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Jul 30, 2015

'F' - #Xmascountdown

is for FAT... 

You are not fat... you HAVE fat... this week we have to learn the difference... no more negative talk... you have fat you can lose it.. you have a fringe you can grow it out... but you are not a fringe either... 
it does not define you! Move beyond the fear of being fat... because you're not fat... 

Tangent... just on the whole fringe thing... I have grown out a fringe many... many... many times... 

How I think I look... 

How I really look... 


How many of us have had a meltdown at the scales when we've had a great week, exercised loads and are told we've stayed the same or are up! I'm including myself in that! The number on the scale may not change but you're body shape will... and here's why... Muscle takes up less space than fat... think of it like weighing Rice Krispies and muesli... stick with me on this... When you weigh out 100g of Rice Krispies... and 100g of muesli... you'll wonder if you're scales is broken but its physics... Rice Krispies are lighter so you need more of them to make up the weight... Fat takes up more space... 

The girl in the image above, weighs more even though she is physically slimmer because she has changed the fat in her body to muscle...  So no more tears at the scales, if you've had a good week and you're exercising... you're toning up.. your calves, thighs, arms, tummy all over... Like FAT, you cannot be defined by a number on a scale... OK?!?! There are so many ways to measure your journey.. clothes, actual measurements, your energy levels, your skin and hair, if you're sleeping better... not just a number on a scale... it's just one tool in your armour!

FAJITAS!!! oh yeah... 

Make your own guacamole dip for just 3PP! Not. A. Typo! 

Straight from the WW website... >>>  HERE <<<

'Fitness on Toast' is one of my favourite health and well being blogs... Faya is a Swedish personal trainer who is based in London ... her blog is full of fantastic tips... and she's SO glamorous to boot! 
What I really love, is she's a real woman with a healthy body and attitude... there's no gimmicks! Check her out! HERE 

FRUIT! All of it... well most of it! YUM!
Fresh Figs
Fruit cocktail - in juice, drained
Fruit Squash
French beans

Jul 29, 2015

August #WWPhotoAday

HOW is it August already?!?! Where has the time gone?!?! WHAT have I been doing!?!?! 'AWESOME AUGUST' is up on Instagram for the month! Sharing the Instagram love and join in! x

Jul 28, 2015

Insanely good dips...

Remember the sauce I posted on here a few weeks ago from Insanely Good foods from Cork... well here's a selection of their dips to try out! Available in Supervalu... Anyone tested these out? x

Chill n'Dip Taco Mayo 150g tub - 13PP

Chill n'Dip Garlic Mayo 150g tub - 18PP

Natural Pizza Sauce 150g tub - 4PP
This is enough for 2 x 12" pizzas or 3 x 10" pizzas 

Chill n'Dip Gourmet BBQ sauce 150g tub - 6PP

Jul 27, 2015

You're worth it!

Ask anyone who is chipping away at weight loss... anyone who has reached goal... anyone maintaining... they will say these words... 'if i can do it.. anyone can!' and it's SO true... everyone starting their journey today think they are facing a mammoth uphill battle, but weight loss is a mental game, nothing to do with your mouth, but whats going on between the ears... the road seems long, it feels like you'll never get there... but every step is a step closer, and even people who have done it will tell you its not easy, but its SO worth it... so stick with it... as the L'Oreal lads say.. you're worth it!

Jul 25, 2015

You say it best...

I just watched Amy Schumer being interviewed by a radio station in Melbourne for her new movie...  (just google 'Amy Melbourne KIIS interview' you'll get it!), in which one of the presenters clearly offends Amy by his comments on her new movie, and she called him out on it... It got me thinking about how you react to negativity... and it comes it ALL shapes and forms... but your reaction will have an impact on you... and how you feel about you... and no one has the right to make you feel bad just by going about your day... Life is hard enough...

A jealous sibling, a parent who doesn't get it.. a friend who thinks 'you're GRAND the way you are...' Sometimes it's the people you least expect... It also comes from a strangers... I've had my fair share of comments from random stranger who believe they have a right to comment on me as I go about my day being a good citizen of the world... honestly with 8.5 stone gone and another 6+ to go I was BIG girl... but it didn't mean I should be a target for abuse.. and I was... I still am... kids just say what they like, 'look at that HUGE lady over there' ... they're hurtful little feckers who think they're funny but are easily put into place... They're mean to each other, tall kids, short kids you name it... once someone is 'different' or not they're version of 'normal' then they're fair game... we all remember the bullies in school... it's up to the parents to nip that in the bud!

