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Weight Watchers magazine has a "new look!" and its really really good!

Magazine taste is very personal! When you invest in a magazine you really want to feel like you're getting value for you money, not like a freebie trashy mag you pick up at the dentist or something that's been stuffed in the middle of the Sunday papers... As a regular Weight Watchers Magazine reader... I read and re-read my mag all month! I cut out recipes.. post quote to friends... stick motivating success stories on the fridge! So when the "new look" June issue landed on the door step I was intrigued...

The new look WW mag doesn't disappoint! it seems more tactile (did you guys change the paper?), better quality... it DOES look and feel quite luxurious, the page layouts are clean and fresh... really clear and clean and not cluttered.. which I love... and the cover isn't SCREAMING with lots of confusing headlines... BTW the cover girl looks amazing too... LOVIN' the dress.. The first stop was the contents page and this is very nicely done, I hate when it takes you longer to find what your looking for on the contents than it would to just flick through the mag itself! The breakdown is clear and the colour coding is nice and fresh... and that continues through the mag with nice little tabs, which stopped me in my tracks (literally!) I was on the tram yesterday... cute little idea..

The first thing I read when I get my monthly mag is the success stories... they are SO motivating! (something I'm always in need of!) and the mix is great.. the best thing is the variety of losses... if you have 1 stone or 5 stone to lose.. there is someone in there you can relate too.. and the super honesty really makes you realise you're not the only one with a closet crisp addiction ..

One of the best things about the recipe sections was the cost per portion breakdown.. something which can really determine whether you cook a recipe or not... many times you can look at a recipe and think,"yeah it looks nice but it looks like a pricey meal" which most of the time they're not.. its very clever... The pics of the recipes are great too... I'm the kinda chef (don't let Nigella hear me say that!) who likes to see exactly what I should be making and some of these look like they're straight out of a restaurant! YUMMY!

Only thing I miss is the Food Swaps page ... something I personally loved... I liked being able to see how much I could get for my ProPoints and we all know we eat with our eyes! The shopping guide is great at the back... it lists all the products throughout the magazine and the ProPoint value... the "what's cooking" section is good for someone like me who loves cooking...

The weekly food plan is great too.. laid out clearly .. you can still tear it out and stick it on the fridge and not miss anything... a small suggestion would be a little shopping list on the side... (just being picky!)

Overall the new look is fresh and appetising, it includes all the WW essentials (menus, success stories etc..) but lots more... wine comparisons... Health issues... and fashion tips... and I got the boost of motivation I needed! Job done!


  1. Brilliant......I'm going to grab the new copy in my meeting tomorrow! Looking forward to reading it now!
    Nicole J

  2. Hmmmmm, looks like a must read! I wonder if I can download it on my Nook Color?

  3. I didn't get mine in the mail yet! Now I want it lol thanks for sharing! I absolutely LOVE WW mag although it stinks that it doesn't come every month. It really is full of good stories and helpful tips and recipes!


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