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It's a new dawn... it's a new day...

Today is not just "another Monday"... it's the first Monday of a brand new month... it's the start of a brand new week... and it's the first Monday of your successful weight loss journey... 

It's time to forget the last few weeks, the last few starts, what's done is done... We can't change the past... Regretting gains, or thinking that you didn't try hard enough won't make any difference to the outcome, we are still standing here and todays weight is our start line... regardless of what 'coulda, shoulda, woulda' been, this is our starting point... Letting the past go and taking that big leap of faith today and believing yourself is really possible! We can make good decisions starting right now, we can set mini goals... set targets to reach and know that if we're realistic we can get them all! 

The past is in the past and it's best to leave it right there... Set yourself the task today of setting the goals you really want that you know you can achieve down on paper... take 10 / 20 however many  minutes you need to just write down what you really want... REALLY want... and promise yourself you'll do whatever it takes, because you CAN... We've got the power in our hands so lets take control of 2016 and give the rest of the year a run for it's money! 

I'm just gonna leave this here... x

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  1. Hi Doll,
    It sound like you have had some hiccups but like you say ,it is a new month so let us all get back on track.
    I had some weekends away, not such a good idea when you want to eat healthily but put on some pounds and managed to get them off for last Sunday so I got my 28 pounds fridge magnet, yay!:-)
    Last night we also booked a week away in September, so looking forward to that, just hope I dare wear a swimming cossy this time.
    Hope to see you more often, I love your way of writing and it keeps me going. Thank you Doll x


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