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Dairy free spreads...

I hate avocado... I know, I know... many will unfollow in shock, but I've never really got to grips with the texture of it.. and I've tried the mashing, blending, spreading approaches but in it's natural form it's just not for me... So I really wanted to try the new avocado spread from Low Low when i saw it, hoping it wouldn't result in me pulling THAT face and whinging...  This new spread has all the healthy goodness of avocados without the messy mushy bits... stop judging me! 

Half an avocado is 5SP and a teaspoon of avocado oil is 1SP so it's really good for you and a very healthy oil to add to your diet... as is coconut oil which is all the rage now! Dairy free too!

You can cook and bake with them too, so I'll be trying these out on those new recipes from the WW Sweet cookbook!  Tangent: I'm baking a weekly 'Great British Bake Off' treat from the new WW Sweet cookbook to watch Mary Berry, CANNOT WAIT! (starts tomorrow, set record people!) 
So I'll be trying these out on those recipes too! 

Definitely worth a look at these if you can't say goodbye or really just miss butter... both are really creamy and do the 'melty' thing on toast... Just to compare, 10g of butter - 4SP

Anyone tried them yet?

Low Low coconut Spread per 10g - 2 SP

Low Low avocado spread per 10g - 2 SP

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