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The difference between Los Angeles and yogurt is that yogurt comes with less fruit.
Rush Limbaugh

With all these Lactobacillus Casei drinkies strengthening our natural defences, and we are being bombarded with them... lowering cholestrol ... boosting our immunity... I often wonder what did we do before all these little pots of wonder came along ... I came across a fat-free version of a favourite... With 1 ProPoint saving per bottle and the same price... you can't really go wrong... the taste is just the same and I mix mine into my smoothies! YUM!

Actimel Strawberry 2 ProPoints per bottle

Actimel Strawberry 0.1% - 1 ProPoint per bottle


  1. Hi there, love the blog, well done on "coming out" and keep up the excellent work with the blog and the weight loss. I just love the skinny doll logo, brilliant.

  2. Love your blog, have started day one of my pro points plan today myself :) So will enjoy following you x


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