Old people, the same... 'during the war we didn't have enough food to get that fat...' Followed but the killer 'but you're doing so well... such a pretty face...' Next time bring in our own wheelie bin lady!

Now before you think I'm going around shouting abuse at the children and elderly, I'm not... but I no longer believe in ignoring comments aimed at me... if I'm fair game, so is the next person they meet... If I'm the person to put a stop to them then I'll wear that t-shirt with pride! Like I said, if someone, anyone, is prepared to make a comment about me and how I look, then they must expect a response... Here's a few that I have perfected... feel free to use them when you need em!

Excuse me, but did you actually just say that? 
This one shames the shamer... and I'm not about making other people feel bad but a taste of their own medicine really doesn't hurt... plus if you've got the cahoonas to say something then you should be able to stand by it and explain it...  so question them... stop dead and look em in the eye and say it... watch em squirm...

So sorry I wasn't listening... Could you repeat that please? 
I love this one... being a bully isn't so funny the second time around... especially if it was said for effect... if they're playing to the crowd, the crowd doesn't laugh so hard at the same joke twice... you'll find a lot of mumbling when you do this... just end it with an 'I thought as much...'

You don't really expect me to answer that do you?
The higher road beckons you... just let them know that's where you'll be! With humans who have IQs higher than goldfish...

I really don't know how to answer that... 
This one comes after the 'death stare' ... look at them... tilt your head... a la Amy... ponder for a moment... THEN say it... practice it, it's VERY empowering!

This is all in the pronunciation... 'RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT...' follow it up with a little sigh... end it with a ...

Whatever you say...
This screams of 'I just don't have the time, energy or inclination for you right now...' 'Unlike you I've got too much to do and TOO little time to do it!'

You're kidding, right?!? hold on... you ARE kidding, right?
I may recall I used this technique to give some helpful tips to some taxi drivers... >>> HERE <<<

Yup, I think we've reached the end of this conversation..
Ouch! Did you mean to be that rude?!
I think that was a bit rude.. 
All winners... call it like it is... 

I'm actually offended by that comment... 
Depends on who said it, this is for someone you know, your nearest and dearest can sometimes be the most hurtful, thinking they're 'helping' but you need to remind them you're not a personal project and you have feelings too!

I'm sure you didn't MEAN for that question/comment to be 
rude/ intrusive/inappropriate, but that's how it sounded
These are good for the oldies... I think there is a generation out there who just think it's OK to say anything cause they're old... they also think they can park anywhere and get away with it... but that's a WHOLE other post!

Help me understand why you think that was an appropriate thing to say - 
and why you think I should answer you
The 'kill em with kindness' response... Head tilt... Sad eyes... 'teach me oh wise one...'
'I just want to help you to heal' tone - think Miss America Pageant

Thank you.. we're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view... 

If in doubt... in your poshest accent... 
My apologies... I don't speak English... 

No one has the right to make you feel bad... and if you call them out on it, you may just spare someone else feeling miserable in the future... plus, you'll feel SO empowered... bullies don't know where you've been, how much you've lost, how hard it can be... they see an easy target and most think they can get away with it, and usually they do... not anymore folks... not any more! 

Jul 23, 2015

'E' - #Xmascountdown

'E' is for... 


Something that is sadly very close to my heart... Food used to be my best friend... it was always there... it made things temporarily better... it numbed the pain and shut up the voices in my head that I just didn't want to listen too... but it never made them go away... Emotional eating comes in all shapes and sizes... and the Irish love to celebrate, commiserate and console with food... when you walked into my grandmothers kitchen, regardless of your mood it was 'put the kettle on...' and you couldn't have a cup of tea without a cake, bun, biscuit... The dark side of emotional eating comes when it consumes you...and it can... I have been that girl sitting on the kitchen floor in tears wondering how I got into such state... I've had 7 crowns on my teeth because of the acid erosion... a costly disease I tell ya... I've secretly eaten more times than I've just enjoyed my food and aside from anything else... that lesson is one I have enjoyed learning... I like food... I like sharing and celebrating with people... I love cooking for friends and family... without the guilt and shame... I can now walk right past the crips aisle in the supermarket... there was once a time when my trolly looked like I was buying enough stuff for a children's party and I would eat a six pack of crisps in the car before I ever got home! So many times I would walk to get the paper and be carrying home a bag of rubbish, literally just junk food that I never ever enjoyed... I treated my body so badly... but once you're a little kinder to it, you will respect it and give it what it deserves, you start to feel a little better about being you... It is hard... VERY hard... and ice cream will numb the pain... but it won't take it away... you need to address the hurt, for some that can be counselling, for others just talking to a loved one can make all the difference.... the right best friend will be on your team and want you to succeed so badly... you can learn to ease the pain without food... and that's a huge step... but so worth it... so work out what's eating you... sometimes you just have to feel sad... hurt... angry... but food isn't the cure for any of these... it's just a temporary fix... which leads to guilt and the viscous cycle continues... 

