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November... #WWPHOTOADAY

November is on our doorstep... how the hell did that happen?!?! Can you believe how fast this year has gone?! This months #wwphotoaday is now up on Instagram... Play along every day or just pop in and out, share your ideas, tips and the weightloss lurve!!! x

'S' - #xmascountdown

'S' is for... 

Success... Now anyone who knows me, knows I've got the pom poms out when someone loses half a pound... As someone who is chipping away at weight loss VERY slowly... I know how hard it can be for someone to lose half pound, PCOS just adds to the misery and in fact, some weeks, I'm celebrating staying the same ... but success can be measured in so many ways... walking up the stairs without feeling breathless... zipping up a pair of jeans with ease, ones that were VERY snug! Someone saying 'you're looking well' and knowing you feel it... and 5 lbs to someone is the very same as 5 stone to someone else, it's all relative... so celebrate the little successes along the journey... They have been well earned and it's hard for some of us to lose weight and a round of applause can really be a positive thing! 

Soup... It's the time of year for it and there are SO many good versions online... but come spring time I'd rather go to the dentist than see another butternut squash... so add some Spices... they add such variety to your meals, can curb your hunger and will release all the feel good endorphins! 
Here's some of the things I add to mine to spice things up ... >>> HERE <<<

Salt... yes it's bad for you... it will make you bloat, it will make you hungry and thirsty, so keep an eye on it if you're a little heavy handed with the cellar! 

Sleep... it's a known fact that lack of sleep can add to weight gain, but with such busy lives it can be hard to turn in early... so set yourself some rules... turn off the internet and get into a routine to help you drift off... do an at-home beauty treatment, catch up on your fav book, I've a stack of cookbooks beside my bed it's not even funny! Wind down and give yourself a chance to really rest and relax... it'll make all the difference...  


If I'm ever stuck for something to cook and need some inspiration I always head to one my fav bloggers 'Skinny Jeans and the In-betweens' ... Irish blogger Diane, makes healthy and lighter versions of all the classes and her recipes are DELICIOUS! Whether you're propointing or doing F&H all the info you need is with each recipe... Check her out >>> HERE <<< 

No one could escape the 'spice bag' last week in the news and in WW classes all over the country, my leader made one in class and dear god it was amazing! I've never tried one but after last week it's on the list of to-dos! Here's a version from Diane AKA 'Skinny Jeans and the In-betweens' blog... >>> HERE <<< 

Spray oil - up to 18 sprays is 0PP
Sharon Fruit
Spices - fresh
Spring onions

Simon's Naturally Good Range...

Simon's Naturally Good food company is another Irish food company that you will find in Supervalu!   Fish is so good for you, but so many people don't like the preparation for it, so these take all that our of the equation! I've only spotted 3 variations be careful with the Smokies there's full fat cream and cheese in there! Anyone tried these? x

Simon's Naturally Good Smokies 335g - 25PP
definitely one to share with a pile of zero PP veg! 

Simon's Naturally Good Salmon Cakes 250g (x2 cakes) - 11PP

Simon's Naturally Good Crab Cakes 170g (x2 cakes) - 5PP

Mind your own business...

Someone posted a quote on my timeline last week and it hit a nerve with me... 

"What other people think of you... is none of your business!" 

If they have the time to bitch and moan about you, 
or tell you you've lost enough weight, or tell you to try the XYZ diet.. 
then they have too much time on their hands! Their opinions only matter to them... 

it's taken me years to finally get this!!! 
... and once you do ... 
you'll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders... 

You do what's right for you and your body... and let them eat cake! 

Game on...

A personal post... and I got a little bit emotional! I think this weight loss lark is starting to seem real! FYI - It's a sea of selfies today, you've been warned!

Rugby is a big thing in my family, we are avid Leinster supporters... yes, even on the cold miserable wet November evenings... I'm a wallaby and Ireland fan through and through too... and honestly if they had met in the quarter finals this year I would be in a heap! Two weeks ago I was in Twickenham, with family and friends at the Australia V England game... and it was brilliant... not only knocking England out of the tournament but the craic was mighty as they say...

I have been to Twickenham before... only this time I was nearly 9 stone lighter... but it wasn't until I got home and someone sent me some pictures of me the last time I was there in 2012 for the Leinster V Ulster final for the Heineken Cup... and it's the first time I got kind of emotional looking at the old me... I felt so sad for the girl in the picture... She was miserable but trying to be the happy jolly one, carrying bags and coats whilst others went off because her knees were killing, she didn't want to get all hot and sweaty, her back ached... and she tried so hard to be included she left herself out... The memories came flooding back... I remember walking to Tesco, which is practically right beside the stadium and having to stop on the way because my knees hurt, I remember sitting in my seat at half time thinking 'If I go to the loo I'm going to be breathless and sweaty and red faced getting back up so I'll just hang on'...

