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I am...

A very stylish blogger!!! Who knew? Quite chuffed am I!!!

Here are the "rules" of the award:

• Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you

• Share seven things about yourself

• Award 15 bloggers and tell them you have done it.

SO here goes...

A big thanks to Jayne from Janyes Kitchen for nominating me... Check her out she's got some great recipes and tips on her blog HERE

15 new bloggers who inspire me, make me laugh & teach me new things...

1 - Olivia -
2 - Hayley -
3 - Tracy -
4 - Hollie -
5 - Kenz -
6 - Paula -
7 - Alan -
8 - Lyn -
9 - Chubby Girls -
10 - AFG -
11 - Mrs FatAss -
12 - Heather -
13 - Tina -
14 - Diane -
15 - Gina -
16 - Thunder thighs -
17 - Cara -

(I know that's 17 but I follow so many it was hard to pick!)

and lastly 7 things about me...

1 - I'm not really sure where I'm from! I was raised in Sydney, Australia, we then moved to Ireland to Kilkenny when I was a teenager, after high school, I went to Uni in London where I lived for a while, then moved to Dublin, met my man & have been here ever since... regularly get itchy feet to swan off and live somewhere else .. stay tuned!

2 - I'm an only child, my mum is the eldest of 12 children and my dad is in the middle of 10! I've 64 cousins on one side of my family... I think this is why people think I've lots of siblings... I'm probably due a diva moment!

3 - I LOVE VW bugs... I've got a 1973 convertible left hand drive from Mexico, it was my first car and my dad still has it.. I now drive ... yep.. a new beetle.. hubby is crazy into them also... we were both big fans before we met.. aw... We had a love bug wedding cake (cheese alert!)

4 - My husband is partially deaf and I had to learn sign language after we met when I knew I'd fallen for him...

5 - I'm a graphic designer by trade... I LOVE my job.. I work for myself as a freelancer now and its only getting better!

6 - I wanted to be pilot when I left school and qualified for a place but my dad talked me out of it... might have been a good move!

7 - I'm a closet crochet geek! THAT'S all I'm saying about that! ;)

Doll x


  1. Aww thank you so much hunni - you've made my day :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks for the award! We have so much in common! Parents from huge families, graphic designer recently gone freelance, my first car was a 76 yellow bug, I married a Scotsman (close!) I look forward to following you from now on!

  3. Ummm, where do I begin??? First of all, thanks for bending the rules and adding me as #16 on a list that should only be 15 long!!! Now THAT makes me feel special!!!!!! I haven't gotten a blog award in quite a while!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

    Secondly, I freaking love the look of your blog!!!! I don't know if you saw my response to your comment on my blog, but I'm going to say it again - that's practically a pic of me! Thunder thighs unite!!!

    And thirdly, you are pretty much what I would want to be! I wish I was from a bigger family. I love Beetles, but the closest I've ever gotten to actually owning one is all the toy models I have. I WISH I knew sign language! And I think it'd be awesome to grow up in different countries!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your link!! I'm looking forward to following you!

  4. Thank you so much for the award! I love Holly Go'Lightly... love that pic!

  5. I'm a crochet nerd too, though it's not quite closeted. :D And the love bug wedding cake is pretty adorable, lol.


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