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PPPOTD - The skinny on ice cream!

Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone. Jim Fiebig

OK these are for the kids... but at 3 ProPoints per cone, they're not a bad option for the freezer... better than the 5 ProPoints you could spend on a cornetto... and the portion size is already dictated so you can't be "generous" with the scooper! The "fizzy" bit will bring you back to your space dust days!

NOW... THESE are delicious... I just came out of hospital last week and that yucky tube they shove down your throat .. nasty... swallowing was a bit of a problem but these saved the day... at 2 ProPoints each... they have a lovely toffee taste to them and because they are essentially an ice lolly they seem to last for ages! There's 8 in a box... worth annoying your supermarket manager ...

These skinny cow double choc mint ice creams are yum... they're very chocolately.. very minty... and a good size so you don't feel like you're missing out... at 3 ProPoints each & 3 per box.. they are perfect to have in for the summer .. when it finally gets here!

My ProPoints for Ice Cream is filed under the Wheat & Dairy page on the right - but here's some comparisons...

After eight ice cream dessert 100g = 7 pp
Brunch = 6 pp
Carte Dor light ice cream 50g/100ml = 2 pp
Choc ice = 5 pp
Cornetto Classico = 5 pp
Cornetto Strawberry = 5 pp
Crème egg ice cream = 5 pp
Del Monte Iced smoothie (raspberry) = 3 pp
Del Monte Ice Lollies (orange) = 2 pp
Frozen Fruit Pastilles Ice Lolly = 2 pp
Ice berger = 5 pp
Ice cream, low-fat, 1 scoop = 2 pp
Loop the Loop ice pop = 2 pp
Magnum white = 7 pp
Magnum classic = 7 pp
Maxi twist = 5 pp
Mint Cornetto = 5 pp
Skinny Cow Triple Chocolate Brownie Ice cream = 2 pp
Skinny Cow Mint Double Chocolate Ice Cream = 3 pp
Snickers ice cream bar = 6 pp
Solero Exotic = 3 pp
Super split = 2 pp
Twister = 2 pp
Wibbly wobbly wonder = 4 pp


  1. I love that quote about ice cream falling, talk about distraught!

  2. My current fave is the 'Fab' ice lolly - only 2 pp and very refreshing

  3. Hi
    How are you
    Can you tell us where we can buy the skinny cow ice creams?

    Love the blog :o)
    Thank you


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