This time was SO different and I didn't even realise it until it was over... I went to tesco several times over the weekend never stopped once walking back to the hotel... I wasn't drowning myself in long black cardigans even though it was warm, I popped my jersey over my head like everyone else and was just normal... I was able to get into the spirit of it and enjoy the atmosphere the same as everyone else...

In 2012 at the airport there was a 'Heineken Cup' display n the departures area..  a marketing/promotional thing that you could hold the cup and get pics taken, I remember turning into  'Mrs. Doyle..' YOU all go on, go on, go on...  I'm GRAAAAND but my friend insisted I get up and I was SO embarrassed... in my head I was imagining what everyone was thinking.. and honestly everyone else was just getting on with things... but I was humiliated and ashamed... and I almost didn't go... I immediately forgot about that picture until she sent it to me... 

Being able to slip a jersey over my head (not a 4XL one!) and just join in the fun meant so much... and it's something that many just take for granted... I know I'm responsible for my weight, it didn't go on over night, depression and an eating disorder helped a lot, but ultimately its my problem and my fault... so I'm not looking for a clap on the back and the journey isn't over... I've still got another 5 or 6 stone to go... and I will get there... slowly and steadily... but I'm not giving up like I have done in the past... 

It is strange looking back at pics but it really is an eye opener... seeing just how far you've come can really kick you in the pants to keep going... I know I can do it... the proof is there to see... and when I don't do it,  I've chosen not too... and yes, the excuses still come easily, sure I'll dissolve in the rain if I go for a walk, won't I?! But I never want to feel like that again, I never want to feel disgusted with myself...  and the fact that I blocked it out just shows how miserable I really was... and yes, it's a cliche, but if I can do it.. then anyone can... I promise... 

and lets not forget what it's REALLY all about... ahem... x 

*whispers* l love you Rob...

'R' - #xmascountdown

'R' is for ...

Keep it real... there are 9 weeks till Santa gets here... and being realistic many of us can lose 9lbs by then and still enjoy all the good stuff that will happen... of course losing more is a bonus and hard work and sticking with it will mean that you do... but announcing you're going to lose 2 stone by Christmas day isn't realistic if you're not super determined and really really focused... and I won't be focused until the Wallabies win the World cup... I may be a while!  Just think though.. the first week may be brilliant... and the second but what happens when you stay the same one week... or you put up a pound? Many will just throw in the towel because they set the benchmark too high... instead of somewhere that's honestly achievable... if you're the kind of person who loses half a pound every week, then that's what you body will lose... shouting at it to lose 4 lbs won't change it... but it will make you feel like you've failed... so listen to your body and not the chocolate angels on your shoulders! I'm always saying my top tip is not giving up!

Last week I was up 5lbs... I didn't deserve it but I was a walking human fish bowl... it happens about 3 or 4 times a year when I get really bad PMT... I knew it... I had a little cry, fine I bawled, about it to myself (hormone central!)... my leader understood it and this week I was down 6lbs... I knew I had been on track... I knew I had been a bit bold at the rugby and I also knew my body well enough to know this was just out of my control... and if I work at it it will show eventually... in my teary state I was happy to throw in the towel, take a break from all of i, propounding, blogging the lot and just 'start again in January!" but how much would I be up by then? I was giving myself permission to run amok... but I stuck with it, got over myself and I'm now 1lb away from a 9 stone loss... sometimes we just need a little reality check to make us realise how well we're actually doing...

One of the most successful weight loss blogs out there is Ronis Weigh... it's such an honest and personal account of weight loss and it will motivate you ALL the way!
You can find here >>> HERE <<<


Another amazing weight loss blogger is Monica from 'Run Eat Repeat' >>> HERE <<< Again Monica's blog is about her journey and living a normal life including the ups and the downs... well worth a look!


Risotto... this only appeared on my TL last night so I've yet to make it but I LOVE risotto... it's from  fellow Irish blogger and weight watcher Zoe from '59lbs to go' and ALL of her recipes are amazing... You'll find it >>> HERE <<<  It's definitely on my meal plan for next week!



Top tip for rhubarb - stew it in diet lemonade or 7UP ... it's LOVELY!

Cocoa Brown Bronzing Gels

OK there's not many beauty products on here even though I could open my own branch of Boots with all the skincare and make up I have but here's a new product that I've kinda fallen for... New from Cocoa Brown range are two bronzing gels, a shimmer and a matte version...

Now I'm not a regular 'Tanning Thursday' kinda gal... I'm a 'feck it I've decided to wear the shorter dress and my legs look two bars of white chocolate the Milky bar kid would be proud of!' then blind panic ensues... so for years I've tried many of the tans out there and honestly there is nothing more scary than a women with a tanning gun... now I know that's just me and my body hang ups but I've tried everything, remember the tanning machine in friends.. one Mississippi two Mississippi.. been there smelt like a toasted tuc biscuit for days... and as much as I love the moisturisers that slowly build up in colour, forget it once or twice after your shower and you're back to square one... I want some thing that I can put on easily, it will stay on my legs if its raining, the illusion of stripy 'runny' tights is NOT a good look, and something that in the morning I can wash off and go back to my normal life with my sallow skinned brown arms and blindingly pasty white legs... et voila here it is!

