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PPPOTD - Mini me...

Pic Courtesy of the Daily Mail

”Hmm, death by mini-bar. How glamorous.”

George Downes (Rupert Everet) - My Best Friend's Wedding

Firstly .. apologies.. I've been unwell and have had a short visit in hospital (I could still tweet on my phone but blogs were out..) and I have missed my weigh ins (boo!).. but I'll be back on the scales next week in full swing (YAY!), I haven't indulged or been bold.. but my medication has played havoc with my system... but I'm thinking by next week I'll be all sorted... so .. normal service shall resume as of today now I'm up and about...

Now.. where was I.. ah yes... how easily these marketing types think we can be tricked! (as an ex-marketeer I know all the tricks!) Mini... mini = smaller... must mean its better for me... a little of something does you good.. everything in moderation... we know the cliches.. The key here is portion control... WEIGH THE FOOD OUT! I know from meetings and other weight watchers out there that when the words light.. mini.. fat-free... etc etc are on the box... we tend to get a little generous with the portion sizes and out hands get lazy/heavy.. The thing I love about the standard weetabix is the fact that the portion size is already dealt with.. two biscuits are a portion .. end of.. if you want another one.. you add it on.. with these little lovelies.. you must weigh them.. and trust me 40g isn't much when its lurking at the bottom of your bowl... at 4 ProPoints per serving, I think the chocolate ones would be good as a bedtime snack (it may save you from the biscuit tin!) and they are filling so you could go to bed satisfied.. don't forget to add your milk! Doll x

4 ProPoints per 40g serving

4 ProPoints per 40g serving


  1. Oh no, so sorry to hear you've not been well Skinny Doll! I hope you're over whatever it was and are feeling more back to normal.
    I've missed you! xoxox

  2. These things are amazing and ridiculously moreish! Once I pop, I cannot stop! I only buy them once a month cos if not I'd go mad! nice blog! x


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