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Sometimes it's hard to change up lunches, salads and sandwiches can get a little dull... I'm a huge gherkin fan... I'd eat them straight from the jar, picked onions too... so here's some relishes out there to mix things up a bit... I can't recommend The Scullery Cucumber Pickle highly enough, if you're a fan like me , definitely try it out... I picked up mine in Tesco... Stock up on these beauties before the winter shelves get stocked! x 

Note: the jar sizes in LIDL vary

The Scullery Corn Relish 
per 320g jar - 23SP
per 20g portion - 1 SP

The Scullery Cucumber pickle - one of my FAVS! 
per 320g jar - 12SP
per 20g portion - 1 SP

LIDL, Deluxe Irish Sweetcorn Relish
per 320g jar - 17SP
per 20g - 1SP

LIDL, Deluxe Irish Chargrilled red pepper Relish
per 320g jar - 15SP
per 20g - 1SP

LIDL, Batts Deluxe Plougmans Plum Chutney
per 275g jar - 19SP
per 20g - 1SP

LIDL, Batts Deluxe Tomato & Chilli Chutney
per 290g jar - 29SP
per 20g - 2SP

LIDL, Batts Deluxe Caramelised Onion Chutney
per 325g jar - 53SP
per 20g - 3SP

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