Lots of you reading this are always looking for ways to feel better about your body and a tan definitely helps, a pina colada and a pool boy would make it even better but this is only 6.99! If you're like me and crap at putting the stuff on, I don't just mean on me either, there's a friend who might be reading this who may remember my tan application as being a bit 'heavy'...  lets just say she started out caucasian... but this stuff is fool proof!

I mean seriously... LOOK at the shimmer... 
this is going to be FANTASTIC for wearing with your LBD for Christmas 
and honestly you do sparkle a little bit more when you're wearing it!

and this is the one you want for your pins! It's SO easy to apply and smells lush! 
I'm totally converted! 

You can find the list of stockists >>> HERE  <<<

and keep your eyes peeled over on
>>>  HERE  <<<

Individual rice portions... Uncle Ben's

For those in a hurry, want to to add some carbs to a salad, or just cooking for yourself... these are new from Uncle bens... they microwave in a minute so for a late night in work or to add to your lunch they're super handy x

Uncle Bens Mini Pouches, long grain rice, per 130 pouch - 5PP 

Uncle Bens Mini Pouches, basmatic rice, per 130g pouch - 5PP 

Be miserable...

Time for a good talking to.... to yourself! 

People think I'm mad because I talk to myself... but sometimes I need to hear the words out loud! 


If I was going to dissolve because of the rain I'd have been a size 8 years ago! 
Any decisions made around here are made by me! I'm the boss... I'm the one in control... 
No one has ever force fed me cupcakes!
so I have NO ONE to blame but me when it goes wrong!

So... runners on... water bottle full... time to get going... 

'Q' - #xmascountdown

'Q' is for... 
QUITTING... we've all done it... we've all just given up... we've all said "after Xmas/Easter/My birthday 'insert event here' I'll be BACK..." and then lost the run of ourselves only to appear back in class with a lot more to lose than when we started... it's my top tip when people ask me for advice... there will ALWAYS be a family event, births, deaths and marriages... then add birthdays, holidays and calendar events into the mix.. there will always be something... always... but learning how to work around them is the trick... no one said you can't have Xmas dinner and enjoy it, no one said you can't have a selection box or an Easter egg... but learning to enjoy life and enjoy everything in moderation is the key... last week I was on the cusp of throwing in the towel... I know pointing works fro me... I know how to do it, but last week life got in the way and the last thing I wanted to do was count points... or even care about what I was eating... emotions will do that... but like I said on snapchat the other day, giving up is not the answer, the only person your giving up on is yourself and the people who suffer are the people who love YOU the most and want YOU to be happy and healthy! So the doubts creep in... draw a line... and get over it... it's easier to start again right now than next Monday / Month / New year! 

is a quote... one I say over and over again to people who are thinking of just giving up... 

Chicken Quesadillas... SO easy to make and they taste SO good... from the lovely Gina over on! Fantastic recipe to use over left over veg and a filling lunch to boot! 
>>> HERE <<< 

Image ©SkinnyTaste

And for the Quorn lovers... here's an easy pasty from Weight Watchers... >>> HERE <<<  I've tricked my family into thinking they're eating mince with quorn.. the trick is to season it well... and it cuts the ProPoints back in dishes like home made cottage pies or spag bol! If you're unsure, mix half quern and half mince! 

Tescos Nibbles

More savoury fun!!! See with the big 'C' en route... it's all nibble and dips with w G&T ... eek! ... Its my achilles heel to be honest... I LOVE crackers and crisps... so here's some savoury bites from Tesco... x

Tesco Cheese Twists x3 (24g) - 3PP
per 125g bag - 17PP

Tesco Mini Chilli Bruschettas x 13 (25g) - 3PP
90g bag - 10PP

Tesco Mini Snackers Ham & Cheese Crackers x 15 (30g) - 4PP
per 190g bag - 26PP

Tesco 6 Pack Mini Breadsticks per 20g bag - 2PP

Tesco Cheese Bites with Gouda Cheese per 80g bag - 12PP

Tesco Sundried Tomato & Black Olive Breadsticks x 9 stick (25g) - 3PP
Per 100g bag - 12PP

Tesco Chive & Onion Twists x 3 twists (25g) - 3PP
Per 125g bag - 17PP

Tesco Poppy & Sesame Thins 
1 x biscuit - 1PP
2 x biscuits - 1PP
3 x biscuits - 2PP

Tesco Cheese Thins
1 x biscuit - 1PP
2 x biscuits - 1PP
3 x biscuits - 2PP

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