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Feb 24, 2011


Ah yes... magnificent weigh in number 7! More proof that if you track.. properly and follow the rules you lose weight! Down 2 lbs this week and a propoint taken from my daily allowance, which I'm ok with.. being so overweight I've got a few to play with anyway.. I suspect it will get harder as the daily amount goes down.. but its a magnificent day! Back on track with a total loss for February 5.5lbs! Go me!


  1. Whoohoo! Go you. :) You're doing really well, bet you're feeling pretty pleased with yourself.

  2. your doing so well - love hearing ur losses :)

    startd myself on monday - so fingers crossed


  3. Well done! Another great loss, keep it up :o) xx

  4. Well done! I'm pleased to see all these success stories as I've just joined so hopeful to loose some weight now! I have a food blog and I've put the pro points values on some of the recipes with more to come now that I am a fully fledged weight watcher! If you want to have a look to see if there's anything you fancy it's
    Well done again! Jayne

  5. Well done. I have never had my points recalculated, just been to my 10th sesion and have lost a lb or 20 :)

  6. @space_cowboy your leader should tell you.. far as I can tell you lose a point for every 7 lbs... (EEK!)