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Sep 28, 2012

Hot for the Holidays!

I know, I know... WHERE have I been?? Apologies... between post holiday work to catch up on... judging blogs and wondering where the hell did the year go... I've been a busy gal but I'm back... plus side I'm down 5lbs since my last blog so I'm clearly doing something right but a bit of a team challenge will keep me focused! There's a dress I want to get into for New Years so that's my non-scale goal...

I'm one of those people who think Christmas should wait for December before is rears it's head... I cannot believe the selection boxes are already in the shop... What about Halloween? It's is a favourite holiday of mine! Fancy dress to be sorted too!!!

So... here's the new challenge.. since there's so many holidays in the near future... I've rolled them all into one challenge... It's 14 weeks till New Year... 2013 incoming! So a pound a week...

Hot for the holidays!

A challenge within a challenge... A mini goal with Halloween with a full forward burst for Christmas and, dare I say it, NEW YEARS!!!!

14 weeks! Which means 1 lb a week means a stone off ringing in those bells AND that my friends is A DRESS size!!! I mean what a nice pressie for the new year!

To break it down its 5 weeks to Halloween...  not to be sniffed at either... then 8 to Christmas, over half a stone, with only 1 week after that till New Year... It's totally doable.. if not more than 14lbs!

So.. who's in?!? Add your name if your in.. and commit! It's only 14 weeks and that's a dress size smaller for Santa!! Yay!!

I can't wait.. I've missed you all!!

Doll x

Sep 9, 2012

Hitch your wagon....

Uh oh!!  The wagon is circling!!! Anyone care to join me?! After two weeks in the sun... a weigh-in to face on my return... Next Tuesday I'll be getting all religious and praying at the scales!!!  Its time to climb aboard and get 'hot for halloween' (yep the next challenge is in progress!!! And it's gonna be short but sweet!) 

So yes.. Some of us stage dived off the wagon with gusto and flare... But surprisingly I noticed I'm all about the good choices.. So I'm learning something!! To be fair I wasn’t really “off the wagon” so to speak but I certainly haven’t had the ‘oomph’ and ‘yippee-iness’ that I usually have with my weight loss but I’m back with a vengeance!

There is a difference in life when we just roll with the punches verses when we have a plan, goals, measures, results and rewards. My experience in bootcamp (more on that soon!) had me so focussed but since then I’ve been on holidays, faffing about and coasting and it’s not as much fun. Time to focus!!! 

If you have heard of the S.M.A.R.T. approach to a goal then its time to set one for yourself, and get set to check in for the Halloween challenge! 

Here's mine! 
S – Specific – Lose 15lbs
M – Measurable – Yes
A – Attainable – Yes
R – Relevant – Yes
T – Timely – by Halloween 

Doll x

Ps: the blog has been short listed for the 'Blog Ireland awards'... I'm super thrilled!! I was happy to be nominated!!! Thanks to those who nominated me, support and follow the blog ... I get so much out of every comment and have made some genuine friends with great attitudes and motivation!! Thank you so much... xxx