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This week #3 - M.O.T.I.V.A.T.I.O.N

What is MOTIVATION? When you're stumped.. and you can't seem to get into the groove... here's a quick breakdown to give yourself the little push you need...

M - Make a list of reasons WHY you want to lose weight... Why you're doing it? Sometimes you need to see it written down in front of you!

O - Observe those who have already got to goal... they will inspire you.. print off a success story.. get chatting at the meeting.. they will have new tips... they've been where you are!!!

T - Time. Give yourself a time scale.. no ones going to lose 2 stone in a week! Be realistic and be very realistic... take it in small steps.. you will see results!

I - Important... What does this journey mean to you? You being a healthier version of YOU, means you're a healthier mum, sister, wife, friend.. It's important to put yourself first sometimes... if you're at your best for you... then you're at your best for the world.. remember its not a dress rehearsal!

V - Visualise... Put that skinny pic up on the fridge! On your desk... as your screen saver ... on your phone... seeing yourself at the weight you want to be... will mentally put you in the right place... maybe its a dress a size smaller.. hang it up.. take a pic of it and stick it where you can see it... every time you pass it, you'll put the cookies back!

A - Action plan .. You know the programme... you know it works... eat right, move more, sleep, smile, laugh, be kind to your body.. it will repay you with more energy, clearer skin, better moods! Get your plan down and DO IT!

T - Team work... get support... facebook, work, a walking buddy, your ww class, online, twitter.. there are lots of people in the same place as you... they need support too... you can check in once a day or once a month... but just knowing someone is there, will keep you on your toes!

I - Imagine - Losing 1lb a week is 4 stone in a year.. Imagine yourself with that weight gone... see yourself at "that" wedding.. the office Christmas party (no one really wants to wear black from head to toe at Christmas!)... swishing past the "ex" in the sexy maxi dress... imagine how you will feel... and harness that feeling and use it to get yourself going...

O - Onwards - When you've had a bad week.. get over it.. quickly... dwelling on it won't help... you can't UNDO it.. end the week by stepping on the scales and start the week stepping off! Build a bridge and get over it! Move on..

N - New you... That's the goal.. a new healthy you... a better happier version of you.. leave the moody, lethargic, tired you behind and get going!


  1. I love this. Thank you. Do you mind if I print it off and hand it out to my members in my meetings?? (Will credit you of course)

  2. Awesome! I love what you suggest here. Great tips. Thanx! xoxox

  3. @eeeGee Absolutely no problem... its here to share!

  4. Great post, I have responded in my blog. It was just what I needed to get my motivation kick started and get some of this weight off! A great blog, now added to my favourites list :-) Thanks! xx

  5. Love it!! This is something I'll keep coming back to :)


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