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Jan 29, 2016

Chinese Crackers...

With the most popular question in the last few weeks being 'how may points a chinese now?' 
here's the answer...

It's impossible to know exactly, even on ProPoints no one was 100% sure, different take aways vary in their cooking methods, what oils they use, portion sizes... there's just too many variables to be precise... Research has shown, a sweet and sour chicken dish, from two different take aways varied from 13 teaspoons of sugar in one to 31 teaspoons in the other... so it's guess work, it's sharing dishes, picking boiled rice over fried, choosing chow meins like before... make the rice yourself, control the bits you can and get what you really want for a main, I'm happy to get the wok out and make it at home but sometimes you just really WANT a chinese... so common sense... 

Heres the Smart Points of some of the prawn crackers out there...  

Tesco Thai Spiced Crackers 60g bag - 10SP

Sharwoods Prawn Crackers per 60g bag - 10SP

Tesco Prawn Crackers per 60g bag - 10SP

Marks & Spencer Prawn Crackers per 50g bag - 8SP

I'll be putting up some Chinese recipes over the next few weeks that are easy and delicious to make! 

Jan 28, 2016

February #wwphotoaday

January is nearly over... WOO HOO! The evenings will be getting longer and spring is just around the corner! My FAVOURITE time of the year is here! Februarys #wwphotoday challenge is up on Instagram so spread the word!... Join in everyday or just when it suits you, it's all about sharing tips, ideas and the weightloss love with everyone, plus you get a nose into everyone elses' weight loss journey! x

Jan 27, 2016

Pizza your way!

Lots of requests on how I made the pizza on Saturday night from my instagram pic... 
So here's a step by step of how I do it... the beauty of this recipe is you can add anything you like... it's a personalised pizza just for you! 

This recipe comes to 16SP for the lot and this is more than enough for two... and I'm saying that as a massive pizza lover! This gal doesn't share!

First up, pick your favourite wrap... You can use the smaller ones to make individual pizzas!
Pita bread work too... 

TIP: Use a tray with holes if you have one, it stops it getting soggy in the middle as it cooks!
I got mine in Home Store and More dead cheap! 

TIP: If you use pineapple make sure you drain it off first on some kitchen roll, 
it'll soak right through your wrap and things just get messy! 
I learned the hard way... 

I use these tomato and basil wheat flour wraps from Country Kitchen Bakery for 6 SP each
TIP: These freeze well, just put a sheet of greaseproof paper between them 
and you can have pizza anytime!

Next add your tomato base, I like the tomato puree for the sweet flavour it adds for 1 SP

Then add what you like... I added a tomato... 

half a left over pepper...


Chicken breast I'd chopped up with some chilli flakes for 2 SP

2 grilled bacon medallions chopped up for 1 SP

Then season... I'm a black pepper fan but I also added some italian seasoning, garlic salt 
and some smoked paprika

TIP: there are LOADS of great herbs and spices to use on pizzas, try out a few, you won't regret it...

and lastly, wouldn't be a pizza without cheese so 4SP spent on that!

I didn't have any BBQ sauce, but this was left over from Christmas so 2SP to drizzle a bit on top..

The into the oven and keep your eye on it... it's a fast one! 

Et Voila! 16SP of pizza goodness!!! I could barely eat half of it and god knows I tried!

So there you go, pizza  your way... 
passata is another great base, tinned tomatoes 
(just drain them well no one likes a soggy bottom) 
laughing cow triangles, any left over veggies are lovely on this,
perfect for when things are on their last legs in the fridge ... 
caramelise some onions, the 1SP sausages are great... the list is endless!

Jan 26, 2016

'Super' Porridge...

You can now find 'super' porridge in the shops at the moment, 
Handy to microwave in work... plus a bit of variety really helps! Anyone given them a try? x

Special K Super Porridge 5 grains with Almond, Pecan and Sunflower seeds
per 30g serving - 4SP

Special K Super Porridge 5 grains with Raspberry, Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seeds
per 30g serving - 4SP

Special K Super Porridge 5 grains with Apple, Blackcurrant & Pumpkin Seeds
per 30g serving - 4SP

Special K Multi-Grain Porridge, Blue berry & Cranberry 
per 27g serving - 3SP

Special K Multi-Grain Porridge, Red Berries
per 27g serving - 3SP

Kellogg's Coco Pops Super Smooth Porridge 
per 27g serving - 4SP

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Porridge
per 30g serving - 4SP

Jan 25, 2016

Start... just start...

