whole Victoria Beckham! Look at the bigger picture... everyone is doing fabulously!

Keep an eye on my adding please, and if I've missed you shout out .. I'm distracted with all the toppings and fillings I'm pointing... *drool*

Doll x

So fresh it's famous...

New product out for you dolls to check out...

Pat the Baker has brought out Slimbos!! These are like slim, square burger buns... There's 6 in a packet and they're kinda like baps... At 3PP each... They are really yum! Considering 2 slices of some breads can be 5PP .. 3 varieties to choose from.. plain white, multi seed and sesame & linseed... 2 packs for €3 in Supervalu at the moment and you can freeze them.. Great for lunch!!


Ciao Dolls! (I'm starting to learn Italian dontchya know!) so Buongiorno!

You know when companies should stick to what they know... Well sadly this is the case with Kellogg's Special K and their latest 'crisps' ... Now I've only tested 2 of the flavours and whilst the sour cream and onion ones need a bucket of dip to make them tasty, those of a salt and vinegar persuasion might like those... I'm a savoury gal.. Chocolate doesn't sing to me like some of you... But if there's a packet of crisps in the house I can sniff em out like a blood hound... The plus side of these is the portion size you get for 2 PP but each portion isn't individually packaged and one the box is open .. unless you've got will power ..once you pop.. well you know the rest!

For 21 of these 'crisps' it's 2PP that's for both flavours... 21 look like this.... 

For portion size this is what they look one looks like on a teaspoon...

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