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Aug 29, 2019

Overnight Oats from Flahavan's...

Spotted these on my supermarket sweep and as a fan of overnight oats, I'm not sure I'd buy into the marketing on these... I suppose if you wanted to get all the pumpkin & sunflower seeds already in there and didn't want the hassle of doing that yourself then it's ok... I usually weigh out my oats and 40g sees me through the day with the greek yoghurt and a load of fruit but the portion sizes on these are 45g so I've done out the SPs for both... anyone tried them? x

Flahavan's Overnight Oats
Apple & Raspberry
per 40g - 5SP
per 45g - 5SP

Flahavan's Overnight Oats
Apple & Raspberry
per 40g - 5SP
per 45g - 6SP

Aug 27, 2019

Eden Veggie Range

Eden is a new vegetarian/vegan range of burgers, sausages and plant based snacks. I tried the cauliflower bites and they were delicious but I love anything with a bit of curry flavour! I took these pics in Dunnes Stores... Anyone tried the range yet? x

Eden - Beetroot & Kale Burger
per 120g burger - 4SP
2 burgers - 8SP

Eden - Curried Cauliflower Burger
per 120g burger - 4SP

Eden - Garden Vegetable Burger
per 120g burger - 4SP

Eden - Spinach & Feta Burger
per 120g burger - 5SP

Eden - Curried Cauliflower Bites
per 80g, 4 bites - 2SP
Full pack, 240g, 12 bites - 7SP

Eden - Perfectly Plant Based Sausages
per 45g sausage - 2SP
2 sausages - 4SP

Aug 22, 2019

'Big Night In' sauces from Hellman's

Some new sauces from Hellman's to add a bit of garlic/spice to your dinners! A lil' drizzle can change up your home made pizza or kebab... I find dinners can get a bit dull sometimes and it's all down to the spices I add... Anyone else tried these? x

Hellman's, Big Night In
Chicken Chilli BBQ Sauce
15g - 1SP
30g - 1SP
45g - 2SP

Hellman's, Big Night In
Pizza Chilli Garlic Sauce
15g - 1SP
30g - 3SP
45g - 4SP

Hellman's, Big Night In
Mexican Spicy Sauce
15g - 1SP
30g - 3SP
45g - 4SP

Hellman's, Big Night In
Kebab Tzatziki Sauce
15g - 1SP
30g - 2SP
45g - 3SP

Aug 20, 2019

Fitzgerald Pizza Bases...

A new addition to the Fitzgerald's Family Bakery... Skinny Italian Pizza Bases... 
I'm a big fan of their bagels and I use their wraps as my pizza bases now so I'm gonna give these a try! Lash on some passata, all the zero SP veggies you love, bacon medallions, chicken breast garlic, herbs, chilli flakes, whatever you fancy and you'd have a very low SP pizza that you don't have to share with anyone! Anyone tried them yet? 

Fitzgerald's Family Bakery Skinny Italian Pizza Bases 
per 90g base - 8SP

Aug 8, 2019

Califa Cold Brew!

I'm a huge ice coffee fan... especially in America where they have ALL the flavour combinations known to man! Spotted these in my local supermarket, I use the unsweetened almond milk in my porridge and it makes it lovely and creamy... These I'm dying to try! Anyone tasted them yet? x

Califa Salted Caramel Cold Brew Coffee
per 310ml bottle - 5SP

Califa Salted Mocha Noir Cold Brew Coffee
per 310ml bottle - 4SP

Califa Salted XX Espresso Cold Brew Coffee
per 310ml bottle - 4SP

Aug 6, 2019

Fridge Raiders

Fridge Raiders are lil packs of cheese bite with beans, puffed rice and nuts spiced up...
I spotted these 4 different flavour packs in the fridge section at my local Dunnes Stores... If you have a savoury tooth they're handy for snacks on the go and loads more protein than a bag of crisps! 
Anyone tried them? x 

Fridge Raiders BBQ Mix per 40g pack - 5SP

Fridge Raiders Chilli Mix per 40g pack - 4SP

Fridge Raiders Honey BBQ Mix per 40g pack - 6SP

Fridge Raiders Sea Salt & Pepper Mix per 40g pack - 5SP

Aug 1, 2019

Ruby KitKat

This appeared in my house when I was recovering... pink chocolate! I mean anyone who knows me, knows I'm a sucker for anything pink so challenge accepted! This was SO sweet... I struggled to eat one finger of it! If you're decorating a cake or doing a fancy dessert and wanted to add a finger of it it would look very cool... if you have a super sweet tooth you'll love it... I'm a savoury kinda gal, gimme my crisps any day... one fifth of it is pure sugar! eek! x

KitKat made with Ruby Cocoa beans - 11SP