Everyone took that first step... everyone felt that shame going through the door... everyone has had that feeling of dread... everyone thought ALL the eyes were boring into them,  you know that voice in your head 'I bet they're all staring at the new girl' 'state of her'... 'god how did she get THAT big'... we've all got that voice... everyone panicked that they weren't wearing the right trainers / sports bra / t-shirt, yes I still wear my CURE t-shirt to the pool but I'm coming back into fashion again! We all panic that we're going to get some uber babe in a crop top telling us the blinding obvious 'You're fat...' and worse some Jillian wannabe who tries to make us sick with the fright of exercise... but it's never like that... The second time it's not so hard... the third time, you're into a little routine... by the time you're exercising a couple of weeks, you're walking in, nodding to the receptionist, you have 'your' locker... you park in the same spot and you're a regular... but you've got to make that first step... it doesn't have to be in a gym, you have a gym at home... we've all got stairs, tins of beans and a street outside... take that first walk... don't mind the neighbours, this is about YOU, your body and your health, the curtain twitchers should be out there with you! Ignore the people overtaking you in the park, good for them but you'll get there too at your pace...  Ignore the people in the changing room and those on the treadmill... they had to walk through the door the first time too... and if you're doing what you're doing, they'll respect it... and honestly, most people really don't care... everyone is just doing their own thing and trust me, we're not as important as we think we are... Paranoia is just between our own ears! 

I swim regularly because of my dodgy knee, and the treadmills from the gym overlook the pool... 

tangent.. this is the only time I run.. from the changing room to the pool... I'm a national disaster waiting to happen when I slip.. and it will happen... eek!

One day as I was leaving, there was a man in the reception area waiting for his wife, she's in my aqua fit class ... as I nodded goodbye he said 'You did really well toady... 48 lengths...' I had to correct him because I do 50, but he could've been right what with the counting, breathing, trying not to drown palava... but he was counting me going up and down as he was walking... he said he usually counts peoples lengths because the music drives him mad and there's no TVs there and he forgets about how long he has left to do so he counts the people swimming in the pool... whatever it takes right!

There's another man who swims at the same speed as me and we sometimes share a lane... we speak a few words once a month but there's a mutual respect.. we're not going to Rio any time soon, but we're both working on our health, that's all we have in common... there are people walking up and down the pool, there are people storming past in the fast lane, there are people just doing exercises hanging onto the edge for dear life, but we've all got the same goal, get fitter! People just wanting to be better versions of themselves and that first step is the hardest part... but take it... you will only be improving your life every day x 

Jan 19, 2016

The City Kitchen...

For the new people following... Firstly... HELLO! Every Tuesday I put up some new products that I've find on my travels around the supermarkets! This week it's 'The City Kitchen' which I spotted in my local Tesco... These are ready meals made with fresh ingredients so the lesser of the evils as far as preservatives go and ready meals can be so handy sometimes... I'm all about batch cooking but in an emergency these might be handy for you! All 385g portions...  let me know if you've tried them! xxx

The City Kitchen, Chicken Teriyaki Noodles 'Skinny' 385g portion - 11SP

The City Kitchen, King Prawn, Sundried Tomato & Chilli Linguine, 385g portion - 13SP

The City Kitchen, Shredded Hoisin Duck with noodles, 385g portion - 15SP

The City Kitchen, Vegetables with Coconut & lentil pilaf, 385g portion - 15SP

The City Kitchen, King Prawn Red Thai Curry, 385g portion - 15SP

Jan 11, 2016

There's an APP for that...

OK if you follow me on Snapchat you will have seen my snaps last night on the APPS that are out there at the moment for Smart Points... Most of us have smart phones so there's no need to purchase the calculator in class unless it's something you really want... I know some people aren't so techy but here's a little breakdown on how to download the WW calculator to your phone and two other apps that are worth a look!

So firstly... find on your internet browser....

On the top left is the little black menu, when you click on it, you'll see the list below...

Click on the SmartPoints Calculator and it will appear on your screen... 

On an Iphone, click on the the symbol highlighted below... 

This menu will then pop up and click on the 'add to home screen' button...

This option will come up, you can change the name etc if it's too long and then hit ADD...

Et Voila! It will be an icon on your home page... 
once you click on it, it will automatically open the calculator for you... 

There is a way to do this on Android phones too... 
this link should help... click >>>HERE

The other two apps are just as handy! Both work the same way and both have had updates this week to include calculators to work out your Fitpoints! So, update them when they pop up! 

Smart Score and Tracking Assistant... 

Again, input the nutritional info and hit the button... easy!  Tracking Assistant also has the original 
ProPoints calculator for people sticking with those...

And shameless plug...
if you're over on the APP store... have a look for me! 
I'm no techy believe me but there's some new stuff coming on the app 
over the next few months to keep us all on track!