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Flippin' hell!

OK forget Valentines day.. secretly aren't we all really looking forward to PANCAKE HEAVEN DAY!?!?!?!? mmmmmmmmmmm

I love pancakes, which often surprises me as I really don't have a sweet tooth.. chocolate doesn't really bother me but if I thought there was a bag of crisps somewhere on the premises I'd HUNT them down! It must be the carbs.. or that kinda breakfast feeling you get with pancakes or probably the fact that its only one day a year, like Christmas and we lose the run of ourselves! This might help when you got shopping!

First up the ready made's...

Tesco mini American style pancakes - 1PP each
(and they mean MINI!)

Tesco Raisin & Lemon pancakes - 3PP each

Sunblest pancakes - 3PP each
Slightly larger than the Tesco Raisin ones above...

Mothers Pride pancakes - 2PP each
again the smaller thicker type

Tesco Chocolate filled pancakes - 4PP each
You heard me! They're are individually wrapped if that's ANY consolation!

Tesco LARGE pancakes - 4PP each
the larger crepe style... 

Tesco American style pancakes - 3PP each
again the smaller thicker type

Galberts Mini-pancakes - 27PP for the bag!
These evil things are in the fridge section near the yoghurts.. WALK AWAY!

Galberts large pancakes - 29PP for the pack
100g - 5PP, its roughly 4PP per pancake (rounding up)

Galberts large pancakes - 33PP for the pack - 100g - 11PP

Aldi American Style Pancakes are 2PP
Pat the Baker pancakes are 3PP

THE 'mix it yourself' BATTERS

Tip on the ready mixes - you can lose the PP for the egg if you just use the egg white to bind it.. and 2 egg whites are better than !!  

Betty Crocker pancake mix - 15PP for the pack - 3PP per pancake
You just add water to this mix so no additional PP for milk or eggs!
I'm making these over the weekend I shall report! Good old betty!

Tesco Pancake Mix - 12PP for the pack - BUT....
They are made with milk so you have to add those ProPoints...

Odlums Pancake Flour - 10PP per 100g of dry mix, 
remember with these you have to add the points for your egg and milk

Odlums 'Quick Pancakes" American Style - 33PP for the pack
Again you have to add your ProPoints for the milk... 


I've pointed out three recipes that are pretty basic... 

First one is the Weight Watchers recipe and to be honest its simple and for 3PP you can't go wrong..  like bread its not the pancake but what you put on them.. 

Weight Watchers ProPoint Pancakes
4 large pancakes - 3PP

Whisk together 120g plain flour, 1 large egg, pinch of salt and 1/2 pint of slimline milk until smooth
Spray your pan with 1 cal spray oil
Pour in small amounts of your mixture to thinly cover the pan
As the batter cooks it will start to come away from the edge of the pan and will slide more easily
Toss the pancake or turn over and cook the other side!

This one is for portion control.. have 3 large or 12 small.. same PP value!

Homemade pancake mix
140g plain flour - 13PP
3 eggs - 6PP
200 semi-skinned milk - 3PP


12 small pancakes at 2PP each
6 regular pancakes at 4PP each
3 large pancakes at 8PP each

This is from one of the Weight Watchers cookbooks and how I love my pancakes! 
Pancakes with Nutella and Banana 
ProPoints® Value: 6 Servings: 4

125 g Flour, Wheat, White, Plain, sifted, 
1 medium Egg, Whole 
300 ml Milk, Skimmed 
5 spray(s) Cooking Spray, Calorie Controlled, 
for the filling; 
8 teaspoons Nutella 
2 medium Banana, peeled and sliced thinly 

To make the pancakes, place the flour in a bowl and make a well in the centre. Crack the egg into the well and stir, gradually drawing in the flour. When the mixture is thick, add the milk a little at a time until you have a smooth batter – sieve the mixture if there are any lumps.

Spray a small non-stick pan with low fat cooking spray and heat until hot. Add a tbsp of batter and swirl to the edges of the pan. Cook over a medium heat for 1-2 mins until set and beginning to brown on the underside (lift the edge of the pancake to check). Flip and cook for a further 1 minute until brown. Remove from the pan, keep warm and repeat to make 8 pancakes.

Spread half of each pancake with a tsp of nutella, scatter over a few slices of banana, fold in half and serve 2 per person.


The usual suspects...
Chocolate Spread 15g - 2PP
Nutella 15g - 2PP
Sugar, 1 teaspoon - 1PP
Fresh Lemon Juice - 0PP
Honey, 1 heaped teasp - 1PP
Jam, 1 heaped teasp - 1PP
Butter, 2 teasp, 10g - 2PP
Low Fat spread, 2 tease, 10g - 1PP

Best of all.. FRUIT is free.. so even if you had a pile of berries and a scoop of ice-cream it would still be good!

The top ten fillings are here... and you really can be very creative!

Remember you can have savoury pancakes too... but just be careful with the portion sizes.. if you're going to have them instead of your main meal and lets face it ... most of us have them as an extra on the day... then add ham.. cheese... chicken.. crab ... goats cheese.. the list is endless as pancakes are there to be dressed up.. just remember to point them!!!!  aaannnndddddd... spinach.. grated carrot.. onion.. mushrooms.. all your veg and all your spices are FREE!

And whatever happens.. enjoy a pancake.. life's too short not to have a bit of fun flippin' in the kitchen and squirting a bit of lemon!

Happy Pancake Day..

Doll x


  1. I do love a pancake, I can't believe the PP in those little mini ones, I saw those in the shop today! Might actually have pancakes instead of tea and have soup for lunch that day, at least I can enjoy them then! Thanks for the recipes :)

  2. Pancake Day is totally the best day of the year other than Christmas and my birthday. >:3 I do love me a good pancake - butter and maple-syrup drenched. But I can't stand "English" pancakes! Those wee thin crêpe-y style things aren't pancakes, haha! Mum always made us the lovely thick ones. With butter and jam as toppings, and then maple syrup when we moved to America (a habit I've brought back with me, alas - I can go through half a bottle on four pancakes!).

    But wow, some of those PPs are ASTOUNDINGLY high. How much sugar are they putting in there?!

  3. Hi The Skinny Doll

    I heard of your blog from my WW leader, what a brilliant blog. I'm a WW gold member for the last 4.5 years, I lost over 2 stone on the original WW points plan and have never looked back. I still attend my weekly weigh in/meeting as it keeps me on a straight road (there has been a few left & right turns on the way but as my leader says build a bridge & get over it). Looking forward to dipping in & out of your blog.

  4. Yummy yummy.. I know we can make pancakes anytime.. but its still exciting to have some on pancake Tuesday :) can't wait :)


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