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Well its been quite a week... I have come out... not of the closet you might think... I've peeped out of the cave I was hiding in .. and shown my friends where I really am... and it turns out .. they are even MORE amazing that I thought they were.. who knew... So everyone ... here's my alter ego... and she's even happier to know you than I am!

Putting yourself out there is very easy when no one in the big wide world really knows you.. telling those nearest and dearest can be one of the hardest things to do... you wonder how they will react.. you judge them on your worst experiences with friends who didn't last (even though you know in your heart and soul that they would never be like that) .. you're nervous... you're concerned.. what if you fail at this.. what will they think of you then... what if they treat you differently... will you always wonder what if??? Sometimes a step of bravery is what you need.. and also a little push (you know who you are!)... In the last few weeks I chose not to fib to my friends about being in hospital, and to come clean on The Skinny Doll and my personal struggle... no more "I'm fine", "I'm busy", "don't worry about me... silly" and guess what.. something else to add to my CV... I'm a great judge of character! This group of friends have amazed me with their response... and now.. I've got even MORE support ... exactly where I need it..

Maybe today is the day to set that wheel in motion.. when you don't feel like you.. you think no one will care.. that you're not important enough... I mean really... who do you think you are? ... when your self esteem is in the gutter.. you wonder how anyone can care.. you will be pleasantly surprised ... they do .. and sometimes they are afraid and possibly don't know how to show it, they don't want to offend... and don't know how to approach you, but they care and they really want to be there for you ... Nothing can help more than the support of people you trust and love.. remember we choose our friends and they choose us! To my new readers... WELCOME!


  1. Hello! I'm a new reader but not from your "real life" I found you via WW_UK tweets. Sometimes it takes a lot to reveal the true "you", I know that from experience and it's something that I struggle with a lot, so well done you! I hope it makes things easier for you. MacGirl xx

  2. Hello there. Nice to find your fun blog. I can completely understand your's the same reason I have not shared my blog site with friends from medical school...for fear or mockery and shame, although there's nothing to be ashamed about. Weight is such a personal and private matter. I am happy that you were able to share this with your readers.

  3. Thanks for sharing this , and it is true it is scary to put yourself out there. Bravo for doing it ,one step at a time is all I can handle. Lovely Blog !!!


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