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You all know how I feel about buying local product and supporting your local businesses... 
Fresh and local are the best way to eat your food if you can... I've had this range on here before, back in the old ProPoint days, but just like Weight Watchers, Edelicious have had a little make over too! 
So here's the new SPs for the range! 

They are as delicious as the name suggests and are freshly handmade in Ireland... Each pack is 400g, so you'll get 4 portions out of each one! Compared to some of the over processed jars you get, these are streets ahead! Anything that lasts until 2019 in a jar in your cupboard really isn't good for you! The bolognese one is perfect if you haven't time to whip up a dinner... get our pasta on and 5SP for the lot! You wouldn't even have to share that! 

You can pick them up in your local SuperValu store in the Food Academy section... 


Edelicious Fresh Chilli Con Carne cooking sauce
per 100g - 2SP
per 400g pouch - 7SP

Edelicious Fresh Mild Coconut Curry cooking sauce
per 100g - 4SP
per 400g pouch - 18SP

Edelicious Fresh Bolognese cooking sauce
per 100g - 1SP
per 400g pouch - 5SP

Edelicious Fresh Satay cooking sauce
per 100g - 6 SP
per 400g - 22SP

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