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Feb 18, 2011

PPPOTD - Mushroom, Leek & Gruyere parcels

Life is too short to stuff a mushroom.
Shirley Conran

Mornin' all.. Here's something I found in the vegetarian section in Tesco. Now I lived with a veggie for 2 years in college and ever since I'm drawn to the selection that's available in the supermarkets .. (they're also things I can pop in the freezer in case one of 'em turns up for dinner & look like I've been slaving away!!)... I came across these in Tesco, from the "finest" range, they were part of the "dinner for two" special and they are LOVELY! Big, light pastry, very full of chunky mushroom and cheesey goodness (which I SO miss!) and I even tricked hubby into eating one and even he said they were lush.. a big thumbs up from a meat and two veg man!! Downside.. they are 12 pp so its a lot for a dinner... my advice is to cook LOTS of 0 pp veg, carrots, peas, mangetout all the free winter ones.. and you've got a comforting dinner for 12 pp... you won't need any more carbs than the pastry.. its this kinda thing that would nearly turn me off bacon! ;) Doll x

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