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High point pots!

You may have spotted these in the Supermarket near the soups in the fridge section... These are a kind of ready made meal from Cully & Sully... the good thing about these are the ingredients.. there's very few additives and the veg are all present and correct.. and I tried the Chicken Curry one and I didn't have to go looking for the chicken! These are emergency dinners... the 'I'm running late.. just back from the gym.. STARVING! Both Chicken options come in at 8 PP if you have your zero PP veg all set you can make a yummy dinner... The Pasta version is double that at 16PP! For the same portion size! Use your smarts kids!

Doll x

The Cheeky Chicken Curry is 8PP for the 400g tub

A Mighty Mexican Chilli Con Carne is 12PP for the 400g tub

The Scrumptious Pasta Bolognaise is 16PP for the 400g tub
DOUBLE both the chicken varieties!!!

A Comfy Chicken Casserole is 8PP for the 400g tub

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