EXERCISE - For people who say 'I can't exercise'... you can.. you're fibbing... you won't dissolve in the rain... if walking isn't your thing walk in the pool, cycle... dance around the kitchen... no one said you have to sign up for a triathlon... just move more...  and trust me once you're done you'll feel SO good... so if you're just starting and can't even begin to think about running a marathon or doing  triathlon... check out Leslie Sansones channel on You Tube... everything from the beginners 'One Mile Walk' to the full on work outs... and you don't have to leave the house... although honestly it would be better if you did but sometimes circumstances mean you can't get out and about, and gyms can be so intimidating... so instead of trawling through the internet mindlessly looking at glitter and shoes...  give yourself 15 mins to tune into an online workout... you can thank me later... 

Eton Mess... with a tropical twist... 3PP and it's LUSH!!! >>> HERE 

One of the regular blogs I read... Authentically Emmie is an American blogger who is a body positive fitness blogger and has lost over 100lbs! If you need some inspiration... you'll find it over on her blog! 

Egg White

ZERO HEROS loaded with Vitamin E 
Butternut Squash - cooked

Jul 22, 2015

Your Tiger tool kit...

Last week I was at the opening of the new Tiger store in Blachardstown and anyone saying they can't track or can't afford to exercise (apart from all the free walking out there...) needs to get themselves to their local store...

For those who struggle with drinking water... these cute mason-esque jars are a steal, buy a couple and leave them by your bed, on the coffee table or drink a full one whist the kettle is boiling... 

Tracking notebooks galore and if you collected fancy paper in school like I did you won't be able to decide which one or three to get! Bestest writing now! 

Plus they have some work out gear from skipping ropes to yoga mats,  exercise bands to weight cuffs... exercise tubes to help you stretch out after... 

They even have a luffly connect four in heart shapes... be warned though it's kinda like Pennys... when you say you're getting one thing but pick up basket at the door 'just in case'... x

You can check them out ... 

Online - HERE
FaceBook - HERE
Twitter - HERE

Jul 21, 2015

M&S Ice Lollies

Another month of the holidays for those with little people... hopefully the weather sorts itself out and they'll be run ragged outside! To keep them, and you, away from the 99s here's a selection of fruity lollies on offer from Marks & Spencer... 

Blueberry lolly - 2PP
Mango and Passionfruit lolly - 2PP

Pineapple lolly - 1PP
Red Berry lolly - 1PP
Mango lolly - 1PP
Raspberry lolly - 1PP

Orange lolly - 1PP
Lemon lolly - 1PP
Blackcurrant lolly - 1PP

Raspberry and Blackcurrant lolly - 2PP

Valencia Orange Juice lolly - 2PP

Pineapple lolly - 2PP

Strawberry Split lolly - 2PP

Jul 20, 2015


One of the most common things I hear is 'what if I fail?'... fear of failure is one of the biggest things to stop people even starting their journey... 'everyone will know I'm just rubbish and can't lose even a pound...' 'I've tried it but it just doesn't work!'  but here's the thing... if you keep doing what you're doing you'll still be right where you are! Step out of your comfort zone... if you're a ProPointer and you're at a stand still give F&H a go... try a new exercise... try swimming, get your togs on and just go for it... trust me everyone else in the pool is too busy trying not to drown to notice you! Tell your nearest and dearest you're on a heath buzz... Every little step will help you overcome one little fear at a time and before you know it you're there x

Jul 16, 2015

'D' #Xmascountdown

My Weight Watchers Alphabet continues with the letter 'D' this week!

'D' is for...

DIET! It's not one... The word DIET means you're restricting what you're eating... with this plan you can eat whatever you like... in moderation... and THAT's the key... the very second someone tells you 'you can't eat ....' it's all you'll think about... It's about eating well and feeling better inside and out...

