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Jan 31, 2011


Pizza is one of the ultimate fast foods – it’s quick, it’s tasty, it’s a whole meal in one. It can be a high ProPoints value option. Use the information below, and check out how choosing a different pizza base can make all the difference and some low ProPoints value options when you’re eating out.

Per Slice

Domino's: Cheese & Tomato, medium crust = 4pp
Domino's: Chicken Feast, thin crust = 5pp
Domino's: Americano, thin crust = 7pp
Domino's: Meateor, regular crust = 7pp

For more nutritional information check out -

Pizza Express: Margherita, sixth of whole pizza = 3pp
Pizza Express: Quattro Formaggi, sixth of whole pizza = 3pp
Pizza Express: Sloppy Giuseppe, sixth of whole pizza = 4pp
Pizza Express: Salsiccia Romana, sixth of whole pizza = 5pp

Pizza Hut: Chicken Supreme, Italian style = 6pp
Pizza Hut: Farmhouse, medium pan = 7pp
Pizza Hut: Hawaiian, medium pan = 7pp
Pizza Hut: BBQ Deluxe, stuffed crust = 10pp

Practise Piling On
Go for colourful toppings of fresh vegetables such as green, red or yellow peppers, broccoli or tomato slices. But be aware that some pizza restaurants sauté their vegetable toppings in oil. Make sure to ask and add any extra ProPoints values for the oil, if necessary, or ask them to cook the vegtables in an alternative way.

Ditch The Crust
The crust-leavers of the world have the right idea. Most regular pizza crusts are made of enriched white flour, so if your local pizzeria offers a wholegrain crust, it's a wiser choice.

If you're going for the home made option, all you need is a flat tortilla wrap... passata sauce and GO FOR IT!! Loads of peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, onion.. plenty of 0pp veg, (tip - fry your onions in a non stick pan to soften them first) ... Want to add some meat - use the wafer think ham for volume if you like ham, chicken sausages grilled and sliced on top are yum, turkey bacon is another good choice. For the cheese lovers - low low cheese and grate it really finely you'll get more cheese for your buck! Laughing cow extra light can be used but you need to spread it on your base BEFORE you add your tomatoes, it gives that cheese flavour without all those extra points.

Jan 24, 2011


Down 5.5lbs! OK, OK... so i may be made of pure fruit right now but clearly something is working better here.. less additives .. more fruit.. plenty water... and generally taking care of ME! Just shows since January 1st.. I've lost 10.5lbs! That's a medium sized bowling ball... Just by ditching the stress and focusing on me for a short amount of time has made such a big difference... just gotta keep believing I'm worth it!!!!

Jan 20, 2011


This has been a major concern of mine ... and this has happened with previous weight loss attempts .. sabotage. People in your life, who really don't want you to lose weight... why? Whats the motive behind it? I'm finding out that people who I respect and admire are in on the act and I can't understand why? Is it a jealousy thing? Is being the fat friend really compulsory? are they happy that they've got me in a niche in their lives and now are afraid that my personality will change? I won't be the funny, jolly friend to stand outside changing rooms reassuring them of their looks? Its quite extraordinary and totally surprising. And its the people I suspected the least! People with a lot of weight to lose themselves... who should understand! I suppose once I address my problem its going to make them face THEIRS! If I change then they will have to face up to their situation... Is it a case of having to move on without them? To stand up and fight the fight and to hell with them? I'm really unsettled by this. Its brought up flaws in characters which I didn't even know existed. There will be more investigation into this... I'm saddened by the reactions of some..

Jan 13, 2011


and guess who's DOWN! You heard me.. DOWN.. 4lbs.. AMAZING... and I wasn't even hungry!! Its proof again that if you just LISTEN to your body and what it wants.. sigh.. I'm so determined now... I BEAMED getting off that scales today! 4 POUNDS! AND.. AND.. AND.. I got my first silver 7! Half a stone since the week before Christmas! WHY haven't I done this before.. WHY haven't I followed diets? WHY have I always jumped.. NO.. STAGE DIVED.. onto the bandwagon? WHY do I always let the number on the scale dictate my life? This week I ate well.. I ate healthily.. I wasn't hungry, there was lots of variety and I FELT well!!! I felt better than I ever would after binge eating.. that sugar hangover that I've suffered from.. that nauseous feeling when you KNOW you've overdone it.. compared to this... I need to hang onto how this feels cause I'm motivated beyond belief!!! It really is 2011 = KABOOM!
Watch doll go! x

Jan 9, 2011

New Pro Points..

