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Jun 22, 2011

PPPOTD - Cabonara...

So its Italian night again but we can't have creamy sauces right? Avoid at all costs? BOO HISS... well actually no .. BUT the best way to include Cabonara is to make it yourself ... there are plenty of ready made versions available but you'd be better off eating wall paper paste! The "express" versions are even worse... This recipe is quick and yummy, I use the low fat bacon bits from ALDI - rather than the WW branded bacon... (too costly and not even that nice..) various types of mushrooms, leek and peppers will fill it out..oh and swap to wholewheat spaghetti to up the fibre intake too! nom nom nom... Doll x

Here's the basic recipe, then get creative -

For emergencies...

4 ProPoints for the pack (100g)

6 ProPoints for the tub (4 per 100g)

Jun 15, 2011

PPPOTD - Shake that thang..

If you're new to cooking or are just not sure where to start .. here's some convenience seasonings which are now available for the nearly Nigellas out there ... the good thing with these are you can still get all your 0 ProPoint veg in there with your chicken and have a low ProPoint dinner. Plus you can throw everything into the bag with the seasoning and let it do all the work if you just want to sit in the bath after a long day and still look like a domestic goddess!

Rustic Chicken - 2 ProPoints per serving (8PP per 100g)

Paprika Chicken - 2 ProPoints per serving (7PP per 100g)

Mediterranean Chicken 2 ProPoints per serving (8PP per 100g)

Jun 10, 2011

PPPOTD - A lunchtime quickie!

Now really! Its not that kinda blog!! Saucy!

This time of year is full of salads and outdoor dining .. now we all know the salad part is easy but you don't always have protein prepared ... here are some ready made packs out there, just open and sprinkle on your salad and dress .. or if you have friends coming over and want to whip up a quick meal... they can be added to pasta with some creme fraiche and veg it up! Low in ProPoint value these are always a good back up in the fridge!

Doll x

Chilli Beef - 3 Propoints per 100g

Bacon Topped Chicken - 5 ProPoints per 100g

Chicken Tikka - 3 ProPoints per 100g

Chicken Tikka - 3 ProPoints

BBQ Chicken 3 ProPoints per 100g

Don't forget the ProPoints for croutons and dressing!! Doll x

Jun 3, 2011

This week #4 - C.S.I

So.. you've had a bad week... you're up... you "sort of" tracked, in your head ... walked around town, that counts as exercise right?.. had 1 or was it 2 slices of that birthday cake in the office?... but that's come out of your 49 weeklies so they don't count and you're SURE you have loads of them left ... and its all a bit vague .... Time to change the crime scene into a clean scene! Like any crime scene (and I don't mean hoovering up the crumbs, that won't save you!) you need the right tools to get the job done...

In every C.S.I tool kit there is..

Well this is the key to it all... everyone who has a good week in my meeting has WRITTEN DOWN everything they have eaten ... EVERYTHING is on their tracker/diary/iphone.. it really doesn't matter where you write it, maybe you've invested in the WW monthly tracker, maybe you've got a sparkly notebook that's always in your bag, your blog, twitter, an app on your phone ... once you have accountability somewhere and you take control of your eating.. if you're guessing.. you're messing! Simple as...

A magnification glass
This you will need for READING the labels on products.. if you just assume that it weighs 100g and it's really 125g because you can't take the time to read the packaging.. then you won't know it has has more fat, carbs, more ProPoints .. take the time to read the labels on products... you'll start to learn not just how many ProPoints are in products but what additives, how much salt, sugar etc you are eating.. you'll be surprised at the learning curve ...

Crime scene tape...
If the temptation is too much and you feel you have to.. then put all the goodies out of your line of sight ... I make my other half lock up his chocolate in a toolbox in the pantry... the key is with him.. and I just can't get at it... I've got my stuff and he's got his.. DO NOT CROSS THE LINE.. an even better option is to just buy them healthy treats or replace some of them with healthier versions of what they love.. you want to teach your loved ones about eating well and nourishing they're bodies... don't show them your bad habits.. buying food hiding it.. and then feeling guilty... everything is good in moderation ...

Measuring devices...
As well as the weekly hit on the scales... you will need the following to help on the journey ...

