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Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.
Sophia Loren

OK... I LOVE italian food... our trips to New York always include a day trip to little Italy! (all day!) We've travelled to Italy many times (thanks Ryanair!) and even got engaged in Milan...and its fair to say my hubby thinks he's in Goodfellas MOST of the time... I digress.. the tomatos, the pasta, the meats, the pesto, the garlic... the garlic bread... swoon... Now most of the time I make my bolognese sauce from scratch and its not hard to do, but time constraints make having the odd jar in the wings quite handy... here's a selection of some out there and how much they'll cost you in ProPoints

Tip - use half the jar and make up the rest with tinned, roasted or ripe tomatoes, halves the ProPoints (and additives!) more for the garlic bread.. ahem!

With the white lasagne sauces .. my advice.. DON'T! They are massively high in ProPoints.. I've attached some links for making a healthy cheese sauce!

These are delicious and at 3 ProPoints for the tub, full of seasoning and with a great selection of flavours, these are great staple for the cupboard!

I'm all for celebs selling their wares, and I'm a bit of a Jamie fan.. this Red Onion and Rosemary sauce comes in at 7 ProPoints for the 350g jar. He does have a lot of different varients, chilli, garlic, etc. I wouldn't use the whole jar unless I was freezing half of it.

Mr. Grossman does some lovely alternative sauces too... with the same ProPoint value as Mr Oliver, 3 ProPoints per 100g (7 ProPoints per jar) its down to personal taste which you choose...

This is a great sauce... its the low fat version... at 3 ProPoints for the whole jar, you can use all of this without breaking the ProPoint bank!

18 ProPoints for the jar.. You heard me... 18! EIGHTEEN!!!! Don't do it!

and if you thought that was bad... this one is 24 ProPoints! Below are links to recipes that would save ProPoints without losing the flavour!

Some online cheese sauce recipes -

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  1. Sophia Loren is goreous...Thanks for sharing those sauces. I've never seen those brands before. I'll be sure to look for those sun dried tomatoes. Yummers.


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