Firstly, lets begin with a weigh in !!! I was down 1lb after the Christmas break which cheered me up no end! YAY! I'm now eating more consciously! go me!

AND ... the big swap has occured! We are now on the pro-points system... and it's a lot to take in ... even though the system remains the same, you know counting points.. and tracking ... everything that I've learned up to now has completely changed.. so things I automatically know as having 1pt or 3 pts may now have 2 or even 5 points instead... PLUS the amount per day has changed AND we get an extra 49 points a week as a bonus! Go figure! It's going to take some time to get used to it ... I think the key is to totally forget the old programme and not compare the two and just learn the new 'pro points system' as a completely new system... exciting stuff.. MASSIVE bonus is fruit is FREE!!! YAY! ... The principle of how it works is THIS system works on the benefits of the food you eat.. so you're not eating a 3pt snack that's actually full of additives and more of the foods with lower points will be lower in fat and higher in protein and fibre...

So the new pack looks like this ...

with an easy break down of popular items listed and pointed to ease you into the programme...

including a "typical" days food for someone on 29 pro points...

and a section on how your earned "bonus points" work into the programme...

complete with an eating out section...

great recipes...

which has a full listing of foods and their pro-point value...

The new and improved tracker...

A seriously useless gadget for working out how many pro points are in foods with labels.. best to invest in a new calculator next week!

Lots of reading for Doll to do! I was sent a great recipe for banana ice cream which I'll post later and its 0pts and DELISH! Here's to the first week and getting closer to goal!

Doll x

Jan 4, 2011

Life is a catwalk...

One of my new years quests (there's no resolutions to see here.. step away.. step away..) was to "put it about" a bit more ;-) .. all those in the gutter please REMOVE yourselves! The reverb10 experiment made me realise how I've hidden away from the world and how much I badly need to get back out there.. so.. tonight .. I'm off to book club... and ALREADY (this actually started last night with a full scale fashion show!), I'm realising how self-conscious I've become... I watch EVERYONE! Its actually getting kinda tiring! I'm constantly worried that my top isn't long enough to cover my enormous belly, I rarely go out of my comfort zone fashion wise.. once I realise something works.. I stick with it.. also the fact that I've got so many clothes that just don't fit me... they hang there gazing at me... TAUNTING me! Well tonight.. its slap on a bit of lippy and hit the pub, on a school night I KNOW!!! I want to look stylish.. and I want to wear cute boots with heels... I'm NOT this self-conscious person I've become.. I'm outgoing and happy with who I am.... This fat chick is drowning me and I gotta show her who's boss! Whatever it takes to kick this butt into gear has to be done.. my actions are of a person who just doesn't care.. but I'm more conscious of my body than ever.. I think about weight and diets and points constantly but act like I can't be bothered to change... 2011.. can you hear me!?!?!?

Jan 3, 2011

We're going PRO ..

so the rumours are true... and we are going pro... the points system is changing, well it has changed pretty much every where on the planet apart from Ireland! Sigh.. bring on Thursday.. 1st weigh in of the year... A number on the scale I'll never see again... I'm not expecting too much... if I stayed the same I'd be happy... I enjoyed Christmas but since the 2/1/11 (my hangover dictated what I ate on New Years Day! Don't judge me I'm Irish!) I've been eating really well and feel really good! I've been keeping my eagle eye on the forums around the world, it seems like people are liking the change... I'm looking forward to the change... only down side is all my current WW cookbooks are kinda out of date now... HOWEVER, after a lot of research I've found these which may be helpful ..

If you have the following cookbooks... Quick & Easy, Just For Me and Pizza & Pasta... check out the following link...

You can also download PDFs here of other cookbooks available in the US and here in Europe -

a really great blog to follow is from down under... a WW leader has done the hard work for some of us! She's got great ideas ...

Thursday will be fun!

So far the new year has made me realise that my oldest friends and I are all growing more alike as we age... I know this is because of circumstance - same background, same age, same style, even the same gazing affection with George Michael before he was GAY... ahhh remember those days ladies.. swoon... but recently I'm starting to embrace new friends who live a totally different lifestyle to me... people out of my comfort zone.... making friends with someone who is totally unlike you can be surprisingly rewarding... its good to get that "feel good" feeling from someone outside the usual social circle... today be a little more open with new people... you'll be surprised what you get out of it...