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Well the clue is in the name folks... SERIOUSLY SATISFYING... this is one of the latest cookbooks from Weight Watchers, who have kindly sent me a copy to review some of the recipes!

Well, as you can see I've read it from cover to cover and already its covered in post it notes.. there are LOADS of yummy recipes in this one! I've got a quite a few cook books from WW, I have my favs and I use them religiously (with the odd Skinny Doll twist od course) others haven't been too inspiring but are dragged out regularly when I'm feeling creative .. some books I've picked up at meetings, some I've bought online and some have been gifts from pals ... Thankfully WW online have updated the old books with the the new ProPoint values so I can still use them, check it out here ... so with the new ProPoints programme I was delighted to get this one to review without having to sit down with the calculator for the afternoon first!

There are 10 sections to choose from including Great Starts, which have a selection of breakfasts varying from smoothies to omelette's, first on my list from this section is the banana bread! Other sections include "Make it Fast" for those eating on the run.. to "Chocolate Heaven" for ... yeah well we all know who that sections for! What I like about it is the variety.. there's recipes to impress, I'm DEFINITELY doing the Strawberry Trifle for the next monster-in-law visit! Ahem... I digress! Thing is... no one's even going to know how good it is for them! There's some SERIOUSLY good family dinners that will leave you ... hate to say it.. SATISFIED! This cookbook does exactly what it says on the tin!

In total there are 130 recipes and each recipe is clearly laid out... As well as the ProPoint value per portion, they also list the total ProPoint value for the whole recipe, which is handy because some of the dinner recipes are great and I'm the kinda gal who would bring some as lunch with heaps of salad the next day.. knowing the total ProPoints makes it easier to do the math!

They've included some tips throughout and the pics are great.. I'm a big fan of seeing the finished product and knowing what it should actually look like.. means I've got something to aspire too! I'm dying to do the Meatball Pasta Bake... lets see if hubby guesses its a WW recipe! Bless!

Another plus with the recipes are the ingredients... there is nothing way out of the ordinary to put on your shopping list... everything is basic, wholesome and tasty and all stuff you might have in the house or it's easy to pick up in the corner shop...

I'll definitely be making some of these like the Cook-Along challenge! I'll post up the results!

Doll x


  1. The meatball pasta bake is great it's the first one I tried! My other half turns his nose up when I tell him I'm cooking a ww recipe but then he has to eat his words when he realises that it's really tasty

  2. I was bummed to find out this isn't available in America. I was ready to buy it!


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