• Your food scale.. weigh out a portion of rice, pasta or cereal (whatever your heavy handed with!) and look at it.. put it in a freezer bag and keep it somewhere you can see it.. that way you'll know exactly what 1 portion is! • Measuring cups and spoons - a tablespoon, teaspoon.. 1/2 a cup ... its so easy to guess but every now and then get them out and use them... see how much 1/2 a cup of milk is.. what 2 tblsps of oil look like ... you may find you're being a little too generous with your portions... • An inch tape .. The dreaded plateau... you're doing it all right.. you're exercising.. and STILL nothing on the scale moves... where ever you are in your journey... MEASURE yourself.. jot it in a diary.. on a post it note ... but you will at some point gain muscle as you lose fat and even though the scales won't play fair.. you will be toning up and your body will be changing, the numbers on the scale might not change but are your pants looser? See... its all progress!

OK work with me on this one.. get your marigolds on ... and get cleaning... clear out the cupboards... all the stuff you know isn't good for your plan or even your family ... if you're not going to eat it don't feed it to anyone else.. clear out the fridge.. wipe the slate clean.. clean scene remember? No more, "I'll start when all the goodies are gone" ... another good side effect of cleaning is keeping the cravings at bay... (tangent tip ... when you get the late night munchies - manicure all the way, you won't want to put pretty fingers in the crisp bowl!)

A camera...
This is SUCH a great tool to have in several ways .. one way is to track your food with snap shots... No excuses of I can't remember what I had for lunch.. with all the technology about today, nearly all mobile phones come with a camera.. if you're not sure about how to point something.. snap it..and when you get home you can dissect it and track it.. and if you're still not sure.. show your leader in class and they will help you out... just guessing a salad is X PP when there may be stuff in there you're not sure of (pine nuts, dressing, croutons ...) order it.. enjoy it.. and then you can work it out when you have time later... Your camera is also a great motivational tool if used correctly ... on my phone I have a pic of a dress in 1 size smaller than I am now.. I bought it on ebay at a bargain price... and it stares at me all day long.. every time I feel like jumping off the bandwagon.. its there staring back at me.. Use your camera to take stage pics along your journey.. a before pic is essential... seeing where you have come from and where you are now .. it can give you great motivation to stay on track when you're having a bad day... your camera can make exercise fun too... if you're a walker like me then maybe you can take a pic everyday that reflects the day, weather, mood... try

A flashlight...
Got those midnight munchies maybe?... skulking about the house.. a quick cuppa and a biscuit before bed.. we all know how bad it is for us... disturbed digestion... mixed up sugar levels... and sleep is SO important to weight loss... ensure you're satisfied after your evening meal .. and then glass of water if you need it and lights out!

Rubbish bags...
These are not only for all the munchies hiding in the back of the cupboard ... but for all those "what were you thinking?" moments.. clothes that are too tight, now I don't mean 1 dress size down.. or jeans that are a little snug... you know the purchases with the tags still on... that are unrealistic goals... OK they might fit you in the future... but by then your confidence will be sky high and you're going to want to buy new clothes ... again, clothes that are too loose, get rid! They aren't flattering.. they don't show off your new shape.. and looking in the mirror you will feel dowdy and unattractive... even if its just a temp stop on your journey.. invest in some cheapy pieces to tide you over, check out some of the sales, shop online or get your sewing machine out till you reach the next dress size and bag the rest for charity! It will give you that much needed boost!

So get your CSI kit in order and and start with a CLEAN scene not a crime scene..

Jun 1, 2011

PPPOTD - Crème fraiche

Crème fraiche is a secret weapon in the weight loss pantry! The fact that its so diverse makes this a must have... got a sweet tooth... add low cal sugar and you've got a creamy topping for a dessert, add jelly, you can make mousse... savoury? add curry powder and spices, you've got a virtually fat free sauce, its great with pasta with herbs ... soups, starters, desserts... its one to have in the fridge for all occasions... If you like to add cream to when your cooking, want to get fancy with a punnet of strawberries, get creamy mash or make a garlic dip the point saving is amazing compared to cream ...

Cream, double x 1 tbsp = 2 pp
Cream, half-fat/single x 1 tbsp = 1 pp

Here's a couple I found in the supermarket (note: The Tesco Half-fat version tastes exactly the same as the full fat one with equal consistancy)... The ProPoint values below are for 100g which is LOADS, a normal serving is 15g so as you can see it would be minimal for some of them...

Yoplait Crème fraiche 100g = 8 ProPoints

Glenish Crème fraiche 100g = 6 ProPoints

Tesco Crème fraiche 100g = 8 ProPoints

Tesco Half Fat Crème fraiche 100g = 5 ProPoints