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Later = Never!

Anyone stuck in the 'I'll wait till...' zone... 

Anyone? Own up! I'm currently not going to my pool because the kids pool is broken and the ankle biters are all in the adult pool till school is back... even typing that sounds stupid!  The pool is open all day and it's not full of kids all day but I'm using it as an excuse to get out of swimming till it's empty again.. ridiculous! 

Excuses are the death of success... and we're all so good at them... a classic excuse is 'it's raining' it's ALWAYS raining here... how are we not used to it!?! As far as I know no one has dissolved in this country yet! 

We can do a lot of damage in 2 weeks, but if we're on holidays and enjoying it then it's all good... but lazin' around waiting for the next 'monday' to pass us by we'll never truly be back on the wagon and that's where the damage gets done! 

I've done this so many times... but this time even when I've been stuck, really stuck, I've not just abandoned ship... not any more because before when I decided I'd wait for the next 'Monday' to come along, I've gained every pound back and more! 

So, take a few baby steps today to just keep yourself afloat until you're back in the driving seat again... x 

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