DESSERT - It's OK to have it... it really is... and if you're out with family or friends there's no need to be miserable when you can have some... all for it... allocate some of your weeklies and enjoy it... earn some activity points and blow them on what you like... that's the whole point of ProPoints... if you're got the points you can spend em! Just don't spend your 49 weeklies twice!

DANCE - on of the best ways to burn up some calories... stick on your fav pop tune and boogie around the kitchen! My neighbours must think I'm a DJ! Every evening (and most Saturday mornings!)... music is turned up and I'm rocking around the kitchen to my fav tunes...

DAY... if you have one bad one... get over it... get over yourself.. and get back on track! No DRAMA!


Gotta be a dessert hasn't it! Here's another Weight Watchers leader with a fab Facebook page to follow... Amy from 'Growing in the Right Direction' Mini Lemon meringue pies are TO DIE FOR! So easy to make and for the gluten free followers she's the gal to follow... she has lots of GF recipes and products on her page... you can find her HERE 

Oh and here's her recipe for fool proof meringues! Even I can make them!


Today was a hard day...

I'm struggling a bit... It's hard... Now I'm not looking for sympathy but I know everyone goes through this... Today I binged... I haven't binged in over 10 months... and I mean properly binged... And compared to the binges I had years ago, this was minor... In times past I could binge on the contents of my fridge and freezer and literally 'come to...' on the floor in tears... Ice cream, potato salad, bread without the crusts, marshmallows, wine gums, Madeira cake... All easy to purge, all food that filled the sadness quickly, that made me feel 'full'... All gave me that sugar high pretty much instantly... It made me happy... For just a few short minutes, it numbed the pain... it was like a sticking plaster for why I was really hurting...

Once I thought I was 'satisfied' then came the guilt...  'why did I just do that?' ...'why can't I control myself?' ... 'I hate myself.. I hate my body...' All the negative thoughts... Then, that moment of, I'm not sure what it was, like the light bulb went off to try to fix the massive mistake I  had just made... But in an attempt to 'undo' the binge... The 'solution' was to throw it all back up... Get it out of my body...  If it was out of my body I'd feel better wouldn't I?!  sadly I never did... Then came the shower, bed and the majority of the time I'd cry myself to sleep... Wake up with the mother of sugar hangovers, sore teeth, sore head, sore tummy and sore heart... and honestly that's when the real thinking happened... I thought I was an intelligent woman... Why was I self destructing? It's taken me years to find out... But I'm getting there...

Today I binged...  I feel ashamed.. mortified... sad and angry about it...

Confession time... 3 bags of crisps, 2 bars of chocolate and a bag of wine gums... Followed by a melt down, tears and a phone call sobbing to a very good friend... Who, honestly, set me straight in minutes... I had two hours drive to get back home... I cried most of the way... Honestly, those wailing women by the graveside in the old days... Perfect job for me!

I've been trying work out this evening why I did it... And honestly, I'm just overwhelmed at the moment... I've let things get on top of me and I've allowed people more than their fair share of attention and I need to give some of that attention to me... but it seems that the up coming holiday means that they want they're piece before I go and I'm so busy trying to please everyone and get everything done that I've neglected myself... I totally realise that the world will not stop turning when I leave the country... but I put a lot of pressure on myself.. something I'm learning to change...

I know I'm human, I know I'm super busy for the next couple of weeks... But I felt so ashamed of myself today... I felt like such a failure... Anyone will tell you that no matter how much they accomplish, it's hard to see the progress... Most days I still see the girl with over 8 stone staring back at me in the mirror...

Today hurt... Conquering binges has been a huge step for me... Ending the cycle of purging was hard, something I still talk to a counsellor about... But the binges were, are, painful, emotionally painful... As I've said they used to be all nighters... this was a blip... but it was enough to send me into a tailspin... enough to get me upset... tomorrow is weigh in day... You have NO idea how close I am to not going at all...  I'm going to be up... I was up last week and I don't want this to be the slippery slope that means I just throw in the towel... and I can't allow that... I can't go back... so the only options open not me are to go forward or stand still... standing still is just a waste of everyones time and energy... so move forward... inch by inch if that's all I can do at the moment at least it's moving forward...

I know from lots of my readers and friends that the guilt we feel can overwhelm us at the best of times... the anger at letting biscuit 'win' and how one bad meal or a chinese can derail you... and you will always hear people say 'draw a line under it and start again...' that's what I'm doing this week... facing the music... feeling the fear... making sure that it is just a blip... and taking a lot of deep breathes and getting out of my own way... x