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Whatever the problem is...

Nope... There are no answers in the fridge! I've looked! 

The fridge is somewhere we can run away to when we really REALLY can't run anywhere! Wouldn't you love to just grab your bag and passport some days and just book the first plane outta here? 

Being a grown up means, mortgages, bills, work, commitments, children, families... the list goes on... 9 times out of 10, we come last on that list and we think the only person listening to us lives in the freezer...We've all got those two pals Ben & Jerry yeah?!

I'm a HUGE emotional eater... 


I'm snookered! Being bulimic and binge eating just makes my fridge (and also, FYI, my car!) my BFF! It's always there for me... it doesn't judge me... and it all tastes good... Does it make me feel any better? Hell no... it just keeps calling until I eat everything that's in sight and makes me sick! 

That empty void can't be filled with ice cream or cake or chocolate... That anger can't be tamed with toast and cheese... sure it keeps it quiet when your chewing, but when its all finished and all the food is gone, you're still going to be angry, sad, hurt (insert relative emotion here) and feeling sick as a pig with a sugar hangover incoming!

It's the way we've been brought up too... there's as much damage to be done diet wise at a funeral, as there is at a wedding... We celebrate with food, we all get together and share dinners, brunches, our lives revolve around food and that's a very important thing for our culture and us as people... Our mothers comforted us with food, when we were sad, food cheered us up... but some of us (ME!) didn't learn to detach from those feelings...

So how do we get around it? Honestly if you're feeling miserable, lock yourself in the bathroom and have a bloody good cry! It genuinely is a great idea! Get outside and walk it out... When you listen to your favourite song walking outside, your head calculates things better... If you're wallowing in your emotions sitting on the couch, you'll hear the food screaming from the kitchen! We all know how loud a tub of ice cream can be!

If you've got something on your mind, write it down somewhere, seeing it on paper takes if out of your head and puts it somewhere safe but it's not between your two ears for a little while... Tell someone, someone who will understand, a counsellor, a friend, a sibling, someone who will listen (even if it sounds so silly!) and you know the old saying 'a problem shared is a problem halved!' it's SO true!

To really fight the demons in the fridge, just remember you stock it! Like I always say if you don't buy the junk, it's not in the house you can't eat it! Same with your emotional health... Surround yourself with positive people, people from your class, in a FB group, a colleague in work, people who want only the best for you and try to not over think everything (not as easy as it sounds!) and remember if you're listening to your favourite tune to cheer yourself up, wearing headphones means you won't hear the biscuit tin calling! 


  1. Love this post, its so me & you're so right about ALL OF IT :-)

    Great post Doll (as always) xxx

  2. Well said.............

  3. Hey Doll

    I need help. I've spent a small fortune on Maggi's 3 minute noodles because i pointed them in a hurry in the shop and somehow done it wrong, thought they were a lot lower but i cant figure out what the actual smart point-age of them is? Can you help me please? My waist band and pocket will thank you. :)


    1. Have you got the nutritional info... email me the pack and I'll have a look... :)


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